Which Love Island USA season 4 couples are still together?

Timmy and Zeta riding a bike on Love Island USA season 4
Timmy and Zeta, Love Island USA season 4 (Image credit: Casey Durkin/Peacock)

When it came to dating reality shows in 2022, one of the more popular ones was Love Island USA season 4. The series stood out from others in that it found a new home on Peacock and, as the streamer promised, it was "steamier." 

Viewers recall there were several moments that made the modest at heart blush. It was those moments paired with the up-and-down drama of the show's couples that made Love Island USA the most-streamed unscripted original series on Peacock. 

Now nearly a year since the season 4 reunion aired, there are those curious to know which castmates proved their love could survive beyond the lights and camera and is lasting in the real world. Well, we've got some insight on that. 

Here's an update on the Love Island USA season 4 couples.  

Isaiah and Sydney 

Sydney and Isaiah smiling while playing a game in Love Island USA season 4

Sydney and Isaiah on Love Island USA season 4 (Image credit: Casey Durkin/Peacock)

There is an argument to be made that Isaiah and Sydney had the most tumultuous relationship of any of the season 4 pairs. The Casa Amor saga alone was a huge hurdle for them in their courtship. Yet they overcame the hiccup and finished their time together on the island as runner-ups. Although, having professed their love to one another, they may argue they were still winners in the end. 

Now back in June of 2023, the couple appeared to be together as they were posting pictures of each other on their social media accounts. Well, as of September 19, it looks like their relationship may have hit a snag. 

While we can't confirm that the pair broke up, we did notice that they've stopped following each other on Instagram and have scrubbed photos of one other from their respective Instagram accounts. 

Jesse and Deb

Deb and Jesse sitting on a couch in Love Island USA season 4

Deb and Jesse on Love Island USA season 4 (Image credit: Casey Durkin/Peacock)

Throughout their TV courtship, Jesse and Deb's journey was never the spiciest. Sure, the two shared some lovely banter every now and then during the challenges, but they often lacked on-screen chemistry. Even with that said, as the season neared the end, the two's spark seemed to heat up and they wound up being one of the final three couples standing. 

Fast forward to today, we are sad to report they decided to go their separate ways. On November 15, Deb took to her Instagram story and shared: 

"I just wanted to let you all know that Jesse and I have made the difficult decision to go our separate ways. We have decided that we work better as friends and will always have love and respect for each other."

This news comes on the heels of Jesse relocating to California, which ironically now puts him in the same state as Deb. 

Timmy and Zeta

Zeta and Timmy cozied up to one another in Love Island USA season 4

Zeta and Timmy on Love Island USA season 4 (Image credit: Peacock)

The king and queen of season 4 were hands down Timmy and Zeta. From the very beginning of their journey on the show, viewers couldn't help but notice the two had plenty of chemistry and their unique banter was unmatched. Even when Bria and Jeff arrived at the island threatening to derail #Zimmy, the connection between Timmy and Zeta was too strong and they were selected as the winning couple.

Unfortunately, months after the show wrapped, the two decided to go their separate ways. We know this is heart-breaking news for some fans who loved watching the two together. 

Jeff and Nadjha

Nadjha and Jeff holding a toy baby in Love Island USA season 4

Nadjha and Jeff on Love Island USA season 4 (Image credit: Casey Durkin/Peacock)

Jeff and Nadjha's romantic flame burned out right before the final three couples were revealed. While the two were on track to possibly become finalists, their relationship took a major hit in the aftermath of the final group elimination. Although they broke up, viewers noticed the two expressed having love for one another as they parted ways, and even saw they posted a few pics together on social media following their time on the show. This led some to believe they may actually be dating post-season 4. 

Sadly, the two are no longer dating, but just really good friends. In a turn of events, it appears that Nadjha actually has a new boyfriend. Take a look at the Instagram post. 

Chad and Phoebe

Chad and Phoebe smiling together in Love Island USA season 4

Chad and Phoebe on Love Island USA season 4 (Image credit: Casey Durkin/Peacock)

Chad and Phoebe's path to one another certainly was paved with some cringeworthy moments for viewers. Before Phoebe wound up with Chad, she served as a major hurdle in Sydney and Isaiah's relationship, and she even tried to bypass friend Bella to connect with Chazz. Chad on the other hand broke up with fan-favorite Courtney and tanked a blossoming romance with Mackenzie before connecting with Phoebe. 

After all it took for the two of them to be together, in the end, they apparently just weren't meant to be. In an Instagram story from September, Phoebe confirmed they decided to go their separate ways but remain on friendly terms. 

Jared and Kat

Jared and Kat kissing in Love Island USA season 4

Jared and Kat on Love Island USA season 4 (Image credit: Casey Durkin/Peacock)

Out of all the show couples on this list, Jared and Kat's time together onscreen was the briefest. Shortly after they realized their feelings for each other, they were packing their bags and exiting the island. However, at the reunion, the pair announced they were still dating since their departure from the competition. 

Unfortunately, the relationship between these two was short-lived. In September, Kat announced via an Instagram story that she and Jared decide to split to focus on themselves. 

If you’re looking to rewatch some of your favorite moments from Love Island USA season 4, all episodes are currently streaming on Peacock.  

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