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Two Doors Down season 5: air date, cast, guest stars and interview with Alex Norton

The Two Doors Down season 5 cast in character, around a table.
All round to Two Doors Down for a new series. (Image credit: BBC)

Two Doors Down season 5 is here — and with a very special guest star. Here’s everything you need to know...

If the theme tune to a certain Australian soap is to be believed, everybody needs good neighbours. But it’s clear the inhabitants of Scottish sitcom Two Doors Down didn’t get that memo.

The return of the hit BBC Two comedy about an eclectic bunch of neighbours living in each other’s pockets makes a welcome return. When we rejoin the Latimer Crescent gang, ever-patient couple Beth and Eric continue to find themselves playing host to their dysfunctional neighbours, whether they want to or not!

Two Doors Down Season 5 — where and when it’s on

Two Doors Down season 5 kicks off on BBC Two on Tuesday, July 12 with ‘Brother Michael.’ The full series will be launched on BBC iPlayer after transmission. All previous episodes, including Christmas specials, are also available to watch on iPlayer. 

Two episodes of the fifth series were originally aired in December last year — ‘Beth’s Flu’ and ‘Veggie Curry’ along with the 2021 Christmas Special, and will be shown again with this run. 

Why was the full release of Two Doors Down season 5 delayed?

There are some very good reasons why it’s taken several months for Two Doors Down season 5 to hit our screens in its entirety…

Joy McAvoy’s waters broke on set! Joy shared exactly what happened on her Instagram account (opens in new tab).

There was also an outbreak of Covid during filming. In an interview with What To Watch, Alex Norton, who plays Eric, revealed: 

“I caught Covid! Actually, a couple of us caught it. We were in the middle of filming and they had to shut down production. There’s nothing more they could have done to prevent it — we were being tested twice a week with the up-the-nose-a-scope and our temperatures were taken every morning. We had to reschedule and come back to reshoot. That’s why it didn’t go out as planned.”

Two Doors Down season 5 — new storylines

There are six episodes in the new series, including the two which have already aired. Ones to watch out for include ‘Girls Night’, where Cathy suggests they all watch a porno! A sticky situation in ‘Donuts’ when Alan buys a family pack of treats, to the distaste of health-conscious new neighbours Ash and Iqbal. And ‘Amalfi Friends’ where snobby Cathy attempts to impress new pals Andy and Gail with a wine evening. 

See our episode guide below for more, which will be updated weekly. 

Two Doors Down Season 5 guest stars

Episode one sees Martin McCormick (Murder Island, Shetland) star as Alan’s brother, Michael, who can hardly contain his simmering impatience with his sibling.

Michael on the sofa beside Christine in Two Doors Down.

Michael gets the Christine treatment!  (Image credit: BBC Studios/Alan Peebles)

In Episode three Ambreen Razia (Black Mirror, Trigonometry, Starstruck) and Divian Ladwa (Detectorists, In the Long Run, The Baby) play newly relocated London couple Ash and Iqbal. It’s fair to say that first impressions count in this memorable meeting! 

While in episode four, it’s second impressions that make all the difference when Cathy hosts a wine soirée for her new friends Andy and Gail, played by Kevin Harvey (Prey, Time, Queens of Mystery) and Scotland’s very own, Julie Graham (At Home with the Braithwaites, The Bletchley Circle, Shetland, Benidorm, Queens of Mystery).

“It’s really tough to pick a favourite episode — they’re all good in their own ways,” says Alex, 72, speaking about series five. “I love when my character Eric and his wife Beth explode and tell their neighbours to bugger off out of it! 

“I also love scenes where the characters sing. I remember that so well when I was a kid in Glasgow and people came around for a wee party. 

“My personal favourite is episode four, ‘Amalfi Friends’ because it was a joy working with Julie Graham again. She’s a terrific actor. 

“I worked with her mother [actor Betty Gillin] and have known Julie since she was a wee girl! When we were chatting between takes, so much stuff came flooding back.”

Julie Graham guest stars in S5 of Two Doors Down.

Julie Graham makes a welcome appearance in S5 of Two Doors Down. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Two Doors Down — main cast and characters

A who’s who of talent play these unforgettable characters…

Eric (Alex Norton) 

Husband to Beth, what Eric wouldn’t give for a quiet life. He’s an easy-going sort - but when he finally cracks, it’s a sight to behold! Played by Alex Norton (Taggart, Good Omens Season 2). He’s often the butt of jokes, but a central part of the Latimer Crescent posse. 

Beth (Arabella Weir) 

Eric’s other half, Beth, has the patience of a saint, especially as she’s practically an unpaid skivvy to her neighbours. Played by Arabella Weir (The Fast Show, Drifters), Beth is the anchor of the community, but would be forgiven for moving far, far away!

Eric and Beth at home in Two Doors Down.

There's no place like home for Eric and Beth... unless the neighbours descend.  (Image credit: BBC Studios/Alan Peebles)

Christine (Elaine C. Smith)

Speaking of saints - Christine is officially here to test any in her vicinity. Give her an inch and she’ll take your ruler and threaten you with it. Loves a wee visit to the doctors and a good singsong. Played by Elaine C. Smith (Rab C. Nesbitt, The Syndicate).

Christine in her garden wearing PJs, dressing gown and slippers.

At home where ever she goes. Bless ya Christine, bless ya. (Image credit: BBC Studios/Alan Peebles)

Cathy (Doon Mackichan)

Where to begin? Wife of Colin, she has a taste for the finer things in life, every type of booze you can imagine, and all the class of a three-day drinking session. Snobby, boastful, sometimes viciously unkind, but always utterly hilarious. Has an inappropriate fixation with Gordon. Played by Doon Mackichan (The Day Today, Alan Partridge, Smack The Pony)

Colin (Jonathan Watson)

Cathy’s husband believes himself to be admired by men everywhere and lusted after by horrified women in his immediate vicinity. His soft spot for Michelle hasn’t gone unnoticed by jealous Cathy. Played by Jonathan Watson (Rab C. Nesbitt, Bob Servant, Doctor Who).

Colin and Cathy dancing provocatively (at least that's what they think!)

Colin and Cathy's motto - If you've got it, flaunt it... (Image credit: BBC Studios/Alan Peebles)

Ian (Jamie Quinn)

Eric and Beth’s only son loves his parents but his attempts to visit them are often hijacked by their eyebrow-raising neighbours. Fortunately, he and partner Gordon live a car drive away. Played by Jamie Quinn (Taggart, Bluestone 42, Still Game).

Gordon (Kieran Hodgson)

Sweet, innocent Gordon. Iain’s partner and an Englishman in a strange land, he will believe almost anything the naughtier members of Latimer Crescent tell him. But even he has his breaking point! Played by Kieran Hodgson (Urban Myths, Famalam, Miss Scarlet and the Duke).

Always ready to make a quick exit - Ian and Gordon standing in a doorway.

Always ready to make a quick exit — Ian and Gordon! (Image credit: BBC Studios/Alan Peebles)

Alan (Graeme Stevely AKA Grado)

Would probably be running around barefoot and a stained vest if it wasn’t for his other-half, Michelle. Unassuming, easy going, and childlike, he’s out for a good time and rarely thinks before he speaks. Played by professional wrestler Graeme Stevely (World of Sport Wrestling, Endeavour, Scot Squad).

Michelle (Joy McAvoy)

Michelle and Alan joined Two Doors Down in the final episode of series three, and sometimes she wishes she could censor her socially inept, unfiltered fella. She was speechless on first meeting the neighbours (especially Cathy, who took again’ her) but has fast become an essential member of the Crescent. Played by Joy McAvoy - sister to James McAvoy - who’s starred in Stonemouth, Avengers: Endgame, McDonald and Dodds.

Michelle and Alan, colour-coordinated - probably because Michelle buys all their clothes!

Michelle and Alan, color-coordinated — probably because Michelle buys all their clothes! (Image credit: BBC Studios/Alan Peebles)

Past cast and characters 

Sharon Rooney starred as Christine’s daughter Sophie, who moved to Wales when her daughter Madison was born (and who could blame her!). Sharon is currently starring in The Control Room

Harki Bhambra (Our Girl, Coronation Street, The Good Karma Hospital) played Ian’s former boyfriend, Jaz, and continues to get a mention - especially from Cathy. 

Maggie O’Neill (Shameless, EastEnders) and Alexander Kirk (Mount Pleasant, Coronation Street) popped in for a visit as Gordon’s parents, Sandra and Graham. After meeting Cathy and having their car nicked, they may never be seen in Latimer Crescent again, but they’re welcome back any time!

Behind the scenes

Two Doors Down is co-written by Simon Carlyle (Psychobitches, Boy Meets Girl) and Gregor Sharp (a producer on Famalam, Ladhood, Inside No. 9). 

(If you’re reading this - we’d love to see the Latimer Crescent residents at a wedding!)

Alex says: "Two Doors Down is all in the writing. Anything really good starts off with great writing - if it ain’t on the page, if ain’t on the stage. We’re very fortunate with the writing, it’s superb.”

To date the series has been nominated for BAFTA Awards, Scotland four times, with Elaine C. Smith picking up Best Actress in 2018.

Will there be a sixth series of Two Doors Down?

Nothing has been announced. But given the popularity and agility of the sitcom, which is unafraid to introduce fresh scenarios and new characters, it feels this is a series that could run and run.

Speaking about the endearing nature of Two Doors Down Alex told us: “It’s so inventive. Neighbours aren’t friends you’ve chosen, but you have to get on with them. When we did the pilot [in 2013] it was a one-off, but the response was amazing. I think it’s because it has real bite and is about realistic people. If I wasn’t in Two Doors I’d watch it!”

While we were chatting to Alex, we had to ask — has he had any memorable neighbours over the years?

“Thankfully nothing like those nuisances! I’ve been really lucky with my neighbours. When I was younger and lived in London I became really good friends with a Scottish guy called Mel. We discovered a shared fondness for Sean Connery in his role of James Bond and used to have Bond nights and dress up. I came in a wetsuit once!”

Two Doors Down Season 5 Episode Guide

Two Doors Down Season 5 - Episode 1

‘Brother Michael’

Series five of the hit Scottish sitcom opens by putting hapless Alan in the spotlight. 

Michael (Martin McCormick) has made Alan (Graeme Stevely) his best man, against his better judgement. With Alan’s slovenly ways and main focus on the wedding menu, it’s up to wife Michelle to take care of the details - while the rest of the neighbours weigh in with their opinions! 

When Alan loses the wedding rings, Michael loses his cool. But he really doesn’t have a leg to stand on when some secrets and lies come to light… Still, at least Colin is on hand to perform a strip tease!

Alan with his very cross looking brother, Michael.

Oh brother. Can Alan be trusted as Michael's best man? (Image credit: BBC Studios/Alan Peebles)

Two Doors Down Season 5 - Episode 2

'Girls Night'

The ladies of Latimer Crescent are dressed to the nines when Michelle invites them round for a girl’s night. Well, everyone except Christine, who shuffles over with her knitting and a very different view of how the evening will pan out. 

The fizz flows, Cathy (who else?) insists on a drinking game, and before you know it home truths are unloaded. Christine takes it a step too far, however, when she insults Eric, enraging a tipsy Beth. Christine then takes offence, while kindhearted Michelle attempts to diffuse the situation, but its Cathy who saves the evening when she suggests they all watch a porno together. Standard night in, hen!

The ladies of Latimer Crescent gathered around Michelle's laptop.

No comment. Their faces say it all! (Image credit: BBC Studios/Alan Peebles)

Two Doors Down Season 5 - Episode 3


New neighbours Ash (Starstruck’s Ambreen Razia) and Iqbal (Detectorists’ Divian Ladwa) are given a uniquely Latimer Crescent welcome, which leaves them reconsidering their life decisions. Having just moved from London, the health-conscious couple pop over to Beth and Eric’s to introduce themselves, and are warmly greeted by the gang stuffing their faces with a family-sized box of donuts. After being given a rundown of the best local takeaways, subjected to Christine’s ailments, Colin’s bawdy jokes, and pressured into accepting sweet treats, uptight Ash finally snaps in deliciously awkward scenes. Welcome to the neighbourhood! 

New neighbours Iqbal and Ash get a taste of Christine’s hospitality.

Let them eat cake: New neighbours Iqbal and Ash get a taste of Christine’s hospitality. (Image credit: BBC)

Two Doors Down Season 5 - Episode 4

'Amalfi Friends'

There’s something supremely satisfying about seeing the residents of Latimer Crescent from an outsider's point of view. And that’s done to great effect in this outing when Julie Graham (Benidorm) and Kevin Harvey (Time) guest star as Gail and Andy. Desperate to impress, Cathy and Colin invites everyone around to meet the couple they befriended on holiday in Italy. As the duty free flows, Cathy and Colin go into overdrive and threaten to ruin their own evening - by being themselves! While Gail and Andy quickly realise some things are best left on holiday. A corker of an episode, tense with expectation…

Sober looking Gail and Andy at Cathy and Colin’s for a post-holiday reunion.

Sober moment. Gail and Andy wonder what they've got themselves into... (Image credit: BBC)

Two Doors Down Season 5 - Episode 5

'Beth's Flu' (Originally aired in December 2021)

From the BBC: "Beth’s taken to her bed ill and Ian and Gordon have popped over to give their dad Eric a hand.

"If ever there was a time Beth was desperate to be left alone, it was now - but on hearing about Beth’s Flu, Christine turns up with homemade soup. 

"The interruptions continue as Cathy and Colin arrive, suggesting all Beth needs is someone with a bit of personality to go and see her. Up and down the stairs like a yoyo, Eric tends to Beth’s needs, reassuring her that nobody will disturb her. 

"But the neighbours have decided Eric isn’t coping and it’s a race to see whether a hot toddy or the soup made from a good ham bone will do the trick in nursing Beth back to health."

The residents of Latimer Crescent gather around Beth's sick bed.

What will it be - Christine's soup 'made with the good ham bone' a hot toddy, or rage reaching fever point? (Image credit: BBC)

Two Doors Down Season 5 - Episode 6

'Veggie Curry' (Originally aired in December 2021)

From the BBC: "Beth’s cooking up a veggie curry to celebrate Ian and Gordon’s anniversary - but when the boys arrive, it’s Ian’s black eye that catches mum and dad’s attention.

"The night starts to spiral as Cathy and Colin invite themselves over and Christine turns up with an upset stomach demanding to know if Beth’s kitchen is clean. 

"When pressed about the black eye, Gordon lets slip that Ian was in a fight and is then forced to confess he didn’t jump in to defend his partner. Later, when Cathy and Colin discover it’s not only a vegetarian curry but a mild one, they blame Gordon for everything and take matters into their own hands, completely hijacking the Baird’s quiet family meal."

We say: "This is a series finale that leaves you wanting another helping."


The neighbours gather at Beth's for a curry - where things heat up!

Things heat up at Beth's curry night! (Image credit: BBC)

Is there a trailer?

No, but BBC have made this hilarious clip of Veggie Curry available! 

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