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The best Cyber Monday VPN deals for streaming

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Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a brilliant time to save a bunch of money on a bunch of things. Those things include physical devices like streaming sticks and remote controls, as well as streaming services. Cyber Monday deals also extend to VPNs as well, and that's especially important this time of year, with families spending time together watching their holiday favorites. 

What's a VPN have to do with any of that? For starters, they're just good to use when you're away from your home network — and particularly if you're using free Wifi somewhere. A VPN keeps your internet traffic away from prying eyes, and more security is never a bad thing.

VPNs also allow you to continue to watch the things you want to watch, even if you're not in your usual home region. That's exactly the sort of thing that happens around the holidays, right? 

All that is to say that the holiday season is the perfect time to check out a VPN or three and same some money in the process.


Your best bet

ExpressVPN is one of our favorite VPN providers in 2020 and beyond. Signing up for an annual plan will save you a big bunch of money. And this deal gets you a few extra months for free, plus 49 percent off the purchase.View Deal


This deal will save you nearly $200 on one of the best VPN services around. Plus you'll get an extra three months tacked onto the two-year plan, without having to pay an extra cent.

Surfshark VPN

This discount makes one of the more affordable VPNs an even better value. You'll get three months for free with this offer, but the deal isn't going to be around forever. Definitely take advantage while you can.View Deal

Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access — also known as PIA — gives you an unlimited amount of data through its servers and up to 10 simultaneous connections, which is perfect for a family streaming all kinds of things. If you sign up for the two-year plan you'll get three extra months for free.View Deal


This VPN service is from the same team behind the excellent ProtonMail and the new ProtonDrive, the latter of which you'll get free early access. And that's on top of saving 50 percent on everything for two years. You've gotta check out this deal.View Deal

Fastest VPN

Pay once, use forever. FastestVPN lets you pay $20 a single time and use the service for as long as you continue draw breath. Yes, it's that kind of awesome deal.View Deal VPN

Two years of this excellent VPN service are going for $130, with a couple of extra months thrown in for good measure. That takes it down to just $5 a month, from its usual price of $13 a month. There's also a free plan if you just want to kick the tires.View Deal


This Black Friday deal will save you about 86 percent on the retail price, which is pretty incredible for a five-year plan. And that's really tough to beat, taking the monthly price down to less than a buck fifty.View Deal


You'll save a bunch month to month with CyberGhost's long-term plan, as well as get a few months free on top of it. There's also a 45-day money-back guarantee, so you can end things on your terms should you decide this isn't for you.View Deal

IPVanish VPN

Fire up this deal — including the cloud storage that comes along with it — and you'll wonder just how you're getting so much value. Save 76 percent off the usual price this holiday season.View Deal

TunnelBear VPN

You can save 67 percent on a single-year plan, and even more if you go for the two- or three-year plans. The Black Friday sale is on now, and the Cyber Monday deals start Nov. 30.View Deal