Tosca Talks: next episode, trailer, guests and everything we know about the Passionflix series

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Passionflix is known for turning romance novels into movies and series, and now founder and CEO Tosca Musk is hitting the road to meet authors in their hometowns. 

"I'm over the moon to honor these incredible women,” said Musk said in a press release. "We created Tosca Talks to connect readers with their favorite romance authors. I love that we are giving fans a behind-the-scenes peek into their genius minds and life adventures to make them go, 'Wow, I love these authors even more now!'"

Here's everything we know about Tosca Talks.

Next episode of Tosca Talks

Tosca Talks premiered globally on Tuesday, May 28, on the Passionflix streaming platform. New episodes will release every Tuesday.

Here's what we know about the June 18 episode: 

Tosca Talks episode 4: "Tosca Talks with JR Ward"

Tosca Talks is a Passionflix original series. You need a subscription to Passionflix in order to watch Tosca Talks. You can either subscribe directly through the Passionflix website or in the US you can access Passionflix via Prime Video as a Prime Video Channel add-on if you're an Amazon Prime member. The Passionflix Prime Video Channel costs the same, $5.99 per month, but Amazon handles the payment process.

If you’re outside the US, you can sign up and access Passionflix through their website.

Tosca Talks episode guide

Tosca Talks episode 1: "Tosca Talks with Amy Daws"
"The first episode kicks off with NY Times Bestselling Author Amy Daws where she and Tosca visit the tire shop that helped inspire the novel Wait With Me."

Tosca Talks episode 2: "Tosca Talks with Anna Todd"
"Tosca heads to LA to interview NYT bestselling author Anna Todd about her experiences with military life and her current wellness journey."

Tosca Talks episode 3: "Tosca Talks with K. Bromberg"
"Tosca joins NYT and USA Today bestselling author, Kristy Bromberg, in San Diego for a golf outing and family time."

Tosca Talks premise

Here's the official synopsis of Tosca Talks from Passionflix: 

"Passionflix, the premium streaming service offering original movies and series adapted from bestselling romance books, today launched its new interview series Tosca Talks hosted by Passionflix Founder and CEO Tosca Musk. The series follows Musk as she embarks on an exciting quest across the U.S. to meet bestselling romance authors in their hometowns offering viewers an intimate look into their lives and inspirations."

Tosca Talks host and guests

Passionflix founder and CEO Tosca Musk serves are the host of Tosca Talks. Musk is a producer, writer and director, credited with directing over 20 films including her most recent release, Wallbanger.

Some of the authors featured in Tosca Talks include Amy Daws, K. Bromberg, JR Ward, Anna Todd, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Willow Winters, Jennifer Hartmann, Allessandra Torre and Alice Clayton.  

Tosca Talks trailer

The trailer for Tosca Talks reveals a look at some of the exciting conversations coming up in the new Passionflix series.

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