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Best TV shows and movies on Hulu right now

Hulu is always adding new movies and TV show to its roster, including an ever-expanding lineup of original shows. Here's what you should be watching this week!

  • ★ Featured favorite - October 4: Light as a Feather: Season 2, Part 2
  • October 4: Uncanny Annie
  • October 5: Drunk History
  • October 4: Sailor Moon: Season 4
  • September 25: Wu-Tang: An American Saga episode 7

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And that's just what you have to look forward to that's new this week on Hulu. There are new shows every month featuring Hulu's extensive back catalog of shows — to say nothing of all the original content. Plus you can opt for Hulu with Live TV and watch everything there is to watch that's being broadcast right now . If you're not a Hulu subscriber, you can sign up right here . If you want to read a little more about the plans and pricing options for Hulu before you make your decision, you can see more about that information right here .

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Streaming all of your favorite shows and movies should never be a hassle. In fact, it should be one of the most relaxing part of your days. Here's all my personal favorite recommended items to do just that. Live like the royalty you deserve to!