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How to watch the Super Bowl in 4K in 2020

Super Bowl LIV and Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on TV

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It's almost time for Super Bowl LIV — that's Super Bowl 52 — and this year marks an exciting (if caveated) first for the big game. This will be the first Super Bowl available in 4K resolution and with High Dynamic Range, or HDR. With the right setup, you can see everything from the Pregame Show, the game, and even the Halftime Show. If you want to see it all with the most amazing visuals available, here is everything you need to know to watch Super Bowl LIV in 4K

Super Bowl LIV will kick off at 6:30 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020, from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla. The game will be between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. All of the Super Bowl 2020 events will be broadcast on Fox and made available in 4K and HDR.

Get everything you need to watch the Super Bowl online & without cable

Before getting into the details on how to watch the Super Bowl in 4K, it is important to understand that this 4K broadcast won't be completely in 4K. Fox Sports chooses to use 1080p cameras in the stadium, and then they upscale that video to 4K before broadcasting to you. In a report from Business Insider , Fox Sports senior Vice President Michael Davies said that using native 4K cameras resulted in more picture blur during fast moving sports, and they hope this will improve in the future.

You will be getting true HDR on these upscaled 4K broadcasts as long as your hardware and your app supports it. Fox uses the HDR10 standard, and will provide HDR support in the Fox Sports app for select Roku and Amazon Fire TV 4K devices.

Watch Super Bowl LIV in 4K and HDR on FoxSports

Fox is streaming the Super Bowl live for free on FoxSports in 4K in the FoxSports app but there are a few restrictions. They are asking viewers to create a FoxSports profile to stream it for free in 4K with the Fox Sports app.

The Fox Sports app is available on a wide variety of devices, but watching in 4K is only available on a small number of supported devices. To watch Super Bowl LIV in 4K and HDR on Fox Sports, you will need to have one of the following compatible devices.

Roku devices had originally been included as compatible with Fox Sports 4K HDR. However, just days before Super Bowl LIV, Roku removed Fox Sports from their Channel Store. At the same time, Fox removed all references to Roku from their websites. However, just one day later Roku announced that Fox Sports is returning . Fox also added Roku back to their list of supported 4K devices, so 4K Roku owners are back in business for Super Bowl LIV.

Fox Sports will have the game available to stream in 4K on Apple TV 4K devices, however it will not be HDR. That means if you watch in the Fox Sports app on your Apple TV 4K, you won't get the improved color and contrast of HDR. It's not immediately clear why this restriction exists, but it's important for you to understand what will be different.

Download the Fox Sports app for your devices

Although the Fox Sports app is available on other devices that support 4K, including Android TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, and Samsung Smart TVs, these devices won't be able to get 4K feed through this app. However, that doesn't mean all of these devices are out of luck.

Watch Super Bowl LIV in 4K and HDR on Fubo TV

If you want to watch Super Bowl LIV in 4K and HDR on a wider range of devices, you can count on Fubo TV. Fubo TV is a live TV streaming service that started with a focus on sports, and it has been a leader in streaming 4K events for a while.

Fubo has new 4K and HDR events show up on the schedule every month, and you only need to subscribe to their base plan to get access to these premium streams. Live broadcasts like the Super Bowl are available on all Fubo TV packages, but you should check your local channels to make sure your local Fox channel is included.

If your setup supports 4K, you don't need any special add-ons to get the 4K HDR stream of Super Bowl LIV with Fubo TV because it is also included in the base plan. Just make sure you have one of the streaming devices that are compatible with Fubo 4K, which are listed below.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Chromecast Ultra
  • Fire TV 4K Stick
  • Fire TV Cube
  • Roku Premiere / Premiere+
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Streaming Stick+
  • Roku 4K TVs
  • Nvidia Shield TV & other Android TVs
  • Supported Android phones

Once you are signed up for Fubo TV, all that is left for you to do is flip to the 4K feed of your local Fox to watch Super Bowl LIV. Install the Fubo TV app on your favorite mobile or streaming device. Visit the Fubo Program Guide today, and look 4K on the channel logo of your local Fox station when browsing the guide.

Fubo TV

  • The cost: $55 a month after a one week trial
  • Watch Fubo TV on: Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, iOS, Android and web browsers
  • Local channels on Fubo TV: CBS, Fox, NBC and CW. Find your locals here .
  • Super Bowl LIV in 4K HDR on Fubo TV: Yes, as Fubo has 4K feeds of Fox locals available.

More on Fubo TV:

Best devices to watch Super Bowl LIV in 4K

No matter if you are going to stream Super Bowl LIV in 4K with FoxSports or Fubo TV, you will want a great streaming device that can deliver that Ultra High Definition goodness.

Here are a pair of our favorite devices that can deliver the Super Bowl in 4K and HDR from both of the supported streaming apps this year.

The Best 4K Streaming Options in 2020

Watch Super Bowl LIV in 4K on cable

If you don't have the setup to stream the Super Bowl in 4K, but still have to see it in the best resolution possible, you could consider watching the game with a traditional cable TV provider. You can see Super Bowl LIV in 4K on Verizon Fios without needing to stream the game over your bandwidth. Just sign up for Fios TV One and pick up a Fios TV One 4K set top box. Then turn on channel 1498 on Super Bowl Sunday and you'll be ready to watch in the most amazing video quality.

Super Bowl LIV will also be available in 4K through Comcast and DirecTV. When you sign up, make sure to ask for a plan and a set top box that supports their 4K programming.

Now you're all set with all the ways to see if Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers take on Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs with the best visuals available next to being on the sidelines.

Use a VPN to watch Super Bowl LIV in 4K

In addition to offering you tons of privacy features, a VPN can help you view shows that may not be available locally in your area. Streaming services often block their feeds if you're not in America. If you are a subscriber to a live TV streaming service, and looking to stream the game even though work is taking you out of the country on Super Bowl Sunday, a VPN might be just the answer you need. If you have the bandwidth needed and a compatible setup, you could even stream the game in 4K using a VPN.

A VPN, or "Virtual Private Network" sends your internet traffic from wherever you are through a specific set of servers and back into the United States.

Does a VPN sound appealing to you? It's easy to get a great one from a subscription service that, for a few bucks a month, will tunnel your traffic through your choice of a variety of locations. There are a bunch of great options out there, but our favorite is Express VPN. It's easy to use, affordable, reliable, and well-rated.