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'Love Island Reunion' 2021 — air date and everything you need to know about the reality TV special

Love Island Reunion logo
Love Island will welcome back your favourite islanders. (Image credit: ITV)

Love Island might be over for another year, but before the tans have faded and the feuds have been forgotten, ITV is bringing us another dose of island action with the Love Island Reunion 2021.

Millie and Liam were crowned your winners for this year and we can't wait to see what they have been up to since leaving the villa. Has it been all romance and roses, or is the honeymoon period over already? 

When will Love Island Reunion 2021 air? 

The Love Island Reunion will air on ITV2 on Sunday 5th September 2021. This is slightly earlier than usual, with previous years seeing the reunion special airing around November. 

Love Island 2021 - the final four couples pose for a selfie together

The Love Island 2021 finalists will be reunited next month.  (Image credit: Lifted Entertainment / ITV)

What will happen in Love Island Reunion 2021? 

We will get to see all the islanders meeting once again for the first time since they left the villa... so expect revelations, confrontations, and plenty of drama! 

The reunion will take on a chat-show format, where all the islanders are likely to share some behind-the-scenes secrets and stories. 

There will also be some pre-recorded parts to the programme, in previous years we have seen the couples meet each other's families, visit their home towns and we might even get a sneak peek into what happened on the first nights the couples spent together away from the cameras. 

Love Island 2021 - Liam and Millie give their declarations of love

Will Millie and Liam stand the test of time? Find out all the gossip in the Love Island Reunion.  (Image credit: Lifted Entertainment / ITV)

Who will feature in Love Island Reunion 2021? 

It is thought all the Season 7 islanders will return for the show, so expect Millie, Liam and Casa Amor bombshell Lillie cornered for a chat, as well as all the gossip from Tyler, Kaz and Clarisse. 

We may also get an update on Lucinda and Brad, who have reportedly reunited outside the villa, find out how Chloe and Toby felt about getting so close to that cash prize, and we're sure that Liberty and Jake will be given an opportunity to talk things out. 

Who will host the Love Island Reunion 2021?

Love Island host Laura Whitmore will be back presenting once again, this time grilling the couples for all the juicy details that we didn't see on screen. 

Is there a trailer?

Not yet, but we will add it to this page as soon as one is released.