'Love Island' UK: fans don't want Teddy and Faye to split up again

Love Island UK 2021 - Teddy Soares and Faye Winter
Teddy Soares and Faye Winter. (Image credit: Lifted Entertainment / ITV)

Love Island 2021 viewers can't believe that Teddy Soares and Faye Winter might be splitting up again after the challenge last night!

Early on in the show, Faye admitted she's been having second thoughts about Teddy. She explained to the girls that she's been finding more and more things that they don't have in common and that she wondered whether he was too good for her, but the girls immediately told her to stop putting herself down.

When the two were chatting later on, it seemed like they were finally over their hiccup after Casa Amor. Later that day, the islanders got a text that said they were being sent to the movies. This was revealed to be the latest challenge, which saw a cinema screen being added to the villa, and this certainly brought the happy couple some new problems!

The boys v girls challenge was a pub quiz. The two teams received texts with quiz questions, and then the team who guessed the closest or correct answer got to choose from a list of video clips. Each one was actually a clip from one of the many private chats that the islanders have had over the series!

The girls won the first round, and they chose a clip of Jake Cornish admitting that he wasn't 100% attracted to Liberty Poole just yet from early on in the series. This was when he wasn't nearly as committed to Liberty as he is now, but it clearly still shocked her.

It was the second clip that caused the most drama. The boys won the second round, and they chose a clip called "Fifty Shades of Faye." The clip in question was originally filmed when the boys were in Casa Amor. In the video, Faye said she didn't think Teddy was very funny, and she was chatting with Sam Jackson about how much they had both enjoyed sharing a bed.

Although the other islanders thought the clip was funny, Teddy certainly didn't! Fans were then quick to jump to his defense online once again. They'd already accused the makers of Love Island of stitching Teddy up with the Casa Amor postcard, and last night they were worried about him once again, as the clip looked like it would be the final nail in the coffin for Teddy and Faye's relationship.

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Although the episode ended on a cliffhanger, the preview for tonight's episode showed Teddy and Faye having a huge argument about the clip. Is their relationship on the rocks again? We'll have to wait till Love Island continues this evening to find out...

Love Island 2021 airs Sunday-Friday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox. 

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