Casualty spoilers: Max Cristie in DEADLY rescue mission?

Max Cristie risks his life to save Jodie. Will he survive?
Max Cristie risks his life to save Jodie. Will he survive? (Image credit: BBC)

Max Cristie and Jodie Whyte’s storyline threatens to take a deadly turn in Casualty episode Burning Bridges (BBC One, 8.25pm, Saturday, July 1, 2023 — see our TV Guide for listings). 

Elsewhere, Iain Dean makes a major decision about Faith Cadogan’s addiction. It may not be a secret for much longer… Meanwhile, Ryan Firth's deceit is revealed and Paige Allcott grows closer to a paramedic who definitely isn’t her boyfriend!

Full Casualty spoilers below…

Max Cristie in explosive twist

Max Cristie is forced to confront his darkest fears this week in an explosive episode involving his secret daughter Jodie Whyte!

Jodie (Anna Chell) is pushed to breaking point, as the false rumours about her and Max reach fever pitch — fuelled by consultant Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) who is seething about Max pinning Jodie’s mistake with a patient on her. With tension running high, Jodie plans to hand in her notice. 

Stevie Nash is scathing this week.

Simmering Stevie Nash is in scathing form. (Image credit: BBC)

Jodie to leave the ED for good?

Max (Nigel Harman) is horrified that Jodie is preparing to resign and begs her to stay and tell everyone the truth. Instead she turns the tables on him and suggests that she’ll remain at Holby ED if he puts in for a transfer. 

With Max unwilling to make such a big career change, and Jodie equally unwilling to tell everyone that he’s her father, not her lover, the estranged medics must agree to disagree…

Max's attempts to get Jodie to stay fall on deaf ears...

Max's attempts to get Jodie to stay fall on deaf ears... (Image credit: BBC)

Showdown with Ryan!

The party-loving nurse then organises a leaving do at local bar, The Plough and Oak, inviting her shocked friends and co-workers!

At the party, secrets and lies are exposed as Jodie discovers her friend-with-benefits, nurse Ryan Firth (Eddie-Joe Robinson), is not only the source of the damaging rumours about Max, but also told Stevie about Max’s cover up!

Jodie is stunned by Ryan's duplicity.

Jodie is stunned by Ryan's duplicity. (Image credit: BBC)

Max’s risky rescue

Meanwhile, stressed Max is at the hospital and in a moment of frustration he reveals that Jodie is his daughter to consultant Dylan Keogh. Soon afterwards news comes in that there’s been an explosion at the pub!

Terrified, he races to the scene and enters the smoking building determined to save Jodie, whatever it takes…

Will Max and Jodie get out alive? 

Max at the train crash in his introductory episode.

This isn't the first time Max has reacted instinctively to save others.  (Image credit: BBC)

Dylan confronts Max

Prior to this major incident, Dylan Keogh (William Beck) is unimpressed by the rumours swirling around the ED. With no love lost between him and his former university friend, the straight-talking consultant reprimands Max for not keeping his personal and professional life separate.

Max, however, is not in the mood! He snaps and reveals that Jodie is in fact his daughter.

Dylan’s not a gossip by any means, but he also has little affection for Max. Will Dylan reveal the truth to their colleagues?

Max cracks and tells Dylan the painful truth.

Max cracks and tells Dylan the painful truth. (Image credit: BBC)

Iain Dean’s difficult decision…

Iain Dean is still reeling from the discovery of Faith Cadogan’s stash of pills in her home last week

Now the time has come for the paramedic to confront his girlfriend!

At first Faith attempts to pass them off as a legitimate prescription (that she just happens to keep in the cistern). But Iain’s not buying it. He connects the dots, linking her erratic and changeable behaviour to a serious addiction problem and decides to call Faith’s bluff…

Iain Dean wrestles with his conscience.

Head or heart? Iain Dean wrestles with his conscience.  (Image credit: BBC)

Iain (Michael Stevenson) tells the nurse that there’s no harm in letting people at work know they’re her pills, causing Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) to go into panic mode. Iain then leaves and ignores her many, many calls, as he gets to grips with his dilemma.

He loves Faith and she clearly needs help, but Iain knows covering up the nurse’s addiction could cost lives. 

Later, distressed and desperate, Faith attempts to emotionally manipulate Iain into keeping her secret, leaving him disgusted and determined to report her. 

With nothing to lose Faith heads to Jodie’s leaving party to drown her sorrows, take drugs, and blow off some steam, only to be caught up in the deadly explosion… 

Embargoed until 27/06/23. Faith is pushed to the edge of reason.

Faith is pushed to the edge of reason. (Image credit: BBC)

Also in Casualty this week

Cam Micklethwaite (Barney Walsh) decides that Jodie’s leaving party is the perfect time to reveal his feelings for her. He’s left crushed, however, when he learns that Jodie and Ryan have been hooking up, not to mention her ‘affair’ with Max. Will he say something he regrets… and may never be able to take back?

Embargoed until 27/06/23. Cam is crushed.

Cam is crushed. Will Jodie be part of his origin story? (Image credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Rida Amaan (Sarah Seggari) is shocked and hurt by Jodie’s plans to leave Holby ED. Apart from the newly informed Dylan, she’s the only person privy to the truth about Max and Jodie. Will she spill their secret?

Embargoed until 27/06/23. Rida is shocked by Jodie's plans to resign.

Rida is shocked by Jodie's plans to resign. (Image credit: BBC)

Nurse manager Donna Jackson (Jaye Jacobs) has a crisis of confidence this week. In the busy ED she struggles to keep control of the new nurses and begins to worry that she isn’t a good enough role model for them. Dylan thinks otherwise, Donna is convinced she's failing. Can Rida and Cam prove her wrong — and maybe even wrong-un Ryan! — when they're caught up in the pub explosion and it's all hands on deck? 

Embargoed until 27/06/23. Donna takes Ryan, Rida and Cam to task.

Donna takes Ryan, Rida and Cam to task. (Image credit: BBC)

And finally… Paige Allcott (Shalisha James-Davis) grows closer to a paramedic who definitely isn’t her boyfriend, Teddy Gowan! 

Newly bonded following their falling out, junior doctor Paige and Sah Brockner (Arin Smethurst) grow closer as they work to rescue their friends from the carnage at the pub explosion. 

Is it an innocent flirtation, or does Teddy (Milo Clarke) have something to worry about? 

Embargoed until 27/06/23. Paige and Sah share an intense moment...

Paige and Sah share an intense moment... (Image credit: BBC)

Embargoed until 27/06/23. Is Teddy headed for heartbreak?

Is Teddy headed for heartbreak? (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty episode Burning Bridges airs on BBC One at 8.25 pm on Saturday, July 1, 2023. It will be available on BBC iPlayer after transmission.

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