'Love Island' fans stunned by Jake Cornish's decision to film Kaz and Toby during dare

Love Island 2021 couple Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish
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Love Island 2021 returned to ITV2 last night, and the first episode brought plenty of the drama that we all expect from the dating show. Although there was some tension during the coupling-up stage, the most talked-about moment saw Jake Cornish deciding to film Toby and Kaz during an intimate game of dares!

No less than three separate lads chose Faye Winter as their first partner, but two of them were also rejected by all five of the girls when they first arrived. Once all five couples were sorted out, they all had to complete a dare during their first evening together to try and break the ice. 

Jake Cornish had to perform a very cheeky dance for Liberty Poole and then Brad and Faye had to snog for 30 seconds, but that wasn’t the dare that shocked everyone! Toby Aromolaran and Kaz Kamwi drew the most daring challenge of the lot, which said that one of them had to suck the other’s toes for 30 seconds in front of the group! 

That wasn’t the most shocking part, though! Just as Toby got ready to do the task, Jake whipped out his phone in front of the other islanders so that he could film the two of them for a laugh! 

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Viewers simply couldn't believe that Jake would do such a thing, especially on the islanders' very first evening together in the villa! 

Plenty of Love Island fans took to Twitter to express exactly how they felt watching the moment in the show!

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Will Liberty want to stay with Jake after his antics last night? Or will Chloe Burrows' arrival in the villa cause issues for the couple? We'll have to wait till tonight to find out!

Love Island continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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