Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4: next episode, cast, trailer and what we know about the Bravo series

Captain Glenn Shepherd on the Parsifal III on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4
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Captain Glenn and the crew of the Parsifal III are back for another season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. This time the yacht is setting sail in lovely Sardinia, Italy, and even though it's a beautiful location, don't expect calm seas. This season, anything can happen. 

As the original Below Deck franchise wraps up its tenth season, Below Deck Sailing Yacht cruises into season 4 with the promise of picturesque landscapes and thrilling adventures, but the trailer hints at some trouble on board, and not just with the crew. Although, it looks like the Parsifal III has some challenges this season that puts Captain Glenn and the crew through their paces. 

Here's everything we know about Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4. 

Next episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 

Part two of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season four reunion airs Tuesday, July 18, at 8 pm ET/PT on Bravo. Catch the uncensored and extended Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion part two next day on Peacock.

We don't have a premiere date for the UK, but expect to see new episodes on Hayu once they're available. 

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode guide

Keep track of all the Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episodes here:

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 1: "ParsiFAIL"
"Back on board Parsifal III in Sardinia, Italy, Capt. Glenn is poised for his smoothest sail yet -- until he isn't; Daisy comes back ready to prove she knows what she's doing as a chief stew; chief engineer Colin is determined to avoid a boat romance."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 2: "Worst Vacation Ever"
"Capt. Glenn is hopeful Colin's plan to fix the engine works; chef Ileisha has problems at dinner; the guests blame Daisy for the lack of service."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 3: "The King is Back"
"Capt. Glenn finally wakes up to some good news; the entire crew is invited to join the guests for dinner, and chef Ileisha must change her menu in the last minute."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 4: "Lazy Daisy"
"Capt. Glenn remains committed to improving the guest experience by insisting a stew go on all excursions. Daisy is frustrated after learning she’s a stew down while the deck team goofed off on the eFoils. Chef Ileisha’s perfectionism is thrown off when she faces her greatest fear in the galley and enlists Colin’s help. Gary claims his territory as First Mate both with the ladies and on deck as he sets his eyes on Mads knowing his deckhands are interested in the same girl."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 5: "Hate Me Tender"
"Daisy is overwhelmed with the high-maintenance guests and struggles to ask for help, so a request from Gary sends her over the edge; when a guest injury occurs on the water toys, Capt. Glenn goes into high alert."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 6: "Clash & Burn"
"In an effort to turn the charter around, Capt. Glenn takes the guests on an epic sail. Lucy makes a grave mistake to a charter guest’s garment. After Chef Ileisha continues to leave the guests waiting too long between courses, Capt. Glenn gives her honest feedback in the tip meeting that pushes Daisy's defensive buttons. Colin defends Capt. Glenn’s comments as feedback and not critique, which only heightens Daisy’s frustrations."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 7: "Smoke on the Water"
"Another engine issue emerges, forcing Capt. Glenn to modify the plan and keep the returning guests entertained. With all the uncertainty going on in the engine room, Capt. Glenn takes control and points out the crews’ mistakes. Daisy and Colin make up after their fight as their relationship grows stronger. Daisy confronts Gary about Mads and claims he’s playing his usual games. Tired of the drama, Chase plans a night of drunk Twister and hosts a surprising yoga session. "

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 8: "Cheers to Boobies"
"After Chase confides in Gary about Alex’s lackluster work ethic, Chase’s trust is broken when Gary tells Alex about their conversation. The crew pull off talent show #2 for the returning guests and surprise themselves with their interesting skills. Chase has a little too much to drink, and he upsets some of the crew, pushing Lucy to lose it and her chair at dinner. Daisy and Colin get closer than ever as they share an unexpected kiss."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 9: "Love Boat"
"Glenn dresses up for the guests' theme night; he hopes his participation helps correct a jewelry theft hiccup and is on top of his crew to make sure the women have the best trip of their lives."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 10: "Loose Lips Sink Friendships"
"The crew has the day off, and even Capt. Glenn recharges by enjoying Parsifal III all to himself and riding the eFoil; Colin saves the day clearing the clogged toilets, but he gets jammed up when his honest opinion strikes a chord."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 11: "Let Them Eat Cake"
"Capt. Glenn notices the standards are slipping on Parsifal lll as the crew is exhausted with the mid-season blues. Distraught that Colin and Gary aren’t speaking, Daisy takes initiative and forces them to hash out their problems. Gary’s confusing behavior has Mads confessing her feelings to Alex. Colin tries to forgive Daisy’s discretions, but she adds insult to injury after she drunkenly confuses him for Gary. On charter, after anchoring in their first destination, Parsifal lll nearly drags into a neighboring boat."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 12: "T-Bone with Stakes"
"Capt. Glenn notices the crew is slipping on service when a guest is injured, and interior doesn’t hear the walkie call forcing Capt. Glenn to up the guest maintenance standards onboard. After Alex and Mads confess their feelings from the start, Mads is torn between Alex and Gary. Shaken after a close T-Bone with a nearby boat, Gary is confused when his advances to Mads aren’t being reciprocated."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 13: "Hurricane Bonnie"
"Captain Glenn reprimands the crew as recent slip-ups are directly affecting communication and morale; Daisy breaks down when she's proven wrong about the walkies not working; Chef Ileisha is determined to prove she can complete a 10-course dinner."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 14: "Boat Load of Throuples"
"Capt. Glenn threatens to kick one of the 'throuple' charter guests off Parsifal during a drunken guest fight. Mads receives a wake-up call that prompts her to dismiss Gary’s apology attempt and more seriously consider Alex leaving Gary with a stomach full of regret. Unhappy with Gary, Alex and Colin decide to follow their hearts instead."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 episode 15: "Man Buns Has it Been Fun": "Proud of his team’s accomplishments during the final sail, Capt. Glenn believes his tough love made them all stronger. The crew celebrates their final night out and Daisy and Colin try to soak up every moment of it. Following tearless goodbyes, Capt. Glenn and Gary stay onboard Parsifal to pick up another charter season."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 cast

Captain Glenn Shepherd returns to helm the Parsifal III. This is his fourth season on the series, but he's no stranger to the ship. He's been helming the Parsifal III for over a decade. 

Captain Glenn will be joined once again by Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher, first mate Gary King and engineer Colin MacRae. 

New to the series are chef Ileisha Dell, stews Lucy Edmunds and Mads Herrera and deckhands Chase Lemacks and Alex Propson. 

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 plot

Bravo offered this synopsis of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 and it gives you a good sense of what's coming in the new season: 

"Capt. Glenn and his comeback team Daisy Kelliher, Gary King and Colin MacRae resume their responsibilities aboard Parsifal III, along with new, dynamic crew members, as they set sail in Sardinia, Italy. Capt. Glenn realizes that his laid-back leadership style has allowed his crew to become too comfortable and starts taking charge of quality control in the interior department, much to Daisy's dismay. 

"In the galley, Chef Ileisha’s cooking impresses the guests, but her indecisiveness and co-dependency lead to time-management issues between courses, which causes her to self-destruct. On deck, strong personalities collide, and a power struggle results in a near mutiny, as Gary clashes with his new overconfident deckhand, Chase. 

"Two overlapping love triangles further complicate the dynamics on-board, and a shocking hookup puts Colin, Daisy and Gary’s friendship in jeopardy. With a near collision, fire, crew rebellion, gruesome guest injury and two different potentially season-ending engine failures, this is the most captivating and unpredictable season yet of Below Deck Sailing Yacht."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 trailer

There are some rough seas coming up in Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4. Here's a look at what you can expect:

How to watch Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 premieres April 10 on Bravo, with new episodes airing the next day on Peacock

If you have cut the cord to traditional cable/satellite television, Bravo is available on live TV streaming services such as Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV and YouTube TV

UK fans can tune into previous seasons of the franchise on Hayu, and once we have a release date for season 4 in the UK we’ll add it here.

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