Love, Victor season 3: release date, cast, trailer and everything we know about the romantic drama

Michael Cimino as Victor in Love, Victor
Michael Cimino as Victor in Love, Victor (Image credit: Kelsey McNeal/Hulu)

We could have never envisioned that when Love, Simon premiered in 2018, the film would create such a cultural impact that viewers around the world would cry out for more. Hearing those pleas, the powers that be at Hulu developed the hit series Love, Victor. While the show has focused on a whole new group of high school students, it still captures the heart of the original movie, while layering in different nuances that have been a pleasure to observe. 

Now as much excitement and anticipation there is about Love, Victor season 3, there is also a sense of angst because this season is the show’s last. Fans will want to make sure they savor every moment of the new episodes, as Victor and crew are moving on. 

Here’s everything we know about Love, Victor season 3.  

When is the Love, Victor season 3 release date? 

Love, Victor season 3 debuted on both Disney Plus and Hulu on Wednesday, June 15. All eight episodes of the final chapter in this coming-of-age story are now available to stream. 

UK fans of the show are also now able to stream the third season on Disney Plus. 

Now below, we've provided an episode guide for the season. 

Episode 1: "It’s You"
"Victor makes his choice between Benji and Rahim. Mia and Andrew reunite with her estranged mother to get answers. Felix and Pilar begin their new romance, while Lake and Lucy spend the night getting closer."

Episode 2:  "Fast Times at Creekwood High"
"Victor tries to mend the fallout from his love triangle. Mia throws a party to take her mind off the fact that she might be moving. Felix and Lake achieve closure from their breakup. Isabel attends a PFLAG meeting, which doesn't go as planned."

Episode 3: "The Setup"
"Victor's parents introduce him to a gay-friendly church and an exciting new friend. Mia questions how she fits into Lake's new relationship. Felix learns that his mom is starting to date. A new secret of Benji's causes friction between him and Rahim."

Episode 4: "You Up"
"Victor is enjoying the steaminess of his relationship until an unforeseen complication makes him reconsider. Lake pawns Mia off on Georgina for the day. Armando catches Pilar and Felix canoodling. Rahim begins to tutor Benji."

Episode 5: "Lucas and Diego"
"Attempting to move on from his past relationships, Victor goes on an unexpected adventure. Felix and Pilar struggle to maintain their relationship after the fallout from Isabel and Armando. New information has Benji revisiting moments from his past."

Episode 6: "Agents of Chaos"
"Victor tries to help a closeted classmate. Mia gets a startling call from her father. Armando and Isabel disagree about how to discipline Pilar. Lake discovers some upsetting news about Lucy. Rahim’s uncle creates family drama."

Episode 7: "The Gay Award"
"Victor is conflicted about accepting an award at school. Felix and Lake confide in each other about their relationship problems. Mia and Andrew travel to see her family, which raises questions about their futures."

Episode 8: "Brave"
"The Winter Carnival brings all of our characters back to where the series started. As they consider their plans past high school, they each have decisions about who they want to be with, and where their futures may lead."

Have you watched the finale? Well, check out our explanation of the final scene and read why it should look familiar. 

Love, Victor season 3 plot 

Michael Cimino as Victor and Anthony Keyvan as Rahim at a wedding on Love, Victor

Michael Cimino as Victor and Anthony Keyvan as Rahim at a wedding on Love, Victor (Image credit: Greg Gayne/Hulu)


In the Love, Victor season 2 finale, the love life of most of the characters was in a period of transition. Felix broke up with Lake and was in full pursuit of Pilar, something was blooming between Lake and Lucy and Victor's parents opted to give their marriage another try. 

Victor’s love life of course was front and center, as he was trying to figure out who he wanted to be with. While he eventually settled on one person, viewers were left to wonder whose door he was standing in front of as the episode ended on a cliffhanger. So does he choose Benji or Rahim? 

In this final season, it appears that Victor is once again on a roller coaster ride of emotions. He may have made his choice between Benji and Rahim, but did his choice choose him? Also, fasten your seatbelts, because another guy is introduced into his orbit. Additionally, Felix will have to figure out his lingering feelings for Lake, while Mia and Andrew try to determine if their relationship really is meant to last beyond high school. 

Love, Victor season 3 cast 

All the major players from seasons 1 and 2 are back for Love, Victor season 3. Starring as Victor is Michael Cimino. Cimino was recently featured as Lance alongside Rebel Wilson in the Netflix hit movie Senior Year.

Rachel Hilson also reprises her role as Mia Brooks. Hilson should be recognizable from her most recent work as young Beth in This is Us and as Cindy Day in HBO’s Winning time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

Rounding out the main cast of Love, Victor are the following: Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty), Anthony Turpel (The Bold and the Beautiful), Bebe Wood (The Real O'Neals), Mason Gooding (Scream), George Sear (Alex Rider), Isabella Ferreira (Orange Is the New Black), James Martinez (One Day at a Time), Anthony Keyvan (Generation), Ava Capri (Embattled) and Mateo Fernandez.  

Love, Victor season 3 trailer 

As if Victor needed another guy to come into the picture. Based on the trailer, fans should prepare for newcomer, Nick.  

How to watch Love, Victor season 3

Love, Victor season 3 airs exclusively on Hulu and Disney Plus. Those interested in watching the series will need to have a subscription to one of the platforms. Hulu and Disney Plus are both available as standalone services, but if you’re someone that likes to find a deal, you may be interested in purchasing the Disney Bundle, which combines Hulu/ Disney Plus/ ESPN Plus for as low as $13.99 per month. 

Would-be UK viewers of Love, Victor season 3 can watch the series on Disney Plus.  

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