Meet the cast of Sherwood: our who’s who guide to the crime drama series

Sherwood: Ian St.Clair (DAVID MORRISSEY), Kevin Salisbury (ROBERT GLENISTER)
Sherwood features an all-star cast. Let's meet them... (Image credit: BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire)

Sherwood is a compelling new BBC drama that explores the controversial deployment of 'spy cops' in Britain, a form of undercover policing to seek information that has caused a big scandal across the country. 

Set in a Nottinghamshire mining village, Sherwood tells the story of two shocking and unexpected killings that spark a massive manhunt. 

As Sherwood focuses on powerful social and political themes throughout modern Britain, we’ll see old police rivals Detective Chief Superintendent Ian St Clair (David Morrissey) and DI Kevin Salisbury (Robert Glenister) forced to reunite and bury tensions between themselves to solve the murders.

Suspicion and hostility form between lifelong neighbors and towards the police who descend on the town, as the tragic killings threaten to spark historic divisions during the Miners' Strike thirty years before.

The six-part series starts on June 13 at 9 pm on BBC One. Sherwood is also available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Who's in the new season of Sherwood? Here’s our guide to the main players to look out for…

David Morrissey as Detective Chief Superintendent Ian St Clair

David Morrissey as Ian St.Clair

David Morrissey as Ian St.Clair. (Image credit: BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire)

David Morrissey plays a formidable and empathetic detective who has spent his whole life in the Nottinghamshire constabulary, having risen through the ranks. 

Canny and a good judge of character, he has an impressive track record. However, when he's tasked with finding the link between the two killings, he's forced to reunite with old rival DI Kevin Salisbury from the Metropolitan Police, whose return is already causing tension.

David has appeared in a number of hit crime dramas before, playing tortured father Sam Webster in The Missing season 2 and Detective Inspector Tom Thorne in Thorne.

He has also starred in The Walking Dead, Britannia and Sense and Sensibility.

Robert Glenister as Detective Inspector Kevin Salisbury

Robert Glenister as Kevin Salisbury

Robert Glenister as Kevin Salisbury. (Image credit: BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire)

Robert Glenister plays rival Detective, DI Kevin Salisbury, who has little desire to return to Ashfield as the events of 1984 still haunt his memories. 

He's not likely to receive the warmest welcome from the local police nor the community, but he's determined to follow his orders with honor and integrity.

Robert is best known for his role in the popular TV series Hustle, where he played high-level con-man, Ash Morgan. He has also featured in Spooks, Law & Order UK and Midsomer Murders.

Alun Armstrong as Gary Jackson

Alun Armstrong as Gary Jackson

Alun Armstrong as Gary Jackson. (Image credit: BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire)

Gary Jackson, played by Alun Armstrong, is a committed NUM member and one of the few miners from Ashfield on the picket line in the 80s. Decades later, he doesn't let anyone forget it, which causes friction with his neighbors.

Alun is an accomplished film, TV and theatre actor with a hefty acting CV, playing the eccentric Brian Lane in the BBC crime drama New Tricks, as well as the High Constable in Sleepy Hollow and museum curator Baltus Hafez in The Mummy Returns, to name a few.

Lesley Manville as Julie Jackson

Lesley Manville as Julie Jackson

Lesley Manville as Julie Jackson. (Image credit: BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire)

Lesley Manville plays Gary's wife, Julie Jackson, who is estranged from her sister, Cathy over their differing opinions of the miners' strike.

She is as stubborn as her husband, however, she's still majorly proud of the warm household she's created for her family.

Lesley has been confirmed to play the role of Princess Margaret in The Crown Season 5, while her other credits include Magpie Murders, Harlots and Phantom Thread.

Claire Rushbrook as Cathy Rowley

Claire Rushbrook as Cathy Rowley

Claire Rushbrook as Cathy Rowley. (Image credit: BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire)

Claire Rusbrook portrays Julie's sister, Cathy Rowley, who has always lived in her sister's shadow.

The miners' strike tore them apart when Cathy fell in love with quiet and reserved UDM working miner Fred Rowley (Kevin Doyle) and she has a strained relationship with her deeply private stepson Scott (Adam Hugill). But, when tragedy comes close to home, she's forced to deal with the woman she's become and confront hidden dark secrets.

Claire has appeared alongside Lesley before in Magpie Murders and has also made an appearance in The Split, Enola Holmes, Ali & Ava and Don't Forget the Driver.

Philip Jackson as Mickey Sparrow

Philip Jackson as Mickey Sparrow

Philip Jackson as Mickey Sparrow. (Image credit: BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire)

Philip Jackson stars as entrepreneur Mickey Sparrow who is proud of his business portfolio, which includes an axe throwing range and taxi firm.

As the town suspects, most of his income is made illegally. However, Mickey's business empire comes under threat when the residents are suspicious that the Sparrow family could be responsible.

Philip has had many TV and film roles, but some of his most notable ones are Melvin 'Dylan' Bottomley in Porridge and Chief Inspector Japp in Agatha Christie's Poirot.

He has also appeared in The Good Karma Hospital and Robin of Sherwood.

Lorraine Ashbourne as Daphne Sparrow

Daphne Sparrow and Mickey Sparrow

Lorraine Ashbourne as Daphne Sparrow. (Image credit: BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire)

The fearless matriarch of the Sparrow clan, Daphne Sparrow, played by Lorraine Ashbourne, will go to extreme lengths to protect her family, but when everything and everyone she loves comes into danger, it's soon revealed what desperate measures she will go for them, including her son, Rory (Perry Fitzpatrick).

With a career spanning over thirty years, Lorraine has had some star-studded roles throughout her life, including Bridgerton, The Crown, I Hate Suzie, Alma’s Not Normal and Unforgotten.

Adeel Akhtar as Andy Fisher

Adeel Akhtar as Andy Fish

Adeel Akhtar as Andy Fish. (Image credit: BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire)

Adeel Akhtar appears as Andy Fisher, a widow who lost his wife years ago. A fragile and shy man, he has struggled to come to terms with her death ever since. He relies on his son, Neel (Bally Gill) for emotional support, but Andy is worried that he's losing him to his son's fiancée Sarah Vincent (Joanne Froggatt), who feels uncomfortable in Andy's company.

Adeel won a BAFTA Award for his role in Murdered by My Father and his other acting credits include Four Lions, Killing Eve and Victoria and Abdul.

Joanne Froggatt as Sarah Vincent

Joanne Froggatt as Sarah Vincent

Joanne Froggatt as Sarah Vincent. (Image credit: BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire)

Engaged to Andy's son, Neel, local Conservative candidate Sarah Vincent's (Joanne Froggatt) father drove the working miners to the pits during the strikes.

Joanne is best known for playing Anna Bates in the ITV period drama series and movie franchise Downton Abbey and has since gone on to star in Liar and Angela Black.

Stephen Tompkinson as Warnock

Stephen Tompkinson as Warnock

Stephen Tompkinson as Warnock. (Image credit: BBC/House Productions/Matt Squire)

Stephen Tompkinson joins the series as Warnock, an old friend of Gary's from the NUM.

His return also reopens old wounds and the staunch member stirs things up when he hints that the police placed spies in Ashfield during the strike.

Stephen's acting portfolio includes The Split, Brassed Off and is well known for playing Alan Banks in DCI Banks as well as Danny Trevanion in Wild at Heart.

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