A surprising Greek crime drama series has cracked the Netflix top 10

Orestis and Klelia playing the piano
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Usually, the Top-10 list on Netflix is just a roundup of its newest big Netflix originals, sometimes with the odd classic movie that's just been added to the service in there for good measure. However, that's not the case right now.

In the US, the Netflix Top 10 list of TV shows has a surprise entry at number 10: Maestro in Blue.

Why's this surprising? Firstly, it's the only entry in the Top 10 that's not a Netflix Original. All of the other shows are ones created for Netflix. 

Secondly, it's the first-ever Greek series to hit Netflix (not including shows based on, or focusing on, Ancient Greek stories). While Netflix has ramped up its European productions in recent years, Greece is a country that's missed out on the commissioning rounds.

The rest of the list is rounded out by some unsurprising suspects: Shadow and Bone, You, Outer Banks, Sky High, The Glory, Outlast, Dance 100, MH370: The Plane That Disappeared and Perfect Match.

Maestro in Blue debuted in October 2022 on Greece's Mega Channel, and it was quickly picked up by Netflix for international distribution. It consists of nine episodes, and a second season is already in production.

It tells the story of a failing musician who travels to the island of Paxos to run its local music festival, where he meets a young aspiring musician and romance blossoms. That makes it sound like a musical love story, but there's also murder and drama within the Paxos community, enough so that the show is billed as a crime drama. So there's something for everything!

It seems that Maestro in Blue's mix of genres is appealing to fans, judging by its place in the Netflix Top 10 list. 

In the UK, Maestro in Blue isn't on the list, though it is available on the service. The overall list is quite similar but with Below Deck, Sex/Life and Wednesday on there and Dance 100 and Perfect Match missing.

If you've watched the show, and want to know more about it, we've got a feature to introduce you to the Maestro in Blue cast.

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