The Endgame: release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything we know

Morena Baccarin as Elena Federova holding a gun in The Endgame
Morena Baccarin as Elena Federova holding a gun in The Endgame (Image credit: Scott Gries/NBC)

The Endgame is a new, high-stakes crime thriller that's currently airing on NBC.

The show centers on the newly-captured international arms dealer, Elena Federova. Despite being held in custody, Elena has managed to coordinate multiple bank heists throughout New York City, and the FBI is desperate to get to the bottom of her plans.

With the director of the most recent Fast & Furious movie, Justin Lin, onboard as an executive producer, this is sure to be a thriller ride you won't want to miss.

Here's everything we know about The Endgame.

When is the next The Endgame episode on TV?

The Endgame is coming to a close for the season. After weeks of the cat and mouse game between Agent Val Turner and Elena Federova, viewers will get to see how their season-long banter will end. 

The new episode titled "Happily Ever After" airs on Monday, May 2, at 10 pm ET/PT. Here is a synopsis of the episode: 

"An escape plan goes haywire and old foes face off; Val learns a secret about Owen."

The Endgame is available to watch live in the US on NBC. Subscribers to live TV streaming services like Fubo TVHulu with Live TVSling TV and YouTube TV also have access to their local NBC channels (make sure you’re signed up for Sling TV Blue though).

For Peacock subscribers, episodes are available the next day on the platform. Viewers must be signed up for Peacock Premium, which offers either a $4.99 ad-supported or $9.99 ad-free plan. 

We don't currently have any info on where or when The Endgame might debut in the UK, but we'll be sure to update this guide once we know more. 

When is The Endgame season 1 finale?

The Endgame season 1 finale airs Monday, May 2 at 10 pm. To date, there has not been any official word as to whether or not the series has been renewed for another season.

The Endgame cast

This two-hander is fronted by Homeland and Gotham star, Morena Baccarin and Ryan Michelle Bathé (This Is Us, First Wives Club).

Baccarin plays the aforementioned criminal mastermind and arms dealer, Elena Federova. Bathé, meanwhile, features as Val Turner. Val is the FBI agent who is determined to put a stop to Elena's plans.

The Endgame also stars Costa Ronin as Elena's husband, Sergey, Jordan Johnson-Hinds as Agent Anthony Flowers, Kamal Bolden as Val's husband Owen, Noah Bean as Jonathan Doak, and Mark Damon Espinoza as Rogelio Real. 

The Endgame plot

NBC's synopsis for The Endgame reads: "In this pulse-pounding, high-stakes two-hander, Morena Baccarin stars as Elena Federova, a recently captured international arms dealer and brilliant criminal mastermind who orchestrates a number of coordinated bank heists throughout New York City for a mysterious purpose. 

"Her antagonist is Val Turner (Ryan Michelle Bathé), the principled, relentless, and socially outcast FBI agent who will stop at nothing to foil her ambitious plan. The gripping heist drama reveals how far some people will go for love, justice, and the most valuable commodity in the world: the truth."

As the series has continued, it's become clear just how much Elena and Val's lives have overlapped. Val's partner Owen is working together with Elena's lover, Sergey, and Elena's private military group Snow White has continued to enact more sprawling schemes including taking on the Federal Reserve!

What happened in episode 1?

Elena Federova is captured and brought to a remote facility where Homeland Security tries to interrogate her. However, Elena refused to give anything away about her criminal history and claimed there would be "consequences" for her imprisonment.

Those consequences turned out to be the first of many bank heists carried out by Elena's crew, and she promised she had more planned if she wasn't released. 

Meanwhile, Val met with her husband Owen, a former federal agent who she turned in after discovering he was accepting drug money from a criminal organization; although she is working to try and get him released, Owen asks for a divorce and tells her to keep away from him. 

Owen's arrest created a rift between Val and the other agents, and this becomes a problem once she becomes embroiled in the investigation into the heists. After the second one, Val reaches out to a former cartel boss who denies his own involvement in the hit, hinting at Elena instead.

After a third bank raid, Val is sent in to interrogate Elena directly. Turns out, Val and Elena had crossed paths in Gambia in the past when Elena and a handful of mercenaries killed a local warlord, and the twists started coming thick and fast from there. Owen's divorce lawyer is revealed to be a partner of Elena's attorney, and Elena's mercenary forces pretended to be SWAT officers to successfully carry out their seventh heist.

Clearly, Elena has bigger goals than just money or power with her current scheme, a theory seemingly proven by the revelation that Sergey, Elena's husband, is not actually dead! Val believed that Elena had poisoned Sergey in the past, but he's still alive and being held in the same prison as Owen, and appears to be awaiting Elena's arrival! Perhaps Elena is motivated by love and revenge for what had happened to them?

'The Endgame' stars Morena Baccarin and Ryan Michelle Bathe in the pilot.

Val is going to have to work with Elena to uncover her true aim. (Image credit: Eric Liebowitz/NBC)

What happened in episode 2?

In a flashback, we see that Sergey's entire family was murdered in an explosion on his and Elena's wedding day, and the two vowed to take revenge after narrowly escaping with their lives.

Elena ends up with no less than seven banks under her control, and the FBI tries to get eyes inside bank number 2 to begin taking back control from Elena's gang. Meanwhile, Elena's henchmen track down and kidnap Secretary Bradbury's son.

After the FBI monitors are hijacked to show her son strapped with an explosive harness, Val and Anthony scramble to find him; Val manages to figure out what code Elena would have used just in the nick of time, and it's connected to Val's past yet again; both of their mother figures were killed.

Val believes that Elena might have her car bugged, and officers go to retrieve a sick hostage from inside the bank and bring him to a paramedic; during the exchange, Assistant Director Patrick Doak gets a voice sample to try and ID the ringleader at Bank 2. Anthony searches Val's car and finds a trunk which Val thinks is Elena's clothes planted in the bunker, but the car later turns out to be clean.

The paramedic retrieves a thumb drive from the sick bank manager and cures him, but Val seizes the thumb drive and brings in the paramedic, who turns out to be a corrupt cop.

The thumb drive contains video files and surveillance recorded by the Veracruz cartel. One clip shows Secretary Bradbury meeting the Veracruz boss in a car and requesting money in exchange for keeping the police away from their operations, leading to her arrest.

Val goes to see Owen in prison, but he refuses to open up to her and assures Sergey he didn't tell Val anything. Sergey is revealed to be hiding a phone in his cell, and using it to reach out to Elena somehow...

The Endgame episode 2 - Morena Baccarin as Elena and Costa Ronin as Sergey

Elena and Sergey vowed to get revenge on whoever was responsible for the murder of Sergey's family... (Image credit: NBC)

The Endgame trailer

The pulse-pounding trailer for The Endgame teases some of the tense confrontations and explosive action we can expect from NBC's new thriller. In it, we learn that Elena has over 100 criminal charges against her and a group of masked criminals at her beck and call.

As a highly sophisticated career criminal, it soon becomes clear that Elena wanted to be caught, and she's got a game in motion that's about much more than just money. 

Check out the trailer below: