Dumb Money: release date, reviews, cast and everything we know about the movie

Paul Dano in Dumb Money
Paul Dano in Dumb Money (Image credit: Sony Pictures/Black Bear)

Remember the GameStop/meme stock saga of 2021? Well, it's getting its own big-screen retelling in the form of the new movie Dumb Money. Telling this true-life market-shifting event are a bunch of big-name actors and the director behind I, Tonya and Pam & Tommy.

While the financial market is a tough nut to crack for many, movies have often used it as a fun setting, from Wall Street to Trading Places to The Big Short and The Wolf of Wall Street. Dumb Money is set to be the latest entry to this very specific genre.

Here is everything that we know about Dumb Money, from when it is coming out to who's in it and its trailer.

Dumb Money release date

Dumb Money releases in select US cities on September 15, before rolling out wide to the rest of the country on September 22. UK viewers can also watch Dumb Money exclusively in movie theaters on September 22.

Dumb Money plot

If you remember (or took part in) the meme stock revolution of 2021, then Dumb Money's plot should be pretty familiar to you. But if you never could wrap your finger around what all the buzz was about, perhaps the movie can answer some of those questions. Here is the official synopsis for Dumb Money:

"Dumb Money is based on the insane true story of the YouTuber who brought Wall Street to its knees and got rich by turning the video-game retailer GameStop into the world's hottest company. In the middle of everything is regular guy Keith Gill, who starts it all by sinking his life savings into the stock and posting about it. When his social posts start blowing up, so does his life and the lives of everyone following him. As a stock tip becomes a movement, everyone gets rich — until the billionaires fight back, and both sides find their worlds turned upside down."

The script was written by Rebecca Angelo and Lauren Schuker Blum, adapted from Ben Mezrich’s book, The Antisocial Network: The GameStop Short Squeeze and the Ragtag Group of Amateur Traders That Brought Wall Street to Its Knees.

Dumb Money cast

A talented cast of Hollywood actors are playing all the key figures in Dumb Money, including Paul Dano (The Fabelmans, The Batman) as Keith Gill, Vincent D'Onofrio (Hawkeye, The Eyes of Tammy Faye) as Steve Cohen, Seth Rogen (Platonic, The Super Mario Bros. Movie) as Gabe Plotkin and Nick Offerman (Parks and Rec, The Last of Us) as Ken Griffin.

Others in the stacked cast include America Ferrera (WeCrashed, Superstore), Anthony Ramos (Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, In the Heights), Sebastian Stan (Sharper, Pam & Tommy), Shailene Woodley (Big Little Lies, The Mauritanian) and Pete Davidson (Bupkis, Saturday Night Live).

Dumb Money trailer

The trailer for Dumb Money really plays up just how shocking and monumental this instance was, based on the number of "holy f***ing sh**s" uttered in it. That's your language warning if you'd like one; but, there's also a "green band" (less language) version of the trailer. Watch the Dumb Money trailers directly below: 

Here's the "green band" trailer:

Dumb Money reviews

In What to Watch's Dumb Money review, we gave the movie four out of five stars and described it as the Rocky of Wall Street movies. We're not the only ones who liked it though, as the movie has a 81% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes as of September 14.

Craig Gillespie movies

Craig Gillespie directs Dumb Money. He has been more active on the TV side as of late, producing and directing episodes of the mini series Pam & Tommy and Mike, but he has a strong resume of movies that he has directed. Check them out: 

  • Mr. Woodcock (2007)
  • Lars and the Real Girl (2007)
  • Fright Night (2011)
  • Million Dollar Arm (2014)
  • The Finest Hours (2016)
  • I, Tonya (2017)
  • Cruella (2021)
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