Shark Week 2023: schedule, trailer, host and everything we know

Shark with a Discovery Shark Week 2022 logo in its mouth
Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water... (Image credit: Discovery)

It's just not summer without Shark Week, which is back for the 35th straight year on Discovery.

While the sharks are undoubtedly the stars of Shark Week, Discovery always invites a few well-known celebrities to be a part of the festivities. This year the host is Jason Momoa, who has some experience with under the sea creatures as the star of Aquaman and its upcoming sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Let's dive in to everything that we know right now about Shark Week 2023.

Shark Week 2023 date

Shark Week 2023 kicks off on Sunday, July 23, at 8 pm ET/PT. Programming will last for the whole week.

That is the US premiere date. The UK is also expected to get Shark Week 2023 content, but a bit delayed from the US. An official start date for Shark Week 2023 in the UK has not been announced.

Shark Week 2023 trailer

The trailer for Shark Week is here, with host Jason Momoa just as excited as the rest of us for the annual summer TV event.

Shark Week 2023 schedule

Here is the complete schedule for Shark Week 2023:

Sunday, July 23

  • 8 pm: Belly of the Beast: Feeding Frenzy
  • 9 pm: Jaws vs the Meg
  • 10 pm: Serial Killer: Red Sea Attacks

Monday, July 24

  • 8 pm: Great White Fight Club
  • 9 pm: Monsters of the Bermuda Triangle
  • 10 pm: Alien Sharks: Strange New Worlds

Tuesday, July 25

  • 8 pm: Mako Mania: Battle for California
  • 9 pm: Raiders of the Lost Shark
  • 10 pm: Monster Hammerheads: Killer Instinct

Wednesday, July 26

  • 8 pm: Air Jaws: Final Frontier
  • 9 pm: Florida Shark: Blood in the Water
  • 10 pm: Cocaine Sharks

Thursday, July 27

  • 8 pm: Jaws in the Shallows
  • 9 pm: Monster Mako: Fresh Blood
  • 10 pm: Shark vs Snake: Battle of the Bites

Friday, July 28

  • 8 pm: Tropic Jaws
  • 9 pm: Deadly Sharks of Paradise
  • 10 pm: The Haunting of Shark Tower

Saturday, July 29

  • 8 pm: Dawn of the Monster Mako
  • 9 pm: Megasharks of Dangerous Reef

How to watch Shark Week 2023 in the US

Shark Week has been a staple of Discovery Channel for more than 30 years, so US viewers hoping to watch all the Shark-themed programming can do so on Discovery Channel. The cable network is available through traditional pay-TV providers, but live TV streaming services also carry the channel, including FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV and YouTube TV.

Those who have cut the cord on live TV can still keep up with Shark Week 2023, as the Discovery Plus and Max streaming services are going to have Shark Week programming available on their platforms.

How to watch Shark Week 2023 in the UK

Discovery is an available channel in the UK as well, available through the likes of Sky TV. The basic Sky TV package, which costs £26 per month, includes Discovery.

Discovery Plus is also available for UK consumers, so signing up for that streaming service will get you access to Shark Week 2023 content (though likely on a bit of a delay).

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