'Terry Pratchett’s The Abominable Snow Baby' featuring Julie Walters — everything you need to know

The Abominable Snow Baby meets a snowman of himself
(Image credit: Channel 4)

Terry Pratchett’s The Abominable Snow Baby was revealed as C4's traditional animated Christmas special earlier this year, and it's set to be another heartwarming tale perfect for the festive season. It's guaranteed to be a Christmas cracker!

C4’s Christmas animation is a must-watch every year. Starting with The Snowman (first shown in 1982), their animated adaptations of classic children's stories have been the perfect thing to settle down to watch on the big day for years now.

Last year it was Quentin Blake’s Clown that got the animated treatment. In 2021, C4 has worked with Eagle Eye Drama and Sir Terry Pratchett’s independent production company, Narrativia, to adapt one of the beloved author's best-selling short stories.

Here’s everything you need to know about Terry Pratchett’s The Abominable Snow Baby.

Terry Pratchett’s 'The Abominable Snow Baby' release date 

The Abominable Snow Baby will air on Channel 4 at 7:30 pm on Christmas Day. Check out our Christmas TV Guide for even more shows to enjoy on the big day.

How long is Terry Pratchett’s The Abominable Snow Baby?

The animated Christmas special will be 30 minutes long.

Terry Pratchett’s The Abominable Snow Baby cast

Julie Walters poses with The Abominable Snow Baby

Julie Walters voices the Granny who dares who take in the Abominable Snow Baby. (Image credit: Channel 4/ Tom Barnes)

C4 has revealed the trio of stars who make up the voice cast of this year’s Christmas animation. Comedy legend Julie Walters (Paddington, Mamma Mia, Harry Potter) stars as the voice of the fearless Granny, with Hugh Dancy (Downton Abbey 2, Homeland, Hannibal) taking on the role of her courageous grandson, Albert.

The narration will be handled by British actor David Harewood (Supergirl, Homeland). 

Terry Pratchett’s The Abominable Snow Baby plot

Based on one of his best-selling short stories, Terry Pratchett’s The Abominable Snow Baby tells the story of a small, quintessentially English town that is turned upside down by the arrival of a strange creature made out of snow.

After huge snowfall, a 14-foot tall Abominable Snow Baby arrives on the scene. The creature is shunned and feared by the public, but the Snow Baby is rescued by an indomitable Granny and her grandson, Albert. They welcome the giant being into their home and shower it with love and affection. 

In turn, their kindness changes the town’s perception of the creature and helps the local community to overcome their initial misjudgment. 

Rob Wilkins, Managing Director of Narrativia and the manager of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Estate said: “The Abominable Snow Baby showcases Terry’s firmly held belief in not judging people on appearances, his reverence for the elderly, and his very genuine love of Christmas. 

“Narrativia is delighted to see Terry’s work brought to life by the talented team at Eagle Eye Drama, in the fiftieth year of Terry Pratchett being a published author.”

Is there a trailer for 'The Abominable Snow Baby'?

Yes, Channel 4 unveiled a trailer for The Abominable Snow Baby at the start of December.

The trailer shows us just a glimpse at the havoc the titular creature wreaks in town, and how much his arrival frightens the other residents. The abominable snow baby clearly just wants a warm home for Christmas, though, as he looks cozy as can be when he's brought in out the cold!

You can watch the short trailer below:

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