The Young and the Restless spoilers: Sharon and her DEAD STALKER partner in business?

Sharon Case and Linden Ashby as Sharon and Cameron in a heated confrontation in The Young and the Restless
Sharon Case and Linden Ashby, The Young and the Restless (Image credit: CBS)

Just when The Young and the Restless viewers thought the Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby) saga was dead and buried, as Sharon (Sharon Case) literally plunged a knife in his chest, the crazed villain reaches out to her from beyond the grave. 

In the episode from June 30, Nick (Joshua Morrow) stops by Sharon’s house and brings in a box that was sitting outside her home. The two make nothing of it initially as Sharon assumes the package is just shampoo she ordered, and the exes actually engage in a conversation, catching each other up on Adam (Mark Grossman), Sally (Courtney Hope) and even Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). 

Joshua Morrow and Sharon Case as Nick and Sharon talking on The Young and the Restless

Joshua Morrow and Sharon Case, The Young and the Restless (Image credit: CBS)

As Sharon prepares to leave for work at Crimson Lights, she looks at the box again and realizes that it’s not shampoo, but something from an out-of-state law firm. Opening the package, with Nick looking on, she discovers a letter inside from Cameron’s estate attorney and items from the stalker’s past. 

That’s when Sharon comes across a legal document that gives her control of Cameron’s business, Kirsten Incorporated. Take a look at the baffling moment below. 

Although we anticipated that Cameron would haunt Sharon in his death, we couldn’t have imagined that he would leave her his entire company. That’s quite the plot twist. 

Now it appears that Sharon at first will not want to have anything to do with Cameron’s business, and Nick will question the legitimacy and net worth of the company considering Cameron spent years going in and out of prison. However, fans should be asking, what if Cameron really left Sharon a profitable business?

Despite Sharon’s claims that taking ownership of Kirsten Incorporated is like taking blood money, it’s very possible that she’ll change her mind. 

Shortly after killing Cameron, she claimed she felt "alive" and "activated." Those words make it sound like she is ready to shake things up in her life, and what better way to do that than with a career change? She could easily leave the coffee shop behind and jump back into the cut-throat corporate world of Genoa City. 

Sharon Case as Sharon in a yellow dress at a party in The Young and the Restless

Sharon Case, The Young and the Restless (Image credit: CBS)

Longtime Young and the Restless fans will recall that Sharon does have some corporate experience under her belt. She’s previously been a spokesmodel at Jabot and vice president of research & development over at Newman. There was even a brief stint where she was actually CEO of Newman. 

However, if she decides she wants to run Kirsten Incorporated but is a bit rusty in the business world, we have a feeling Nick would be more than happy to help her. After all, he’s currently on leave from his COO position at Newman thanks to Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Although, we anticipate he won’t be able to help Sharon run Kirsten Incorporated for long, as Victor (Eric Braeden) may be making some changes over at Newman soon and naming Nick co-CEO with Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). 

Viewers will want to stay tuned, as Cameron once again throws another curve ball at Sharon. 

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