'Love Island' UK: viewers react to Priya's parting words with Faye

Love Island 2021 - Priya and Brett have a heart to heart on the daybed
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Love Island 2021 fans were shocked at how Priya managed to cause some chaos just after she was dumped from the show last night!

The atmosphere in the villa had cooled after the islanders were forced to vote for the least compatible couple with their partners during last night's dinner date. This meant most of the episode was dominated by the drama between Priya Gopaldas and Brett Staniland.

During their romantic evening, Priya had told the girls that she was getting bored spending time with Brett and that the chemistry wasn't quite there. On Monday night's episode, Priya decided she wanted to friendzone Brett, but he was still interested in trying to make things work.

The other boys overheard what Priya had been saying about Brett and let him know. He pulled her for a chat to confront her about it, explaining that he felt disappointed that he'd had to hear what happened from the other islanders instead of from her.

That evening, Priya grabbed Brett again and the two aired their differences. Shortly after their chat, the islanders were summoned to the firepit for another dumping!

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Once all the islanders were gathered, they learned which couples had been voted as least compatible at dinner the previous night. Priya and Brett received five votes, and then Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish, Faye Winter and Teddy Soares, and Aaron and Mary received three votes each. 

Then, the contestants learned that the public had once again been voting to save their favourite couple still in the villa. Since Brett and Priya's relationship was already over, it didn't really come as a surprise that they were dumped from the island that evening. 

However, what did shock viewers was what Priya decided to reveal to Faye just before she left. She pulled Faye out onto the terrace for a quiet word as she was preparing to leave to explain that she and Brett hadn't voted for her and Teddy the day before.

Initially, some viewers were a bit confused as to why she'd done this, but it became clear she had told Faye specifically to stir up trouble on her way out. Since Priya and Brett hadn't voted for Faye and Teddy, that meant every couple who had voted them least compatible was still in the villa! 

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The preview for tonight's episode made it look like we're in for another heated argument, as Faye had plenty of harsh words for Jake Cornish. Will friendships be broken tonight as the final week of Love Island continues? Tune in to find out...

Love Island 2021 airs Sunday-Friday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox. 

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