Meet the True Lies cast: who's who in the TV adaptation

Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga tied to a chair in True Lies
Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga in True Lies (Image credit: Alan Markfield/CBS)

The cast of True Lies, the CBS series that is an adaptation of the 1994 James Cameron action movie of the same name, has some big shoes to fill, quite literally in at least one sense.

The original True Lies starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as Harry and Jamie Lee Curtis as his wife Helen, who is bored with her cliched suburban life and marriage. However, when Harry's identity as an international spy is revealed, they get a much-needed spark but also more danger than they may have bargained for.

So who is taking on these roles made famous by Schwarzenegger and Curtis? And who is set to make up the supporting cast of characters on the show? Let's meet the main players of the True Lies cast.

Steve Howey as Harry

Steve Howey in True Lies

Steve Howey in True Lies (Image credit: Alan Markfield/CBS)

Harry is a first-class international spy for the US intelligence agency Omega, but that career is kept a secret from his wife and kids as the series begins. Instead, he portrays himself as your typical 9-5 working husband. However, when his cover is blown in front of Helen, Harry must work with his wife in his efforts to protect the world from dangerous enemies.

Steve Howey is probably best known from his time as Kevin on the Showtime series Shameless, though some of his other credits include Reba, Bride Wars, Stuber and Day Shift.

Ginger Gonzaga as Helen

Ginger Gonzaga and Steve Howey in True Lies

Ginger Gonzaga and Steve Howey in True Lies (Image credit: Jace Downs/CBS)

Helen works as a language professor, but she is tired of her daily routine of work, Tao Bo, yoga and coming home to her seemingly boring husband Harry. But when she discovers Harry's secret as a spy, she quickly proves that she has some formidable skills and is recruited to join his team at Omega.

Viewers most recently saw Ginger Gonzaga in the Disney Plus series She-Hulk, though she has also appeared in TV shows like Togetherness, Wrecked, I'm Dying Up Here, Kidding and Grace & Frankie.

Omar Miller as Gib

Omar Miller in a car in True Lies

Omar Miller in True Lies (Image credit: Alan Markfield/CBS)

Gib is Harry's main partner with Omega, who not only helps him with his missions but also helps him hide his job as a spy from his family. He's not totally enthusiastic about Helen joining the team.

Gib is played by Omar Miller, who viewers may recognize from Ballers, CSI: Miami, The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey, The Express and 8 Mile.

Erica Hernandez as Maria

Erica Hernandez at a card table in True Lies

Erica Hernandez in True Lies (Image credit: Jace Downs/CBS)

Maria is part of Harry's Omega team, a calm and calculating agent. However, she has some tension with her fellow teammate Luther after what happened on a previous mission.

Erica Hernandez's biggest role prior to True Lies was the series Bridge and Tunnel. She's also appeared in Power Book II: Ghost, New Amsterdam and Search Party.

Mike O'Gorman as Luther

Erica Hernandez and Mike O'Gorman in True Lies

Mike O'Gorman as Luther in True Lies (Image credit: Jace Downs/CBS)

Another member of the Omega team, Luther is smooth, confident and witty, but unlike Harry, he believes that a spy should remain single so that they aren't hampered down by connections.

Some of Mike O'Gorman’s past credits include Vice Principals, Inside Amy Schumer, guest spots on AP Bio, Detroiter and Perry Mason, as well as a recurring bit as Donald Trump on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Annabella Didion as Dana

Annabella Didion, Lucas Jaye and Ginger Gonzaga at the counter in True Lies

Annabella Didion, Lucas Jaye and Ginger Gonzaga at the counter in True Lies (Image credit: Alan Markfield/CBS)

The eldest of Harry and Helen's two children, Dana is slightly suspicious of her dad's constantly busy work schedule. And those suspicions only grow when Helen starts to work alongside him.

Annabella Didion's biggest credits to date have come on Netflix projects, including a guest role on the hit series Outer Banks and appearing in the 2023 original movie Dog Gone.

Lucas Jaye as Jake

Lucas Jaye and Annabella Didion look at the window in True Lies

Lucas Jaye and Annabella Didion look at the window in True Lies (Image credit: Alan Markfield/CBS)

Jake is Harry and Helen's youngest child. While Dana was based on a character in the original movie, Jake is a new character for the TV show.

Lucas Jaye's credits include Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Angie Tribeca, Fuller House, Merry Happy Whatever and The Sleepover.

True Lies guest stars

Beverly D'Angelo in True Lies

(Image credit: Eliot Brasseaux/CBS)

A couple of recognizable names are also set to appear in True Lies in guest roles. This includes Beverly D'Angelo (National Lampoon's Vacation franchise, Violent Night) as Captain Trilby, the director of Omega (she may be a recurring guest star), as well as Tom Arnold, who starred in the original True Lies as Harry's partner, but is taking on a new, undisclosed role in the TV series.

True Lies airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm ET/PT on CBS. Episodes are available to stream on-demand on Paramount Plus the next day.

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