Paramount Plus pulls original shows, following in HBO Max's footsteps

The Twilight Zone Jordan Peele
Jordan Peele in The Twilight Zone (Image credit: CBS All Access)

The great streaming TV cull continues; popular streaming service Paramount Plus has just lost a selection of TV shows from its library, including a few Paramount Plus original series.

As reported by Variety, several TV shows have been unceremoniously dropped from the Paramount Plus platform. These include The Twilight Zone, the rebooted anthology horror show helmed by Jordan Peele, the reality show The Real World: Homecoming, the crime series Coyote, the dramedy Guilty Party and the comedy No Activity.

This news is only applicable in the US, as in the UK, different streaming services housed many of these shows.

If you were keen to watch any of these shows, or had already started them, we're sorry to say that you're not getting any notice period: they're already gone.

So far, there's no news on what will happen to these shows; it's very possible that they'll get sold to Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) services like FreeVee, Roku or Tubi, but for now, you're only able to watch them if you buy or rent them digitally.

This news comes just days after it was announced that Paramount Plus would merge with Showtime; shortly after that news broke, Showtime dropped many of its own shows, including American Gigolo, Kidding and Let the Right One In.

Neither Showtime nor Paramount Plus has confirmed why they dropped their original shows, but it could come down to licensing deals or the costs of residuals on the shows. Either way, this will be little consolation for streaming fans who want their money's worth.

Fans of streaming services are used to the concept of original shows getting dropped, though. In late 2022, many big-name HBO Max shows were pulled from the platform, including Westworld and Raised by Wolves, though recently it was announced that these were moving to FAST channels so would be available to watch in the near future.

Netflix too has been known to occasionally pull its own originals from the platform, but it makes this move infrequently and in small doses; not in one big cull like in the cases of Paramount Plus, Showtime and HBO Max.

Paramount fans will be glad to know that the majority of the platform's library remains intact with Top Gun: Maverick, 1923 and many more movies and TV shows still available to stream. 

Tom Bedford
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