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Best Cyber Monday deals on streaming services and hardware

Cyber Monday Week by Thrifter

Source: Thrifter (Image credit: Thrifter)

One of the best things about streaming services is that it's so darn easy to start using one — and to stop using one. And that means that they have all the reasons in the world to actually try to win your business. And that's especially important this week, as companies fall all over themselves to get you on board with any sort of deal they can.

Welcome, friends, to the monthly madness that is Cyber Monday! (Hopefully not to be followed by Regret Tuesday and WTF Did I Just Buy Wednesday.)

Those deals usually include the various streaming services, too, and we're already starting to see some savings. We'll update this post as more deals make their way through the week, both ahead and beyond the actual Black Friday shopping holiday, which happens on, well, Friday.

Behold, the deals:

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The best 2019 Cyber Monday deals on streaming services

SiriusXM — Get a Google Nest Hub and 6 months of service for $69

That says it all right there. SiriusXM's 2019 Cyber Monday — on its last day on Dec. 2 — deal will get you six months of service and a Google Nest Hub — that's the one with the 7-inch touchscreen and speaker and lets you watch video and listen to music call folks — all for the, low price of $69.

This deal's worth it even if you cancel things after those six months, because a Nest Hub regularly goes for $129.

And SiriusXM has grown far beyond its early roots of being purely a satellite radio provider. It's now available everywhere — on your phone and tablet, and, yes, your Nest Hub. And video is now part of the game, too.

This one definitely is a deal worth taking advantage of.

Hulu — $1.99 a month for 12 months

Hulu's 2018 Black Friday deal was epic, and it's 2019 Black Friday deal — which is here for its last day on Cyber Monday — isn't bad either.

New subscribers will be able to get a basic Hulu subscription for $1.99 a moth for the first year. (That comes out to about $24, for the mathematically disinclined.) That's down from the usual $5.99 a month for the basic Hulu service, which includes ads.

Those who signed up for Hulu with last year's deal aren't eligible for this one — sorry. (We feel your pain, too, folks.)

Also note that we're only talking about Hulu here. No Disney+, no ESPN+. If you still want that bundle, we'll point you here .

CBS All Access — get a free 1-month trial

CBS All Access is sort of a dark horse of the streaming services. On one hand it's got a good bit of the CBS back catalog that'll keep you busy for days.

But it's also got a wealth of original content that you can't get anywhere else — not even through the traditional CBS channels. Only on CBS All Access. And those shows include the excellent Star Trek: Discovery , The Twilight Zone — and the upcoming Star Trek: Picard , which will feature the legendary captain later in life

Cyber Monday — that's today — is the final day to sign up for the deal that'll get you not just a free one-week trial, but a full month of CBS All Access, which gives you even more time to take things for a test drive and see what you think.

CBS All Access is available on pretty much every streaming device you've got — as well as on the web. It runs $5.99 a month if you don't mind advertising, and $9.99 a month if you want to get rid of the adverts. (And you can save 15 percent if you want to pay for it yearly instead.)

Fubo TV — get $10 off

It's tough times in the streaming world. Sony announced that PlayStation Vue would die at the end of January 2020 — and Fubo TV is hoping to scoop up the PSVue refugees (or is that PS ReVUEgees?) with a little bit of a Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal .

For the time being you can get $10 off your first month with Fubo, which takes the Fubo Standard plan down to $44.99, the Family plan down to $49.99, and the Latino Quarter plan down to $19.99. Again, that's or the first month.

Why Fubo? Because it's got a lineup that's as competitive as any. And with its bevy of add-ons it's one of the more compelling options for sports fans. And that's even before we mention that Fubo is one of the few ways to watch the occasional live game in 4K resolution.

Not bad at all.

Tidal — get 4 months of streaming music for just 99 cents

Yep — streaming music is a cord-cutting affair. (Because why not.) And one of the best music services you've probably never tried is Tidal. It's got a higher quality audio than you'll find most places, which also means it's a little more expensive than most other music services.

But ending today on Cyber Monday they've got a pretty sweet deal. You can get 4 months of the Tidal Premium service for just 99 cents. Or if you you really want to up your audio game — and get a few extras thrown in as well — you can go for the HiFi option for just $1.99 for the first four months. The prices jump up after that, of course, but that should give you plenty of time to see if it's for you.

In the UK — Save on Sky with NowTV

There's something a little odd about seeing UK deals for Black Friday, given that it's a made-up American shopping holiday, but whatever. Savings are savings, even when they're in British Pounds and not dollars. And especially when they're on Cyber Monday.

To that end, NowTV has a slew of deals running through Dec. 4. Here's what's up:

  • Entertainment & Sky Cinema - 3 month bundle £29.99 (Save over 50%)
  • Entertainment & Sky Cinema - 12 month bundle £99 (Save over 60%)
  • Sky Sports Month Pass - £20 a month for 6 months (Save 41%)
  • Entertainment & Sky Cinema Pass - 1 month bundle £14.99 (Save 28%)
  • Sky Cinema, Entertainment & Kids TV - 1 month bundle £16.99 (Save 32%)
  • Sky Cinema, Entertainment & Sky Sports Day Pass - 1 month bundle £19.99 (Save 35%)

So take your pick of a package — there are all kinds of ways to save.

Best Cyber Monday streaming hardware

Streaming services are important, no doubt. But if you don't have something to watch them on, you're not going to be watching anything at all.

Here are the best deals worth your time this Black Friday week, month, whatever.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

For our money, this is the Fire TV Stick to get. It supports 4K resolution, Dolby Vision for HDR, and Dolby Atmos for audio, which is just about the best combination you can get today.

It's got the full might of Amazon Fire TV baked inside — including Alexa — so you can stream everything you could possibly want to stream.

And you just can't beat the price this holiday season.

Roku Ultra 2019

If Roku is more your speed, this is the one to get. The Ultra is all new at the end of 2019, with upgraded internals that make it faster than ever before. (And that fixes one of our chief complaints about Roku.)

It's got HDR 10 on board and supports 4K resolution. And the Rok Voice Remote has its own headphone jack for private listening — which is handy because it also comes with a pair of premium JBL earbuds.

And it's 50 percent off this Black Friday period. Now's the time to buy it.

TCL 6-Series

If you'd prefer a TV with Roku built in, it's hard to beat the value of the TCL 6-Series. It's got 4K resolution, with Dolby Vision for HDR. It's got the Roku operating system built in, so you don't need any additional streaming boxes if you don't want them.

And the price is just nuts given that we're talking about a 65-inch TV with all those specs. Plus this year's model has an all new QLED panel that's tough to beat at that price.