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Can you watch Amazon Freevee without ads?

Leverage: Redemption
Do you need to pull off a Leverage-like heist to watch Amazon Freevee content without ads? (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Amazon Freevee (formerly IMDb TV) is an example of the increasingly popular AVOD streaming services that feature advertising in front of and intermittently during content. These can range from free standalone services like Freevee to versions of other pay subscription streaming services, like Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount Plus and Peacock.

The latter services also have more expensive premium subscription packages that remove the ads and allow viewers to watch their content uninterrupted — in certain cases these premium subscriptions also offer additional content not available in the discounted, ad-based packages.

So, does Amazon Freevee have a way to skip the ads and access its library of classic movies and TV shows, as well as its original content, without needing to watch advertising? Technically no, but Freevee can point you in the right direction. Let me explain.

How to watch Amazon Freevee content without ads

As explained above, Amazon Freevee is one of the free iterations of an AVOD streaming service. All of the content available on Freevee costs nothing for a viewer to start watching. Thus, the platform is supported entirely by the advertising it runs during viewing sessions, which cannot be skipped. That’s the no part of the equation.

However, if you see something on Freevee that interests you and you don't want to watch it with ads, you can manage to do that, but it is going to cost you.

Amazon Freevee titles that are available for rent or purchase on Prime Video or through a Prime Video channel can be accessed through Amazon Freevee. When on Amazon Freevee's webpage, you can select the title you want to watch and go to its standalone page. If next to the box that says "Watch free with ads" there is another box that says "More purchase options" than you have the option to rent or purchase that title through Prime Video without ads.

Should the title be available through a Prime Video channel like for example Paramount Plus that has a free trial period, you actually can still watch a title you found on Freevee at no cost, so long as you remember to cancel the free trial before the seven days are up and you are automatically billed for a month.

FYI, there are no options to watch Amazon Freevee original content without ads.

You also cannot access these alternative watching options through the Amazon Freevee app, it has to be done on a web browser that can link to Prime Video.

Similarly, no titles can be purchased or downloaded directly from Amazon Freevee for offline viewing. However, if rented or purchased through Prime Video, users can watch the acquired content offline on compatible devices. Of course, 

Michael Balderston
Michael Balderston

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