The Challenge: World Championship — episode guide, trailer, cast and everything we know about the reality series

Johnny Bananas representing Team USA during the “Chain Game” in The Challange: World Championship
The Challange: World Championship (Image credit: Jonne Roriz / Paramount Plus)

Just like that, The Challenge has another spinoff series with The Challenge: World Championship

When the first iteration of The Challenge aired in 1998, we aren’t sure many people could have predicted the franchise would have a lasting impact on pop culture. After 25 years and several spinoffs in different countries, The Challenge: World Championship takes things to a whole new level as some of the best competitors from Challenge competitions from across the globe go head to head in an effort to claim a $500,000 prize. It’s like a World Cup of reality star athletes. 

So what else can would-be fans look forward to in the inaugural season of the series? Here’s everything we know about The Challenge: World Championship.  

The Challenge: World Championship release date

The series premiered in the US with two episodes on Wednesday, March 8 on Paramount Plus. In the U.K., Latin America and Australia, the series debuted on Thursday, March 9 on the streamer. The show debuts in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France on Wednesday, July 5.

The Challenge: World Championship episode guide

Below you'll find an episode guide for the season. Episode 12, the season finale, premiered on May 17 in the US. 

Episode 1: "Run the World"
"Host TJ Lavin brings together the decorated Challenge Legends and the Global MVPs from Argentina, Australia, the UK and the U.S.A. for a groundbreaking and grueling new competition."

Episode 2: "When Worlds Collide"
"The Legends and Global MVPs join forces and begin their quest for $500,000 and the title of first ever Challenge World Champion. After a brutal challenge, paranoia runs rampant as the players are forced to nominate teams for elimination."

Episode 3: "Us Against the World"
"Relationships are questioned as the Competitors jockey to avoid being sent into elimination. Some Global MVPs begin to distrust the Legend players' gameplay and a scheming Challenger's double-dealing leads to an explosive confrontation."

Episode 4: "World on Fire"
"The Competitors put their bodies on the line as they try to escape the Gates Of Hell. A group of eager MVPs secretly plot to remove strong players from the game, but face resistance from their Legend partners."

Episode 5: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"
"A mighty competitor's questionable gameplay creates chaos in the house. The Legends clash with their MVP partners over control of the game. A rogue player with a grudge turns on their alliance."

Episode 6: "Brave New World" 
"Resentment, distrust, and uncertainty linger in the aftermath of a chaotic nominations; some competitors soar while others crash down at the 'Rocketman' challenge; a player destroys an alliance in order to protect themselves and their partner."

Episode 7: "The New World Order"
"A group of underdog competitors plot to turn the tide of the game. At the 'Tunnel Time' challenge, teams are unexpectedly torn apart. The threat of elimination brings a pair of players with a complicated past together and reignites a storied rivalry."

Episode 8: "What in the World?"
"The competitors must deal with an unexpected turn of events that completely changes the course of the game. The competitors bet on a win at the ‘Ripcord Roulette’ trivia challenge. A damaged alliance struggles to maintain power."

Episode 9: "Transform the World"
"The competitors battle it out in the most explosive challenge of the season. A dangerous alliance sets its target on the rest of the house. Friends become enemies as teams struggle to maintain their safety in the game."

Episode 10: "Cruel World"
"A power-hungry team sets its sights on removing one of the game's strongest competitors. Two dominant players desperate for power battle it out in the ‘Points Break’ challenge. A shocking challenge result creates major discord between partners." 

Episode 11: "Weight of the World"
"The deal-making gets dirty and teams find themselves making promises they can't keep as the Final approaches. A conflicted competitor must destroy a friendship in order to survive."

The Challenge: World Championship stories

The Challenge: World Championship trailer

Check out the trailer for the inaugural season of the show. 

The Challenge: World Championship premise

Here is an official synopsis of the series:

"In the franchise’s first-ever world tournament, each global MVP will be paired with a Challenge Legend, a notable veteran from previous seasons of the MTV series, who will serve as their partner to form the most epic teams in the history of the franchise. Together they will work towards the most difficult challenge of them all: the brutal finale worth $500,000."

The Challenge: World Championship cast

Here's the cast of the show. If you want to know more details about each contestant, check out our Meet the Challenge: World Championship cast piece. 

Challenge Legends:  

  • Amber Borzotra    
  • Darrell Taylor    
  • Jodi Weatherton   
  • Johnny "Bananas" DeVenanzio    
  • Jonna Stephens   
  • Jordan Wiseley     
  • Kaycee Clark     
  • KellyAnne Judd     
  • Nelson Thomas    
  • Nia Moore    
  • Theo Campbell    
  • Tori Deal    
  • Wes Bergmann   
  • Yes Duffy 

Global MVPs: 

  • Ben Driebergen (The Challenge: USA)  
  • Danny McCray (The Challenge: USA)  
  • Justine Ndiba (The Challenge: USA)   
  • Sarah Lacina (The Challenge: USA)  
  • Emily Seebohm (The Challenge: Australia)   
  • Grant Crapp (The Challenge: Australia)   
  • Kiki Morris (The Challenge: Australia)   
  • Troy Cullen (The Challenge: Australia
  • Claudia Albertario (The Challenge: Argentina)    
  • Sofía Jiménez (The Challenge: Argentina)     
  • Rodrigo Cascón (The Challenge: Argentina)   
  • Benja Alfonso (The Challenge: Argentina)      
  • Nathan Henry (The Challenge: UK)    
  • Tristan Phipps (The Challenge: UK)     
  • Zara Zoffany (The Challenge: UK)   
  • Kaz Crossley (The Challenge: UK

The Challenge: World Championship hosts

Brihony Dawson, Alejandro “Marley” Wiebe, TJ Lavin and Mark Wright, the hosts of The Challenge: World Championship

Brihony Dawson, Alejandro “Marley” Wiebe, TJ Lavin and Mark Wright: The Challenge: World Championship (Image credit: Paramount Plus)

In the show's first season, there are actually three hosts. TJ Lavin, who is the familiar face who hosted The Challenge and The Challenge: USA is joined by Brihony Dawson (The Challenge: Australia), Mark Wright (The Challenge: UK) and Alejandro “Marley” Wiebe (The Challenge: Argentina). 

How to watch The Challenge: World Championship 

The Challenge: World Championship is a Paramount Plus exclusive series. Those hoping to watch the competition as it unfolds will need a subscription to the platform. Currently, Paramount Plus offers a few different subscription options. 

Key art for The Challenge: World Championship

(Image credit: Paramount Plus)
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