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Amazon will partner with Viacom to air its first NFL playoff game

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott scrambles with the ball in hand
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott scrambles with the ball in hand (Image credit: Tom Pennington / Getty Images)

While Amazon renewed its deal to continue to air Thursday Night Football earlier this year, the deal has never included playoff games. The previous deal comes in at $75M for the eleven Thursday Night games, but that kind of scratch doesn't buy you playoff games. 

NFL ratings have dipped slightly in 2020, with the election and COVID still dominating the airwaves, but there are still plenty of tech and entertainment companies grappling for a piece of the football pie. Disney, Fox, NBCUniversal and ViacomCBS are all currently shareholders in the North American football giant, with Amazon and other tech giants still constantly battling for NFL rights. 

This new deal, whose financial details are yet to be disclosed, comes in an interesting time for football. While the NHL and NBA both went with COVID "bubbles" (distancing all players from anyone outside of the league, with constant COVID testing), the NFL has simply decided to tough it out. Because of this decision, they've rightfully lost several players who simply weren't willing to risk their well-being to play a game. It also means that the season's future is ever in question. Should a major outbreak occur, any one of the teams could find themselves down for the duration of the season. 

Deadline broke this story earlier today.

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