Meet the Three Pines cast: who's who in mystery series

Alfred Molina, Rossif Sutherland and the cast of Three Pines
Alfred Molina, Rossif Sutherland and the cast of Three Pines (Image credit: Yan Turcotte/Amazon Studios)

Three Pines has all the elements to be an under the radar hit for Prime Video. Not only does the crime mystery have an elderly and beloved English actor in Alfred Molina as its leading man, but it is also an adaptation of Louise Penny's series of best-selling novels, and a cast of characters that all could be potential suspects or killers.

Over the course of Three Pines' eight-episode first season, Molina's Chief Inspector Armand Gamache investigates different murders committed in the tiny, titular Quebec village, getting pulled deeper and deeper into its disturbing history of secrets and crimes. 

Find out who also appears in Three Pines by taking a look below: 

The investigators

Alfred Molina as Chief Inspector Armand Gamache

Alfred Molina in Three Pines

Alfred Molina in Three Pines (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Molina plays Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, a gentle, wise and kind police officer who is always tough when it comes to solving crimes. Gamache arrives in Three Pines to try and solve a murder, only to get ensconced in the village’s secret history of crimes.

After making his screen debut in Raiders of the Lost Ark's iconic opening scene, Molina has appeared in Boogie Nights, Chocolat, An Education and, most famously, in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: No Way Home as Doctor Octopus. 

Molina has also been nominated for Golden Globe, BAFTA and Primetime Emmy awards, as well as three Tony Awards.

Rossif Sutherland as Jean-Guy Beauvoir

Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers and Rossif Sutherland in Three Pines

Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers and Rossif Sutherland in Three Pines (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

One of Gamache's most trusted officers, Rossif Sutherland portrays Sergeant Jean-Guy Beauvoir. Unlike Gamache, though, Beauvoir is much more aggressive and combative, while he’s also battling his own inner demons. 

The son of legendary actor Donald Sutherland, and half-brother of Kiefer, Rossif Sutherland has appeared in the likes of ER, Monk, Reign and The Handmaid's Tale, as well as the movies Backstabbing for Beginners and Orphan: First Kill

Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers as Isabelle Lacoste

Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers in Three Pines

Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers in Three Pines (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers plays another member of Gamache's posse of police officers, Isabelle Lacoste. As well as being arguably the most intelligent officer in Three Pines, Lacoste is also an Indigenous working mother, who is constantly trying to find the right work/life balance. 

Tailfeathers is both an actor and filmmaker, who hails from Alberta, Canada. As a performer she's appeared in Night Raiders, Blood Quantum and Stellar, while her directing credits include The Body Remembers When The World Broke Open, which won the Canadian Screen Award For Best Director and was named the Toronto Film Critics Association's Best Canadian Film. 

Sarah Booth as Yvette Nichol

Sarah Booth in Three Pines

Sarah Booth in Three Pines (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Yet another police officer who works alongside Gamache, Beauvoir and Lacoste, Sarah Booth stars as Yvette Nichol. However, Nichol has only just joined the force and unfortunately the rookie is very accident-prone. 

Booth has appeared as a guest star in the likes of Transplant, Star Trek: Discovery and Y: The Last Man

Three Pines residents

Clare Coulter and Tamara Brown in Three Pines

Clare Coulter and Tamara Brown in Three Pines (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Tantoo Cardinal as Bea Mayer

Not every character in Three Pines is a police officer, though. Tantoo Cardinal plays Bea Mayer, a gallery owner in the village. 

Cardinal has starred in a number of movies, including Legends of the Fall, Dances With Wolves and Wind River, as well as the TV series Stumptown

Clare Coulter as Ruth Zardo

Another of Three Pines' residents is Ruth Zardo, an irritable poet, who is played by Clare Coulter. 

Coulter is known for her roles in the television series The Worst Witch, By Design and Transplant

Frédéric-Antoine Guimond as Olivier Brule & Pierre Simpson as Gabri Dub-eau 

Frederic-Antoine Guimond's Oliver Brule and Pierre Simpson's Gabri Dub-eau are the owners of the local bistro in Three Pines.

Guimond previously appeared in District 31, Clash and Trauma, while Simpson has starred in Mother!, Transplant and Makinium

Julian Bailey as Peter Morrow and Anna Tierney as Clara Morrow

The local artists in Three Pines, Julian Bailey plays Peter Morrow and Anna Tierney appears as Clara. 

Bailey has previously popped up in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, JAG, The Young And The Restless and Quantico. Meanwhile, Tierney has starred in Deceit and provided the voice in Psycho Goreman

Tamara Brown as Myrna Landers

Myran Landers is the owner of Three Pines' most popular bookshop, while also dabbling as a psychologist. 

Brown has appeared in Helix and The Bold Type, while she's also been a voice in the video games Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and Outlast 2.

The Two-Rivers

Georgina Lightning and Isabel Deroy-Olson in Three Pines

Georgina Lightning and Isabel Deroy-Olson in Three Pines (Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Georgina Lightning as Arisawe Two-Rivers

The Two-Rivers are the family of the missing Blue Two-Rivers, whose case Gamache is investigating throughout the season. Arisawe Two-River is the eldest member of the family.

Lightning was most recently seen in Rutherford Falls, while other credits include Rival Peak and Blackstone.

Crystle Lightning as Missy Two-Rivers

Missy Two-Rivers, played by Crystle Lightning, is the mother of Blue and is determined to get the authorities to take the case of her missing daughter seriously.

Among Crystle Lightning's credits are a couple episodes on CBS' Ghosts, Diggstown and guest spots on The Good Doctor, Outlander and Yellowstone.

Isabel Deroy-Olson as Kara Two-Rivers

Kara is Blue's sister, who like her mother and grandmother, also believes there is more to Blue's disappearance than her just running away.

Deroy-Olson is relatively new to TV, with her lone credit before Three Pines being a four episode stint on Shadow of the Rougarou.

Anna Lambe as Blue Two-River

Blue's disappearance is a case that Inspector Gamache can't shake, as she appears to him as a vision in dreams. At this time we don't know her fate.

Lambe's biggest credit before of Three Pines was a role in True Detective, while she has also appeared in Trickster and Diggstown.

Three Pines releases two new episodes on Prime Video on Fridays throughout December.

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