The best children's TV shows to watch right now

The brilliant She-Ra saves the day again.
The brilliant She-Ra saves the day again. (Image credit: Netflix)

Here are the best children's TV shows for all ages to enjoy.

From tiny toddlers to towering teens we’ve got the best TV shows to keep every age entertained.

Our guide is split into age categories so it really is child’s play finding something that will engage, educate and excite. 

Happy viewing!

Under 5s…

There’s a lot going on in busy little brains at this age, so here’s our pick of the best shows to keep tireless toddlers sitting still for maybe just a minute or two… 

'Peter Rabbit'

Benjamin, Peter and Lily.

"A good rabbit never gives up," says Peter. (Image credit: BBC)

A beautiful animation based on the classic Beatrix Potter character Peter Rabbit and his friends. 

A furry ball of energy and curiosity, this Peter is also brave and kind as he navigates life in the forest. There are plenty of adventures to be found but also lots of trouble too, as sneaky fox Mr Todd, Old Brown the grumpy owl and bad-tempered badger Tommy Brock, do their best to make Peter and his friends lunch.

The balance however between plenty of exciting jeopardy and not being too scary for younger viewers is just right, making this a sure fire hit.

Where to watch: Netflix and BBC iPlayer (UK)

Why watch: Peter is joined by a great group of friends that will appeal to all little personalities. From brave Peter, the nervous but loyal Benjamin and the clever and resourceful Lily, each is valued and respected within the group. Peter’s motto, "A good rabbit never gives up," is also a lovely one for little ones to take away. 

Our under 5 says: "I like it when they run away from the bad guys, especially Mr Todd."

Number of seasons: 2

Episodes: 107

Average episode length: 12 mins


The stars of Octonauts.

Kwazii, Barnacles and Peso to the rescue. (Image credit: BBC)

Captain Barnacles and his merry crew go on a series of underwater adventures to help animals in need.

Alongside Barnacles, a polar bear, the team is made up of the brave and energetic Kwazii the cat, kind-hearted penguin Peso, medic and sea otter Shellington, scientist and engineer Tweek the rabbit and computer expert Dashi the dog.

They navigate around the oceans in a series of vehicles, meeting a whole host of interesting sea creatures in perilous situations.

Also, watch out for Octonauts Above & Beyond, where the team take their exploring above ground to protect animals at risk on land. 

Where to watch: Netflix and BBC iPlayer (UK)

Why watch: The tireless team of resourceful rescuers always work together to carry out exciting and daring missions. It’s also a great way for littles one to learn about sea creatures and the underwater world. 

Our under 5 says: "I like seeing all the different animals in the sea and Kwazii is my favourite."

Number of seasons: 4

Episodes: 67

Average episode length: 23 mins

'Inspector Gadget'

Penny, Inspector Gadget and Brain the dog.

Penny, Inspector Gadget and Brains the dog.  (Image credit: netflix)

Parents may remember this classic cartoon from the 1980s? In this new and updated version Inspector Gadget is still pretty useless as his niece Penny and her dog Brain stop the evil Dr Claw and MAD (his global crime empire) from destroying the world. 

Kids really enjoy that it’s always the clever and resourceful Penny and her loyal pooch that save the day, while Inspector Gadget inadvertently causes more mayhem. This series also introduces the new character of Talon, Claw’s nephew, who is Penny’s enemy but they also have a bit of a crush on each other too.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: Penny is a great role model, full of inventive solutions to foil the evil plans of Dr Claw. 

Our under five says: "He has really stretchy arms so he can reach anything."

Number of seasons: 4

Episodes: 52

Average episode length: 22 mins

'Dinotrux to the Rescue'

The stars of Dinotrux

Big or small everyone can help in 'Dinotrux to the Rescue'. (Image credit: Netflix)

This will appeal to little ones who love dinosaurs and vehicles, as the stars of this animation are half reptile and half machine.

The main character is a friendly T-Rex called Ty-Rux who in the first episode has to leave his home after a volcano erupts and destroys the valley where he lives. Then he meets tiny Revvitt, a reptool, that’s part lizard and part mechanic and the pair become best friends.

They team up against D-Structs, a mean T-Rex who has ruled the crater where they live with fear and force for too long. Ty-Rux brings together all the dinotrux and reptools to work together for the greater good.

Fans of this may also enjoy the latest series Dinotrux Supercharged, where the dinotrux are even stronger and more powerful. 

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: This is all about teamwork and being friends with anyone — no matter what they look like or what size they are! With kindness and cooperation at its heart, this is a positive and feel-good show that sets a great example to feisty toddlers. 

Our under five says: "The dinotrux are really cool."

Number of seasons: 5

Episodes: 52

Average episode length: 23 mins

'Chip and Potato'

A super cute cartoon about young pug Chip as he starts kindergarden and has lots of new experiences. Potato is his secret friend, a real mouse that he pretends is a soft toy, which goes everywhere with him.

Younger viewers will love the friendship between the pair, it’s full of laughter and solutions to life’s tricky problems, like getting dressed for yourself and making new friends on your first day at school. 

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: There are so many new experiences at this age and they don’t get much bigger than starting school. This sweet series guides young viewers through those big changes in a warm-hearted and fun way. 

Our under 5 says: "The dogs are really cute and I like how Potato hides in Chip’s pocket."

Number of seasons: 2

Episodes: 20

Average episode length: 23 mins

'Paw Patrol'

The stars of Paw Patrol.

The stars of 'Paw Patrol'. (Image credit: Netflix)

"No job is too big, no pup is too small," hollers 10-year-old human pack leader Ryder as he gathers his troop of cheerful and resourceful pups to save the day.

This computer animation is probably already a favourite in most houses where an under five lives, but we really couldn’t write a guide about TV for youngsters without including this monster-hit of a show. 

Set in Adventure Bay each pup has a special skill set and vehicle including Chase, a German shepherd police dog, accident-prone Marshall, a Dalmatian and fire dog, pilot Skye, a cockapoo, bulldog and construction expert Rubble, Labrador Zuma, a water rescue expert and Rocky a schnauzer/Scottish terrier pup who is a recycling expert and handyman. 

Where to watch: Netflix (US and UK) and Channel 5 (UK)

Why watch: The pups are a great team that always work together to solve whatever problem they are faced with. It’s positive and cheerful with fantastic and fun doggy characters for toddlers to connect with. 

Our under 5 says: "Rubble is my favourite because he drives a digger… and Marshall because he’s always falling over and he makes me laugh."

Number of seasons: 3

Episodes: 78

Average episode length: 23 mins 

'PJ Masks'

"Because bedtime is the right time to fight crime," sing the trio of superheroes in this fun animation.

Young kids Connor, Amaya and Greg transform into Catboy, Owlette and Gecko as night falls to help solve mysteries and the mayhem usually caused by baddie Romeo.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: There’s something for everyone in this action-packed series as each of the heroes has their own identity and role. It’s positive and full of adventure and great teamwork. 

Our under 5 says: "I love Catboy, he’s my favourite because he’s so fast!"

Number of seasons: 3

Episodes: 78

Average episode length: 24 mins

'Izzy’s Koala World'

Izzy and her cuddly Koala bear.

Izzy and her cuddly Koala bear. (Image credit: Netflix)

An Australian show about young Izzy Bee who helps her vet mum care for sick and injured Koala bears. 

The show follows Izzy as she cares for the beautiful bears and takes in rescue cases that are brought in by members of the public. The show is full of fascinating facts and information about these amazing creatures, including where they live, what they eat and how much they love a cuddle.   

Where to watch: Netflix                                                

Why watch: What is not to love about real life teddy bears!? The koalas are so cuddly and Izzy is a great ambassador for animal care and habitat preservation. 

Our under five says: "I love how she helps baby koalas, they are so cute."

Number of seasons: 2

Episodes: 16

Average episode length: 15 mins

'Waffles & Mochi'

Michelle Obama and Waffles and Mochi.

Michelle Obama and Waffles and Mochi. (Image credit: Netflix)

The former first lady Michelle Obama stars (and is the executive producer alongside her husband Barack) in this feel good and fun cookery show. Waffles and Mochi are two super cute puppets that travel from the land of frozen food to a supermarket run by Mrs Obama. They jump in a magical shopping trolley to travel the world learning about different foods and meeting inspiring chefs. 

The first episode is all about tomatoes with salt, potato and pickles later on in the series. 

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: The songs are especially great and there are plenty of lovely recipes, plus it’s delightfully cheerful and educational about what can be a tricky subject — as parents of picky eaters will know only too well. 

Our under 5 says: "I like that Waffles has waffles for ears! And that they learn about lots of different foods."

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 10

Average episode length: 27 mins

'Pup Academy'

A sweet series about a secret academy for dogs that exists to strengthen the bond between human and canine. The dogs are real but computer generation is used to make them look like they are talking, which is very appealing to pint-sized pooch fans. 

In the first episode we discover the Pup Academy is in trouble and its future relies on some new recruits, both dog and human. 

Grandpa Charlie is the human boss of the academy, he recruits his grandson Morgan to help, alongside three new dogs — pups Whiz, Corazon and Spark.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: The dogs are adorable and there’s a nice balance between magic, adventure and warm-hearted fun and friendship as the new pups get to grips with life in the Academy. 

Our under 5 says: ‘The dogs are so fluffy I really want to tickle one.’

Number of seasons: 2

Episodes: 19

Average episode length: 23 mins

'Gabby’s Dollhouse'

Gabby and Pandy Paws.

Gabby and Pandy Paws. (Image credit: Netflix)

A colorful and fun series about cat-lover Gabby and her best friend and toy Pandy Paws. After meeting her as a real girl, she puts on her special cat ears and shrinks down to play in her cat-tastic dollhouse. The action then transforms into a bright and cheerful animation as cartoon Gabby and her cat friends enjoy a series of adventures.

In each episode Gabby and Pandy also go to the craft room at the top of the dollhouse to create something fun. There are endless craft ideas using pipe cleaners, ribbons, cardboard and crayons.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: Gabby is a great fun role model and her cat friends are super cute. It’s informative and educational in a really gentle way and we love how it’s full of arty ideas to keep little hands and brains busy and messy!

Our under 5 says: "I love Gabby and I love how she shows me how to make things."

Number of seasons: 3

Episodes: 25

Average episode length: 24 mins

'Odd Squad'

Young agents Olive and Otto work for the Odd Squad, an organization run by kids that investigates anything that is strange, weird or odd. Their job is to make things right again.

Each episode also includes a maths problem, which might go over the head of some under 5s, but they will still enjoy the adventure and the clever kids solving the mystery. In the first episode they have to solve the mystery of the missing zeros, which is causing chaos in the town.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: The smart and resourceful kids are the bosses, which delights our little ones. Also, watch out for the authoritative Ms. O, the child boss of the organization, who doesn’t take any nonsense – think of a terrifying head teacher who’s only 3 foot tall! 

Our under 5 says: "They always stop the bad guys!"

Number of seasons: 2

Episodes: 40

Average episode length: 22 mins

'Dug Days'

Dog Dug.

Adorable golden retriever Dug. (Image credit: Disney+)

A real treat for fans of the 2009 film Up is this series of short animations featuring two of its main characters, 78-year-old widower Carl and Dug, the over enthusiastic and completely adorable golden retriever.

Dug wears a special collar that enables him to talk, which will delight younger viewers, he’s also possibly the cutest animated dog in the world, which is also a real draw for viewers of all ages.

In the first episode, entitled Squirrel, Dug meets his nemesis — the clever and greedy squirrel who lives in the tree in his back garden. Carl has given Dug the very important job of guarding his new bird feeder, which of course the squirrel wants to empty and a funny and messy battle begins as Dug tries in vain to outwit the crafty squirrel. 

Where to watch: Disney+

Why watch: A gorgeous animation for younger children, featuring characters they already know and love. It will also have little ones laughing out loud as big-hearted Dug tries so very hard to be the best dog he can be.

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 5

Average episode length: 11 mins

'Ponysitters Club'

A must-see for younger animal-lovers, this sweet and gentle show is based around a group of friends who help out at the Rescue Ranch, a place that treats and rehabilitates neglected and injured animals. 

While the loyal and hard-working friends look after the animals, they also help each other to be the best they can be, overcoming difficulties with oodles of kindness and determination.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: There are animals everywhere! While the characters love their ponies and horses, the ranch is also full of goats, ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats, which our younger viewers really enjoyed. 

Number of seasons: 2

Episodes: 20

Average episode length: 22 mins

Under 8s…

For the under 8s here’s our pick of the best, including everything from snotty science to amazing animations and lots of clever, kind, and funny shows along the way.

'Dragons: Race to the Edge'

Toothless and Hiccup.

Toothless and Hiccup. (Image credit: Netflix)

Based on the brilliant How to Train Your Dragon books by Cressida Cowell, this series begins with peace and harmony reigning over the Viking island of Berk as humans and dragons live and thrive together.

But the peace doesn't last long as the news that villain Dagur the Deranged has escaped from prison and is heading for Berk. Hiccup and Toothless lead the hunt to find the notorious criminal, uniting his group of trusted friends — Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout and twins, Tuffnut and Ruffnut — once more.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: It looks beautiful and the bond between teen and dragon is a joy to behold. It’s full of adventure and brave, smart characters. There are also some great villains and imaginative dragons, although a word of warning, they might scare some younger viewers. 

Number of seasons: 6

Episodes: 78

Average episode length: 23 mins

'Monsters at Work'

The stars of Monsters at Work.

The stars of 'Monsters at Work'. (Image credit: Disney+)

Based on the hugely popular and successful Monsters, Inc. franchise, this animation begins as the power-producing factory Monsters, Incorporated, is switching from scare to laugh power. There are a lot of changes afoot as Sulley and Mike discover they are the new bosses and they have a huge job on their hands convincing the workforce that laughter is the way forward.

We also meet new monster Tylor Tuskmon. He's straight out of university, after graduating at the top of his class and he can’t wait to start work as a scarer. Except, the job of scaring the wits out of little children doesn’t exist anymore and he finds himself assigned to MIFT – or Monsters, Incorporated, Facilities Team.

Full of interesting characters, Tylor is initially not impressed by what he sees in MIFT, but then Sulley and Mike remind him that they too started at the bottom – and look at them now!

Where to watch: Disney+

Why watch: Tylor first day certainly doesn’t turn out the way he wanted it to, but with a little help from his friends he tries to make the most of the situation he’s in – when life gives you lemons and all that! The characters are great, well-loved and there’s plenty of jokes for grown ups too, which makes this a hit for all ages. 

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 10

Average episode length: 25 mins

The InBESTigators

An Australian show about four clever and kind-hearted kids who solve crimes around their school and local area. 

Ava, Maudie, Ezra and Kyle are the fantastic four and the cases they investigate include everything from lost notebooks to discovering who is cheating in a school quiz, missing packages and sad little sisters.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: The series is all about putting intelligent and kind kids at the heart of the action. Each of them is very different and each brings their own unique skills set to the group. But they always look out for each other and act with kindness and integrity. But don’t tell the kids that.

Our under 8 says: "It shows you that children can be smarter than adults."’

Number of seasons: 2

Episodes: 20

Average episode length: 30 mins

'She-Ra and the Princesses of Power'

The main character She-Ra.

She-ra in action. (Image credit: Netflix)

Grown ups of a certain age will remember the 1980s classic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe as one of the best shows on telly (but we really didn’t have much compared to kids nowadays!) this updated and thoroughly modern spin off puts the female character She-Ra at the centre of the action. 

When we first meet her she’s a cadet called Adora, training to fight for control of the planet Etheria. But after going exploring with her best friend Catra one night, she discovers a sword that transforms her into She-Ra and gives her superhuman powers. 

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: It’s great fun, full of witty characters, fast and action packed, plus there’s a broad range of characters so something for everyone to relate and connect to. 

Our under 8 says: "Sometimes being right goes against everything that you've been taught."

Number of seasons: 5

Episodes: 52

Average episode length: 24 mins

'Pokémon Journeys: The Series'

Pikachu and Ash.

Pikachu and Ash. (Image credit: Netflix)

The enduring love kids feel for the little yellow creature called Pikachu continues with this new series (the 24th) from the iconic franchise. 

In the first episode Ash is desperate to go to Professor Oak’s new Pokemon Camp, but he sleeps in and misses learning about the Pokemon that live in the forest. We also meet new character Goh who knows a lot about Pokemon already and is very keen to show off how much he knows. 

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: The passion for Pokemon doesn’t diminish, the funny little creatures have been delighting kids since 1996 and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. 

Our under 8 says: "It shows you can make friends with anyone and anything."

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 48

Average episode length: 22 mins

'Floor is Lava'

Don't fall in to the lava!

Don't fall in to the lava! (Image credit: Netflix)

Billed as, "The hottest game show in history," three teams compete to make it across a room, filled with obstacles and of course lots of bubbling red lava! 

If a player can make it from the entrance to the exit without falling in they win a point for their team. But if they fall, they are out.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: This show inspires all the family to build their own courses in living rooms, gardens, parks, and playgrounds. It’s great fun and encourages bravery, physical fitness and cooperation.

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 10

Average episode length: 31 mins

'Free Rein'

The cast of Free Rein.

The cast of Free Rein. (Image credit: Netflix)

Horse-lovers will adore this series about Zoe, a 15-year-old American girl who spends the summer in England with her grandpa, little sister and mum.

In the first episode, while searching for her little sister Rosie, who Zoe describes as looking like, "an angry ball of glitter," she comes across two girls on horseback who immediately want to be friends. She also learns that a horse called Raven has gone missing from the stables where the girls spend their summer. 

Back on the hunt for her sister, Zoe soon meets Raven as the wild horse gallops towards her on the beach. But the pair strike up a friendship as they bond over being two outsiders trying to find their feet in an unfamiliar world. 

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: Zoe is a great central character, she’s strong and independent, with a sharp sense of humour and strong sense of right and wrong. Filmed on the island of Anglesey, off the coast of Wales, it also looks beautiful as the girls gallop around the island on one of their many adventures. 

Number of seasons: 3

Episodes: 30

Average episode length: 26 mins

'Carmen Sandiego'

Master thief Carmen Sandiego.

Master thief Carmen Sandiego. (Image credit: Netflix)

Wearing a striking scarlet coat and fedora hat, Carmen Sandiego is a glamorous and clever master thief. Always one step ahead of the law, Carmen is helped by her technical genius friend Player and best friends Zack and Ivy.

The first episode reveals why Carmen became a thief. Found abandoned as a baby she ended up at V.I.L.E, a training academy for thieves, where she was known as Black Sheep. She learnt her trade from the best but then discovers that the academy is not all it seems.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: A sophisticated and stylish animation, with an intriguing central character that will keep kids coming back for more. 

Our under 8 says: "It’s like Robin Hood because she steals from the bad guys and then puts it back in its rightful place."

Number of seasons: 4

Episodes: 32

Average episode length: 24 mins

'The Boss Baby: Back in Business'

The Boss Baby

Hold my milk, I'm on a call! (Image credit: Netflix)

Following on from the 2017 film The Boss Baby, this animation sees the Boss Baby and his brother Tim continue their work for Baby Corp — a factory that makes babies and ensures the world loves babies more than anything else, even puppies and kittens. 

It’s completely bonkers, but tremendous fun, where babies and kids know a lot more than adults and run the world of Baby Corp without the grown-ups being any the wiser.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: It’s a baby in a suit with a sharp, sophisticated sense of humour — it’s genuinely funny. Also, it’s full of crazy baby characters including Jimbo "the muscle", Staci "the wild card" and the triplets, who bring their own kind of crazy chaos times three.

Our under 8 says: "Babies can rule, be afraid."

Number of seasons: 4

Episodes: 49

Average episode length: 24 mins

'Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts'

Kipo and her gang of misfit mutant animals.

Kipo and her gang of misfit mutant animals.  (Image credit: Netflix)

After being washed from the safety of her burrow, young girl Kipo emerges on the surface of a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by giant mutant animals — of course! 

Her quest is to find her way home, but this imaginative series is full of surprises and obstacles. Inquisitive about her new world she has a lot to learn about who and what to trust.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: Kipo is a strong and determined central character and the animals and other humans she meets along the way will delight and entertain.

Our under 8 says: "The girl can turn into a giant pink jaguar, it’s so cool."

Number of seasons: 3

Episodes: 30

Average episode length: 24 mins

Under 11s... 

Most under 11s are looking to move on from traditional "kids" TV shows in the search for something a little more challenging and grown-up. It can be tricky to know what will keep them engaged but still be suitable for their enquiring young brains, so here's our pick…

'Dive Club'

The cast of Dive Club.

The cast of Dive Club. (Image credit: Netflix)

An Australian teen drama about a group of feisty and fun girls who love to dive off the coast of Cape Mercy, the small and close-knit town where they live. But when a terrible storm hits and one of their gang, Lauren, goes missing, the group must pull together like never before to discover what happened. 

Younger viewers will enjoy the strong sense of friendship between the main characters and how they never give up, but the main storyline is all about a missing girl and there are frightening and tense moments as the girls discover what really happened to Lauren, so parental discretion is needed. 

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: It looks gorgeous, with crystal clear water and sandy beaches. The characters are also great, especially the group of girls who are resourceful, smart and never give up on their missing friend. 

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 12

Average episode length: 27 mins

'Turner & Hooch'

Scott and Hooch.

A crime-solving dynamic duo (with plenty of slobber too!) (Image credit: Disney+)

A new series based on the original 1989 film starring Tom Hanks. Paying homage to the original movie, Hanks’ character may have passed away but his son has followed in his law-enforcing footsteps to become a US Marshall and is also called Scott (now played by Josh Peck). From beyond the grave Scott Sr. gifts his son a huge dog to help him with his work.   

This Hooch is just as slobbery as the original and initially doesn’t impress anyone with his investigating skills, except for dog trainer Erica (Vanessa Lengies) who takes a shine to both Hooch and his owner Scott. 

Where to watch: Disney+

Why watch: One word – Hooch! A Dogue de Bordeaux breed he’s completely adorable – and the humans do a pretty good job of making this fun for all the family with plenty of action and intrigue. 

Our under 11 says: "It’s a funny detective show and Hooch is really cute."

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 12

Average episode length: 45 mins

'Horrible Histories'

Martha Howe-Douglas, Ben Willbond and Matthew Baynton.

Martha Howe-Douglas, Ben Willbond and Matthew Baynton. (Image credit: BBC)

Based on the books by Terry Deary, this epic series is brilliant for teaching kids about history in a fun and entertaining way. 

Focusing on all the yucky stuff about days gone by, plus plenty of catchy songs, the series brings history alive for any young mind, especially if you like your history served with a large slice of gore, muck and laughter.

Where to watch: Hulu Plus in the US and BBC iPlayer in the UK.

Why watch: The creative team and many of the main actors are from the world of comedy, including Matthew Baynton (Ghosts) and Sarah Hadland (Miranda). It's clever and daft and a great introduction into a subject that many parents may remember as sometimes being a little bit dull.

Our under 11 says: "A funny history program that only gives you the horrible parts."

Number of seasons: 9

Episodes: 121

Average episode length: 30 mins

You vs Wild: Out Cold

Bear Grylls in You vs Wild.

Will you get Bear out alive? (Image credit: Netflix)

Following on from the first You vs Wild season in 2019, this second interactive film begins with Bear Grylls hanging upside down in a tree following a plane crash. He’s lost his memory and needs your help to survive, so what’s first — food, shelter or water?

Viewers choose what Bear should do next and his survival depends on it so young fans need to make sure they choose wisely. From the basics of survival to running from a wolf, if you’re not fast enough Bear soon lets you know, "what are you waiting for, quick make a decision!" he yells.

Also, watch out for the recently released Animals on The Loose: A You vs Wild Movie, also showing on Netflix.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: It’s absolutely absorbing as you guide Bear through some tricky decisions. It’s exciting and fun to be in charge of his fate and a good lesson in survival skills and quick decision making too. 

Our under 11 says: "This is really fun to watch and take part in. It feels a bit scary sometimes because it feels so real, I felt the pressure to get things right, but in a good way!"

Number of seasons: 3

Episodes: 10 

Average episode length: 14 to 45 mins depending on your decisions. 

'Doogie Kameāloha M.D.'

Inspired by the 1989–93 series Doogie Howser M.D. this updated version is set in Hawaii with 16-year-old Lahela (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) as the young doctor. 

The series starts on Lahela’s 16th birthday as she goes surfing with her dad in the beautiful Hawaiian waves. While later taking her driving test, she comes across a road accident and viewers see Dr Lahela in action as she leaps from the car and saves the patient’s life (or certainly his leg) by the roadside.

But life for a teenage doctor isn’t always straightforward. Lahela is desperate to stay out late after the school dance with her date Walter, but her mum, who is also her boss at the hospital, reminds her she has work tomorrow so there’ll be no partying till the small hours.

Where to watch: Disney+

Why watch: Lahela is a great role model and the series has a positive and fun vibe. While parents will enjoy reminiscing about the original series, children will love how capable and resourceful Lahela is. 

Number of seasons: 1


Average episode length: 43 mins

'Penguin Town'

On the road in Penguin Town.

On the road in Penguin Town. (Image credit: Netflix)

Every year Simon’s Town in South Africa is invaded by some very unusual visitors. In November the streets of the coastal town start filling up with little black and white birds, waddling from the beaches up into the streets, roads and gardens of this most unusual place.

The endangered African Penguin has decided that the town is the best place to find a nest and breed and the locals are only too happy to let them take over the town with over 1000 pairs moving in.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: It’s a very sweet and gentle watch. Many of the birds are given names (the Bougainvilleas are an experienced couple, while Junior is a bit of a trouble-maker), as the cameras follow their mating mission to find the best spot to raise the next generation. 

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 8

Average episode length: 28 mins

'Crazy Delicious'

The judges and host of Crazy Delicious.

The judges and host of 'Crazy Delicious'. (Image credit: Netflix)

A cookery show where the set is as edible as the end results! Three passionate home cooks compete over three rounds to impress a trio of judges (known as "The Gods") chefs Heston Blumenthal, Carla Hall and Swedish cookery sensation Niklas Ekstedt. 

Sounds like any other cookery show so far doesn’t it? Well, this series is a must see for younger viewers because it’s presented in such a magical and imaginative way. The contestants gather their ingredients from an edible forest, where everything, even the glasses and watering cans, can be eaten.

Host Jayde Adams guides the contestants through three rounds, the first is The Magic Ingredient, where an everyday item must be transformed into something spectacular. Next is The Reinvention, where food like a pizza must be elevated into something the judges have never seen before. Finally, the two best cooks go through to the Final Feast where things get really crazy, and delicious, of course!

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: A great show for encouraging young imaginations to run wild. Food becomes fun and playful where nothing is what it seems and the possibilities for creativity and flavour are endless. 

Our under 11 says: "They have to reinvent things like pizza, hot dogs and burgers using different ingredients and some mad ideas. And they have a whole forest that is edible, even the rocks – it’s amazing."

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 6

Average episode length: 45 mins

'Doctor Who'

Who are the Division from Doctor Who? - Picture shows Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor

Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor. (Image credit: BBC Studios/ James Pardon)

The iconic British series that started in 1963 currently sees the 13th Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, the first female to star in the role, zooming around the galaxy, battling aliens and saving the world.

Each week the Doctor and her companions face a new intergalactic foe. They also travel through time allowing the Doctor and her gang to visit some well-known historical figures like Rosa Parks in series 11 and Thomas Edison in series 12.

Where to watch: BBC America in the US and BBC iPlayer in the UK

Why watch: With a brilliant team of writers, it tells a great story week in, week out. It’s full of action and although it can be a little scary, it is also full of heart and love for the human race. 

Our under 11 says: "This is my absolute favourite show. It’s a bit scary in parts but I like the thought there are aliens all around us and how the Doctor works together with her friends to save us."

Number of seasons: 13 (since the 2005 revival). Doctor Who season 13 is the latest.

Episodes: 28 with the current doctor, 127 others are available since the series was revived in 2005.

Average episode length: 44 mins

'His Dark Materials'

The cast of His Dark Materials.

The cast of His Dark Materials. (Image credit: BBC)

Based on the trilogy of novels by Philip Pullman, the series follows a girl called Lyra and her spirit animal known as a daemon called Pan. She fearlessly takes on the authorities, the Magisterium and the controlling Mrs Coulter (who also happens to be her mother), to rescue her friend Roger, who has been kidnapped by the mysterious Gobblers. 

Alongside her rescue of Roger she also longs to discover more about the work of her Uncle, polar explorer Lord Asriel. He’s investigating a substance known as Dust and how it connects parallel universes.

Where to watch: HBO Max in America and BBC iPlayer in the UK

Why watch: The cast is outstanding with actor Dafne Keen as the fearless Lyra, Ruth Wilson as the terrifying Mrs Coulter, James McAvoy as the maverick Lord Asriel and Lin-Manuel Miranda as aeronaut Lee Scorsby. Sophisticated and brilliantly done, an absolute must see.

Our under 11 old says: "I like the thought of being connected to an animal, like Lara is to Pan."

Number of seasons: 2 (the third and final season will be released some time in 2022)

Episodes: 15

Average episode length: 50 mins

'The Last Kids on Earth'

The stars of the Last Kids on Earth.

The stars of the 'Last Kids on Earth'.  (Image credit: Netflix)

A fast-paced animation about 13-year-old Jack Sullivan as he battles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by monsters and zombies.

Based on the books by Max Brallier the action begins with a feature-length special as Jack gets used to life on his own. He lives in a treehouse as he tries to work out how he’s going to survive and rescue his best friend Quint and school crush June. 

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: Despite the chaos around them the kids do an amazing job at surviving, it’s funny and shows what great teamwork can achieve, even in the face of a 40-foot purple monster and an army of zombies. 

Our under 11 says: ‘The children outlast the adults because they live using their instincts and still party everyday! They are not even scared of the zombies.’

Number of seasons: 3

Episodes: 21

Average episode length: Season 1 is a 67 minute special, followed by two seasons of 10 episodes of 23 mins each. 

'Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous'

Animated adventure based on the hugely popular Jurassic Park franchise. When teenager and dinosaur nut Darius wins a trip of a lifetime to Camp Cretaceous — he gets a lot more than he bargained for. 

Darius is joined by five other lucky teens who have VIP tickets to explore the unique camp. They are a diverse bunch including vlogger Brooklynn, shy Ben, confident and privileged Kenji, enthusiastic Sammy and sporty loner Yaz.

In the first episode when Darius, Kenji and Brooklynn venture off for some unauthorised exploring, they soon discover the dinosaurs are very real and very hungry!

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: The dinosaurs look great and it’s brilliant to see the kids having to use their brains to survive when life at camp takes an interesting turn. 

Our under 11 says: "They have to survive with dinosaurs trying to eat them all day, it’s exciting and fun."

Number of seasons: 3

Episodes: 26

Average episode length: 24 mins

'The Deep'

The Nekton family — mum Kaiko, dad Will and teenage children Ant and Fontaine —are explorers who travel the ocean depths in their state-of-the-art submarine, The Aronnax.

In episode one the family head off to investigate reports of dragon sightings off the coast of Greenland. As they arrive they meet a mysterious local called Nereus who gives Ant an interesting letter encouraging the family to investigate further. 

Where to watch: Netflix and BBC iPlayer (UK)

Why watch: The family work together to solve intriguing underwater mysteries, practical Fontaine and enthusiastic Ant are great at what they do, but they are also a typical brother and sister who bicker and fall out too. 

Our under 11 says: "It shows that if you look down under the sea you will find much more than what’s up in the sky. Also, Ant is really funny, especially when he talks to Jeffrey, his pet fish."

Number of seasons: 3

Episodes: 52

Average episode length: 21 mins

'The Bad Batch'

Bad Batch logo

'The Bad Batch' follows the exploits of Clone Force 99. (Image credit: Disney Studios, LucasFilm)

Part of the Star Wars franchise and a spin off of the 2008 series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, this animated adventure follows a motley crew of elite clone troopers called Clone Force 99. 

In the first feature-length episode Unit 99 are stunned when Jedi Master Depa Billaba is suddenly killed by her own troops. It doesn’t sit well with most of Unit 99, who are used to thinking for themselves and not always following orders.

When they are later sent out by Admiral Tarkin to wipe out a group of insurgents, orders they once again don’t follow, they soon find themselves running for their lives. 

Where to watch: Disney+

Why watch: Clone Force 99 are all strong and likeable characters — a fun group of rebels who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and always have each other’s backs. 

Our under 11 says: "I like the characters, they make a good team but are all individuals and the action scenes, there’s a lot of fighting and great battles."

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 16

Average episode length: A 70 min special followed by 25 minute episodes. 

'Total Drama'

A cartoon that takes an ironic look at the craze of reality TV. Set at Camp Wawanakwa, 22 contestants arrive to take part in a competition and are disappointed to discover their home for the next eight weeks is a nasty old summer camp rather than the five-star luxury they were promised.

It’s full of big characters and plenty of sarcasm and put downs that can be cruel, but we like how it takes an unsubtle swing at the culture of being famous for any reason. The contestants have to take part in increasingly horrible challenges that reminds us of a mixture of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: An interesting take on reality TV, with a sharp sense of humour that will appeal to the more mature 10 year old who’s already so over reality TV because it’s just like soooooo 2020!

Our under 11 says: ‘The contestants really suffer to the delight of the hosts, it’s cruel but funny!’

Number of seasons: 2

Episodes: 54

Average episode length: 22 mins

'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series'

Welcome back Wild Cats! The drama returns to East High School as a new series, inspired by the 2006 film High School Musical, begins with new drama teacher, Miss Jenn, putting on a performance of the now classic film.

The action centres on main character Nini (Olivia Rodrigo) as she dumps boyfriend Ricky (Joshua Bassett) after meeting someone new over the summer. The new boyfriend, E.J., (who is co-captain of the water polo club, don’t you know!) encourages her to audition for the new production of the musical.

But while Nini gets the lead role of Gabriella (played by Vanessa Hudgens in the original movie) it’s Ricky and not E.J. that bags the role of Gabriella’s love interest Troy (Zac Efron in the original) – awkward!

Where to watch: Disney+

Why watch: It’s a nice way to revisit a classic movie in a fresh way. The characters are fun with plenty of emotion and light-hearted teen angst. 

Our under 11 says: "I like how High School Musical the film was set in the school, but they've never actually performed it. It makes it feel more real. The singing is really good too."

Number of seasons: 2

Episodes: 22

Average episode length: 38 mins

'Operation Ouch'

Twins and doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken.

Twins and doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken. (Image credit: BBC)

Real life twins and medical doctors Dr. Chris and Dr. Xand van Tulleken discover what we are really made of, spend time behind the scenes at hospitals and carry out lots of awesome experiments to show how and why our bodies do what they do.

From marvelous muscles to brilliant brains, plus tons of information about a whole range of conditions and illnesses affecting children, the pair present medical and scientific facts in a fun and engaging way. It’s not for the squeamish but it’s great for getting older kids thinking about science and biology in a new way. 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, CBBC.

Why watch: The brothers are great fun and every episode is packed full of information and fascinating facts. It also celebrates the hard working medical staff that we all need at some point in our lives. 

Our under 11 says: "It’s educational and fun at the same time. It’s good to see what happens in a hospital and I like it when they go behind the scenes and see what jobs people do that we don’t appreciate as much as we should."

Number of seasons: 6

Episodes: 66

Average episode length: 28 mins


On the cusp of becoming teens, these youngsters are discovering new tastes and interests — ditching kiddie cartoons in favour of shows with a more mature vibe. They know what they like, and luckily we've got them covered.


Tom Hiddleston as Loki.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki. (Image credit: Disney+)

Tom Hiddleston resumes his role of Loki for this six episode Marvel series about what happens to the god of mischief after he stole the Tesseract during the 2019 film Avengers: Endgame.

Much to Loki’s disbelief and indignation he’s arrested by the Time Variance Authority or TVA and taken into a bureaucratic nightmare to be processed. His crime is that he deviated off the sacred timeline, which is protected by the time keepers, who like to erase anyone found to be a time deviant. 

But Loki is thrown a lifeline by Mobius M. Mobius, played by Owen Wilson, an agent of TVA who offers Loki a choice, help him and survive or don’t and bye bye.

Where to watch: Disney+

Why watch: Marvel fans will love this sophisticated series, based on characters they already know and love. 

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 6

Average episode length: 49 min

'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier'

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier'. (Image credit: Disney+)

Another classy spin-off from the Marvel franchise, this action-packed series focuses on two really interesting characters from the Avengers films – Sam Wilson and James 'Bucky' Barnes or The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

The thrilling opening sequence sets the tone for the whole of this big-budget and sophisticated series as The Falcon is sent on a secret mission to rescue a soldier from a hijacked plane. The stunts and special effects are jaw-dropping. 

But this is also a series with heart. Sam is struggling with Steve Rogers (Captain America) no longer being around and questioning whether he can ever take on the role? Bucky is also a  troubled soul as he tries to come to terms with his past and work out what the future looks like for him now?

Where to watch: Disney+

Why watch: It’s a brilliant and exciting series with well-thought out characters and plenty of action and explosions. It’s definitely not for younger viewers, but older kids will love this slick and fast-paced series. 

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 6

Average episode length: 53 mins 

'What If…?'

Captain Carter and the Howling Commandos from 'What If...?'

Captain Carter stars in this intriguing animation. (Image credit: Disney+)

An intriguing new animation from Marvel based upon the idea that one tiny moment in time has the power to change the universe. 

In the first episode the "what if" question is what if Agent Peggy Carter became superhuman instead of Steve Rogers? How would the world cope if the person sent to save them was a girl?

After facing sexism and disappointment from her superiors, who claim that because women don't fight on the frontline in the 1940s the whole project has been a complete waste of time and money. But Captain Carter, as Peggy becomes known, decides she can prove her doubters wrong and soon starts showing them what she is really made of.

Where to watch: Disney+

Why watch: A gutsy and action-packed series that takes a much-loved franchise and twists it so new heroes are created and new stories written. An ambitious concept with endless possibilities.

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 9

Average episode length: 35 mins

'The Letter for the King'

The Letter for the King

'The Letter for the King' cast. (Image credit: Netflix)

Loosely based on the fantasy novel by Dutch author Tonke Dragt, the series follows teenage knight-in-training Tiuri, who's sent on a mission to deliver a secret letter to King Favian. The young squire has just 14 days to complete his quest as he embarks on a perilous journey across the Great Mountains with his horse, Ardanwen. Along the way, Tiuri encounters opinionated outcast Lavinia, and together the duo combine their skills to defeat the evil forces working against them.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: Dubbed as a Game of Thrones for kids, this high-budget production will delight young fans of medieval fantasy. Tiuri, Lavinia and Ardanwen are a force to be reckoned with.

Our 12+ verdict: "It's exciting to watch Tiuri's mission unfold and there's loads of action to enjoy, sprinkled with magic. Ardanwen might be the best character in it."

Number of seasons: 1

Episodes: 6

Average episode length: 50 minutes

'Team Kaylie'

After getting on the wrong side of the law, teen reality star Kaylie Konrad is sentenced to a year of community service, running the wilderness club in a Los Angeles middle school. Kaylie's got her work cut out mentoring the Pico Porcupines - made up of sassy leader Amber, gothic girl Valeria, joker Chewy, drama queen Ray Ray and straight A-student Jackie - as well as taking on the group's loathsome rivals, the Lumberjacks. But she didn't bank on falling head over heels for the Lumberjack's leader, Colt Axelrod.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: Billionaire Kaylie proves she's got a heart of gold by taking the Porcupines under her wing and rescuing them from various scrapes. In turn the gang of tweens love having a social media star on their side, and every episode delivers a positive message to the viewer.

Our 12+ verdict: "Each member of the Porcupine club has their own image and quirky personality, which makes it more interesting."

Number of seasons: 3

Episodes: 20

Average episode length: 30 minutes

'Kid Cosmic'

Kid Cosmic

Kid Cosmic dreams of becoming a superhero. (Image credit: Netflix)

Out of this world animation about a nine-year-old lad called Kid, who fantasises about becoming a superhero. Turns out dreams do come true when Kid finds five Cosmic Stones of Power on board a crashed spaceship and discovers they can be used to protect Planet Earth from alien invasions. But even heroes need help sometimes, so Kid recruits his grandpa Papa G, four-year-old Rosa, teenage waitress Jo, and local cat Tuna Sandwich, giving them each a stone to create their own magic supernatural power. Together will they be able to save the day?

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: It's a clever twist on a classic sci-fi cartoon. The plot is fast-paced, and the wonderful animation is brought to life by talented voiceover actors.

Our 12+ verdict: "Kid and his gang make the best team, it would be so cool to be able to travel into space."

Number of seasons: 2

Episodes: 18

Average episode length: 25 minutes

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Image credit: Amazon Prime)

Teen heroine Buffy Summers is the latest in a long line of women chosen to be the "Vampire Slayer", whose job it is to use their mystical superpowers to fight evil demons threatening humanity. But unlike the Slayers before her, Buffy doesn't work alone. Guided by her 'Watcher' and mentor, Sunnydale High's librarian Giles, she's also helped by fellow school friends Willow and Xander. The foursome form The Scooby Gang, known as the Scoobies, and receive help from mysterious vampire Angel, who ends up becoming Buffy's boyfriend.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Why watch: Almost 25 years on from hitting our screens, this cult classic has stood the test of time. Slick, sassy with just the right amount of scary, the writers of Buffy created a masterpiece and brought it to life with an outstanding cast, lead by the amazing Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Our 12+ verdict: "Buffy is epic — I can see why it's rated one of the best shows of all time."

Number of seasons: 7

Episodes: 144

Average episode length: 42 minutes

'Family Reunion'

Family Reunion

'The Family Reunion' cast. (Image credit: Netflix)

The McKellan family — mum Cocoa, dad Moz, and their four children, Jade, Shaka, Mazzi, and Ami — decide to leave their home in big-city Seattle to move closer to their family in Columbus, Georgia. But life in the slower-paced Deep South soon proves to be quite a culture shock for the clan, not made easier by Moz's religious parents and their old-fashioned views. However, the younger members of the family soon realise the older generation may be able to teach them a thing or two about life.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: It's a heart-warming sitcom that provides big entertainment, but is also not afraid to tackle important topical issues, such as racism, and touches on the civil rights movement and Black Lives Matter.

Our 12+ verdict: "This family are hilarious and have proper banter together. I couldn't stop giggling." 

Number of seasons: 2 (in 4 parts)

Episodes: 35

Average episode length: 28 minutes

'Once Upon A Time'

The residents of fictional Maine seaside town Storybrooke are actually fairytale characters, transported to the real world and stripped of their past memories by the Evil Queen Regina. There they have remained for 28 years with no hope of the curse being broken, that is until Emma Swan, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming arrives. Reunited with her son Henry Mills, who she gave up at birth — and was subsequently adopted by Regina — the pair must work together, using the lad's Once Upon A Time book of fairytales to break the dark spell cast over the folk of Storybrooke.

Where to watch: Disney+

Why watch:  Everyone needs a dose of Disney, and this 21st-century take on fairytales cleverly explores the magical backstories of each of the iconic characters. 

Our 12+ verdict: "This is a grown-up fairytale and has loads of episodes to keep you going."

Number of seasons: 7

Episodes: A whopping 156

Average episode length: 44 minutes

'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Count Olaf and the Baudelaire children. (Image credit: Netflix)

When a fire burns down their home, killing their parents, the Baudelaire children — Violet, Klaus, and baby Sunny — are placed in the care of their distant relative, the villainous Count Olaf, who hatches a plot to steal their inheritance. When his plan fails, the orphaned siblings are shipped off to a series of mean-spirited guardians and try to unearth buried family secrets, but Count Olaf is never far behind. The mysterious Lemony Snicket narrates the trio's extraordinary misadventures.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: Fans of the famous book series will be delighted by this adaptation that remains very faithful to the original. Actor Neil Patrick Harris makes a scarily good Count Olaf, stealing every scene he's in.

Our 12+ verdict: "I laughed out loud at some of Count Olaf's stupid disguises, he's almost too funny to be frightening."

Number of seasons: 3

Episodes: 25

Average episode length: 60 minutes

'Anne with an E'

Anne with an E

Amybeth McNulty as Anne. (Image credit: Netflix)

Spirited 13-year-old orphan Anne is mistakenly sent to live with elderly brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert at their family farm of Green Gables in Avonlea. Marilla, who's been expecting to receive a boy, is disappointed by Anne's arrival and wants her to return to the orphanage. However, the plucky young feminist is determined to prove Marilla wrong, and using her imagination and intelligence, she tries to find a way to make Green Gables her home.

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: Based on Lucy Maud Montgomery's popular 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables this faithful adaptation is full of heart. Anne's appetite for adventure and sparky character makes her an infectious lead, and she's supported by an equally strong cast. The drama is set in 1896, meaning viewers will get a little visual history lesson as to how life was back then.

Our 12+ verdict: "Anne's so likeable, energetic, and brave, she makes you want to be her mate."

Number of seasons: 3

Episodes: 27

Average episode length: 44 minutes



Colin Morgan as Merlin. (Image credit: BBC)

The young and talented sorcerer Merlin is sent to live in Camelot by his mother, where he learns magic was outlawed 20 years ago by the cold-hearted King Uther. Having discovered Uther also imprisoned the last dragon Kilgharrah in the caves beneath his castle, Merlin begins hearing the voice of the creature. He finds Kilgharrah, who issues him with an important mission — to use his powers to protect Uther's only son Prince Arthur, in the hope that one day magic will return to the kingdom of Camelot. 

Where to watch: BBC iPlayer (UK) and Netflix

Why watch: Knights in shining armour, dungeons, dragons, sorcery and spells - Merlin's got all that and more. Merlin himself is smart, with a wicked sense of humour, and not afraid to stand up to arrogant Prince Arthur.

Our 12+ verdict: "The special effects are out of this world. Merlin is so easy to binge watch."

Number of seasons: 5

Episodes: 65

Average episode length: 44 minutes

'Diary of a Future President'

Diary of a Future President

Tess Romero as Elena. (Image credit: Disney Plus)

Cuban-American Elena is your average 12-year old middle-schooler, experiencing all the trials and tribulations of adolescence. She lives with her mum Gabi and older brother Bobby and documents her daily life in her trusty journal. Elena also thinks a lot about the future and harbours a burning desire to one day become president of the United States. Flash forward 28 years and a grown-up Elena has realised her big dream, swapping her chaotic childhood home for The White House. Told through voiceovers, Elena explains to the audience how her younger years prepared her to take on the biggest job in the world.

Where to watch: Disney+

Why watch: This feel-good series deals with teen-based issues, but manages to feel fun with it. Hard-working and confident Elena's a positive role model for young viewers, and her close-knit family are supportive and sweet.

Our 12+ verdict: "Elena's story makes me believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it." 

Number of seasons: 2

Episodes: 20

Average episode length: 28 minutes

'The Babysitters Club'

The Babysitters Club

The girls set up their own babysitting business. (Image credit: Netflix)

The adventures of five best friends from suburban Stoneybrook, Connecticut, who decide to start up their own babysitting business. So who's in the club? Proud feminist Kristy Thomas takes on the role of president, and second in command is talented artist Claudia. Diabetic Stacey is the treasurer and hails from Manhattan, while shy Mary Anne acts as secretary, and last but not least is Stoneybrook newcomer Dawn. Together this group of tweens is ready to take on the world!

Where to watch: Netflix

Why watch: What starts as a way of making a few dollars leads the girls to discover things about themselves and grown-ups they never knew. 

Our 12+ verdict: "My besties make school much more fun, and these girls are total friendship goals."

Number of Seasons: 2

Episodes: 18

Average episode length: 27 minutes

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