Troppo: release date, trailer cast and everything we know about the TV series

Nicole Chamoun and Thomas Jane in Troppo
Nicole Chamoun and Thomas Jane (Image credit: Bradley Patrick/Amazon Freevee)

Amazon Freevee continues to grow its own original slate with the new crime-thriller Troppo. With two of the most high-profile Freevee originals being sequel series to past fan-favorites like Bosch: Legacy and Leverage: Redemption, can the streaming service find success with an all new show?

As a reminder, Amazon Freevee is, as its name suggests, a free, ad-supported streaming service. Formerly IMDb TV, the streaming service offers both original content and a library of TV shows and movies that viewers can watch with ease, as long as they don’t mind the ads.

Here is what we know about Troppo, the latest Amazon Freevee original series.

When is the Troppo release date?

Troppo debuts on Amazon Freevee Friday, May 20. All eight episodes of the first season are now available, allowing viewers to watch them however quickly or slowly they want.

What is the plot of Troppo?

Troppo, created for TV by Yolanda Ramke (Cargo), is based on the best-selling novel Crimson Lake by Candice Fox. Per Amazon Studios, here is the synopsis for the series:

"The story of Ted Conkaffey, an ex-cop falsely accused of committing a disturbing crime, who has escaped to hide away in the tropics of Far North Queensland. As he tries to avoid discovery, he's drawn into investigating a wild murder and a missing person, alongside a complicated woman named Amanda Pharrell, with dark secrets of her own."

Crimson Lake is the first novel in series from Fox, so should Troppo prove to be a hit, there should be some more source material for future seasons.

The title Troppo refers to the idea of people going “troppo,” or made from the tropical heat, according to the show’s trailer.

Troppo episodes

Here is the synopses for all eight episodes of Troppo season 1:

Troppo season 1 episode 1
"Amanda Pharrell, an eccentric private investigator with a disturbing criminal past, recruits disgraced ex-cop Ted Conkaffey to help solve the disappearance of a Korean tech pioneer."

Troppo season 1 episode 2
"Ted and Amanda's hard work leads to Jong Min's remains being found in the river. Amanda is convinced there's a link between this death, and that of her friend Lars."

Troppo season 1 episode 3
"A shocking revelation of an affair leads Amanda and Ted to focus their attention on Yoon Sun and Olivia as prime suspects, while Ted is confronted to discover his past is still very much in the present."

Troppo season 1 episode 4
"More of Jong Min's remains are recovered, leading Ted and Amanda's investigation down a darker path, just as Ted receives bombshell news from home."

Troppo season 1 episode 5
"Amanda is shocked to discover the attack on Ted, and is determined to find the culprit."

Troppo season 1 episode 6
"A major breakthrough in the investigation is threatened when Amanda's past erupts into the present."

Troppo season 1 episode 7
"Amanda takes a huge risk playing Twist and Bryce off against each other, and uncovers the truth about Lars' death."

Troppo season 1 episode 8
"Uncovering the truth about Park's death brings little comfort for Ted and Amanda; but Ted's digging into Amanda's past finally pays off, and she is able to confront her demons."

Troppo trailer

Speaking of the Troppo trailer, you can give it a watch directly below. The big focus is definitely on the past of both Amanda Pharrell and Ted Conkaffey, who are both looking for redemption and see each other as their best way to do that. Oh, and there are a good number of crocodiles. 

Who is in the Troppo cast?

Thomas Janes headlines Troppos as Ted Conkaffey. Jane broke out in the ‘90s, with some of his biggest movie roles being in Boogie Nights, Deep Blue Sea, 61* and The Punisher. Jane is no stranger to TV though, as he starred in the HBO comedy Hung and more recently in The Expanse.

The other half of Troppo’s lead pairing is Nicole Chamoun as Amanda Pharrell. This is serving as Chamoun's debut to most viewers outside of Australia, as her career has mostly come from Australia TV shows, including Safe Harbour, On the Ropes and The Gloaming.

Other Troppo cast members include David Lyons as Damford, Sun Park as Yoon Sun, Yerin Ha as Ah Rah, Ling Cooper Teng as Hench, Kate Beahan as Olivia, Wendy Mocke as Maali, Thomas Weatherall as Charlie, Sonny Le as Jong Min, Simon Lyndon as Twist, Radha Mitchell as Kelly, Peta Wilson as Eve, Miranda Frangou as Georgie, Josh Helman as Bryce, Cramer Cain as Wayne, Damien Garvey as Roy, Caroline Brazier as Joanne, Bryan Roberts as Lars and Angela Punch McGregor as Val.

How to watch Troppo

Troppo will be easy for anyone to watch via Amazon Freevee. As a free streaming service, no subscription is required, all you need is a compatible device, which includes smart TVs, mobile devices and tablets via the Freevee app, or wherever you get Prime Video, as Freevee is available as a Prime Video channel. 

Troppo poster

(Image credit: Amazon Freevee)
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