Casualty favourite Robyn Miller has escaped death before — can she do it again?

Casualty nurse Robyn Miller sitting on a hospital bed looking troubled.
Casualty nurse Robyn Miller is no stranger to danger. (Image credit: BBC)

Casualty nurse Robyn Miller has had several serious brushes with death during her 10 years in Holby — can she survive one more?

When the credits rolled last week on Casualty episode Falling Down, fans were frantic with worry about Robyn’s fate. 

This week the medical drama returns to the high-impact crash, with Robyn (Amanda Henderson) trapped in her car and fighting for her life. Yet, hope springs eternal, as this is not the first time Robyn has been in grave danger and survived against the odds… 

Casualty’s Robyn Miller — 5 times she's defied death

Wedding day horror crash 

Robyn’s courtship with Glen Thomas was a rollercoaster ride — from his brain tumour and mysterious disappearance, to Robyn almost dying while giving birth to their daughter, Charlotte. The pair finally made it down the aisle in March 2018, but sadly, they were not married for long. 

Glen (Owain Arthur, Hard Sun, London Kills, The Rings of Power) suffered a seizure while Robyn was driving them to their honeymoon, which resulted in a deadly car crash. At the ED they discovered Glen’s brain cancer had spread, he refused further treatment, and died with new wife Robyn by his side…

In an interview with us at the time Amanda revealed that Glen was the love of Robyn’s life. Speaking to us more recently she explained how the loss of Glen still haunts Robyn, but that she finally feels ready to move on when she realises how much Paul Pegg (Paul Popplewell) cares for her and Charlotte.

A beaming Robyn and Glen on their wedding day.

Newlywed Robyn on the happiest day of her life with hubby Glen. (Image credit: BBC)

Gravest of grave danger

Being in grave danger is nothing new to Robyn in 2023, after all, this was taken to a literal level in 2017…

In January 2017 nurse David Hide (Jason Durr) had stopped taking his bipolar disorder medication, and by March that year he was having a major episode. Concerned, heavily pregnant Robyn got into a car with her friend, only to effectively be kidnapped by him. David threw away both their phones and brought her to a remote graveyard, where she was forced to give birth alone on a grave…

Both Robyn and her premature baby daughter, Charlotte, nearly died before being rescued in what was a heartbreaking storyline for all concerned.

Robyn giving birth on a grave.

A grave situation for Robyn and David... (Image credit: BBC)

Molotov cocktail hell

Robyn had a terrifying brush with death in August 2017 after she and baby Charlotte stayed overnight at her brother Max Walker’s home. 

Unfortunately, at the time, Max’s housemate, paramedic Jez Andrews (Lloyd Everitt, Emmerdale, Silent Witness, The Pact) was caught up with the notorious Ellisson family…

Robyn was engulfed in a fiery hell when Denise Ellisson (Lucy Benjamin, EastEnders, Detectorists, Doctors) threw a flaming bottle through the window of the shared house. Jez and Max (Jamie Davis, the creator of You & Me) managed to save the young mother and baby, but it was touch and go for a while…

Jez rescues Robyn from the blazing fire.

Jez rescued Robyn from a terrifying arson attack. (Image credit: BBC)

A difficult decision turns deadly 

In Casualty episode The Choice in February 2022, Robyn discovered she was pregnant after a brief fling. As an already struggling single mother she agonised over what to do for the best, and ultimately decided to have a termination. 

In an interview with Amanda at the time, she revealed Robyn’s fundamental fears: “If anything happened to her she would be leaving a child — or two children — behind.”

Having made the difficult decision, Robyn went ahead with the termination. However, despite medical advice to rest, the cash-strapped nurse felt she had no option but to work a stressful shift at the ED. There, she fell ill and passed out in the toilets, but thankfully, doctors Paige Allcott (Shalisha James-Davis) and Dylan Keogh (William Beck) came to her rescue.

Check out our interview with Amanda about this storyline

Robyn hugging Charlotte.

Struggling Robyn decided she needed to focus on Charlotte. (Image credit: BBC)

Life and death collapse

In October 2022 Robyn collapsed alone in the hospital car park in cliffhanger episode Coming Clean

Just Between Us picked up directly afterwards, with Paul finding Robyn and getting her to resus in the nick of time. Near-death, she was eventually diagnosed as suffering serious side effects from the medication she was taking in order to become a surrogate mum for close pal, nurse Marty Kirkby (Shaheen Jafargholi) and his social worker boyfriend, Adi Kapadia (Raj Bajaj). 

This story has chilling parallels with this week’s Casualty reveal — Robyn pushing herself to dangerous limits for the benefit of someone else, a cliffhanger, and her loved ones unaware that she's in danger. It also has unsettling echoes of Glen and Robyn's wedding day crash. 

Has the loveable nurse finally run out of lives, or will she survive to see another day?

Robyn in hospital after her near-fatal collapse.

Robyn with Adi and Marty after her near-fatal collapse. (Image credit: BBC)

Find out when Casualty reveals the outcome of this deadly crash storyline on Saturday, March 18, 2023 at 8.50 pm on BBC One. 

Glen and Robyn's wedding day crash scene.

Glen and Robyn's wedding day crash scene. (Image credit: BBC)

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