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'Love Island' UK: Liam divides fans after Casa Amor opens its doors

Love Island 2021 - Liam kisses Lillie
(Image credit: Lifted Entertainment / ITV)

Love Island UK 2021 finally saw the return of a newly-renovated Casa Amor last night, and it certainly delivered plenty of action for several of the boys!

The boys were hugely excited when they received a text telling them to sneak out of the villa to head across to Casa Amor, and they only got more enthusiastic when Lillie Haynes, Salma Naran, Mary Bedford, Amy Day, Kaila Troy, and Clarisse Juliette made their entrance together.

The girls didn't waste any time and jumped straight into getting to know the six lads. Meanwhile, some of the girls (except Chloe Burrows) were quite worried to find the lads missing from the villa until they learned that they'd be spending a few days with six brand new boys, too.

The girls then packed up the lads' suitcases, and each left their partners something to remember them by. Millie Court packed Liam Reardon one of her necklaces, Kaz Kamwileft Tyler Cruickshank her robe, and Liberty Poole even packed one of her bras for Jake Cornish

Some viewers didn't take too kindly to just how excited the lads were to be heading across to Casa Amor, but they were initially proud of Liam, as it seemed he was set on being completely loyal to Millie as he went into the new villa.

He was very quick to shut down Kaila when she asked if he was actually happy with Millie or if he was just "comfortable" with, and he was clearly very moved when he found the necklace among his clothes as he swore he'd be sleeping outside away from everyone else.

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However, viewers' opinions changed very quickly to shock when Casa Amor came alive that evening! At Amy Day's suggestion, the 12 islanders at the new villa got involved in what became a very saucy game of truth or dare. As part of the game, Liam received a lap dance and snogged no less than five of the new girls!

Although fans were disappointed in Jake for being really excited by the new arrivals just days after he involved the whole villa in asking Liberty to be his girlfriend, Liam's fans were not shy about saying how taken aback they were by his behavior, especially after fans had already predicted he and Millie could win the series.

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The episode ended with Liam in the Beach Hut confessing that he's a flirt, that he likes flirting, but that he stills prefers flirting with Millie. Will his head be turned in Casa Amor, or will he return to be with Millie? We'll have to wait and see...

Love Island 2021 airs Sunday-Friday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.