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Cord Cutters' Best of CES 2020

CES is downright lousy with televisions, and the accessories that accompany them. Some are legitimate products, destined to land in living rooms over the next year or so. Others are a bit more ... aspirational, though no less cool.

But when you have an event like CES, winners must be declared, even with the stipulation that there's too much awesome tech to be whittled down into such a short list. It's one of those things that is, quite literally, impossible. It leaves out things like Samsung's rotating Sero television, which can be viewed horizontally or vertically, or the Samsung Serif television, which is as much art as it is appliance. Or what about Sharp's "see through" television, which puts images on a semi-transparent display, allowing you to effectively see through it?

And is 8K really a thing we should concern ourselves with? Yes, because it's this year's big thing , and because it is, indeed, real. But it's also not exactly something a rational consumer would purchase just yet. But that doesn't mean it's not very, very cool.

So with the caveat that there's no true best of CES when it comes to televisions, here's what stood out to us nonetheless.