Blade Runner 2099: cast and everything we know about the sci-fi TV show

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One of the most iconic sci-fi movies of all time is heading to the small screen, as Blade Runner is getting its own TV series in Blade Runner 2099. The saga of replicants, their makers and those who hunt them returns with some new creatives behind things (though Ridley Scott is on board as an executive producer).

Leading the way for the Blade Runner 2099 creative team is Silka Luisa, who is best known for writing and producing on the Apple TV Plus thriller Shining Girls and the Paramount Plus original series Halo. She has a brand-new home for this show though, as Blade Runner 2099 is set to be a Prime Video original series.

Read on for more information on Blade Runner 2099, from who is in it to when we may see it.

Blade Runner 2099 release date

There is no release date for Blade Runner 2099 at this time.

Reports indicate that the show is currently in production, but no information on how long production may take, and how much post-production the show is going to need. So, when we're looking at when Blade Runner 2099 may premiere, our best guess is that it won't be until sometime in 2025.

We'll keep this page updated as details about Blade Runner 2099's release date is shared.

What we do know is that as the series is a Prime Video original series, it will be available exclusively on the streamer. So if you want to make sure you can watch Blade Runner 2099 as soon as it is available, then you’ll need to sign up for Prime Video ahead of time.

Blade Runner 2099 cast

Michelle Yeoh is one of the leads of Blade Runner 2099, but we do not have any character details for her at this time. Yeoh is best known for her Oscar-winning role in Everything Everywhere All at Once, as well as Crazy Rich Asians and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. She has been getting into TV more recently, with Blade Runner 2099 her latest TV project following the well-received but short-lived Netflix TV show, The Brothers Sun.

The other big name involved in the series is Hunter Schaeffer, who broke out in Euphoria but has also starred in movies like The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Kinds of Kindness and Cuckoo. There are no details on her character either right now.

Variety has also reported a slew of casting announcements (though again, specifics aren't given). Joining Blade Runner 2099 as series regulars are Dimitri Abold (The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes) and Lewis Gribben (Masters of the Air). Then there are Katelyn Rose Downey (The Nun II), Daniel Rigby (Renegade Nell), Johnny Harris (A Gentleman in Moscow), Amy Lennox (Holby City), Sheila Atim (The Woman King) and Matthew Needham (House of the Dragon).

Blade Runner 2099 plot

Like the characters, there are no plot details available for Blade Runner 2099 at this time. All we can tell is that the series is likely to follow mostly (or all) new characters as it takes a big time jump from the movies.

The original Blade Runner was set in 2019, with its sequel then taking place 30 years later in 2049. The TV series is making an even bigger time jump, going ahead 50 years to 2099.

Blade Runner 2099 trailer

There is no trailer for Blade Runner 2099 available. We'll add one right here when it debuts online. 

Blade Runner 2099 creative team

In addition to Luisa as showrunner and Scott as executive producer, the list of creatives for Blade Runner 2099 includes David W. Zucker, Clayton Krueger, Andrew Kosove, Broderick Johnson, Ben Roberts, Tom Spezialy, Richard Sharkey, Michael Green, Cynthia Yorkin, Frank Giustra and Isa Dick Hackett in the roles of executive producers.

Set to direct the first two episodes of the series is Jonathan van Tulleken, who most recently directed two episodes of Shogun, four episodes of the Apple TV Plus series Changeling and multiple episodes of shows Upload and Reprisal.

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