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'Love Island' UK viewers are gutted at the latest cliffhanger

Love Island 2021 - Liberty Poole reacts to Toby and Mary's arrival
(Image credit: Lifted Entertainment / ITV)

Love Island 2021 ended in another trademark cliffhanger last night, and fans are not happy!

Last night, things really hotted up in the two villas! After the Casa Amor postcard disturbed the villa and sent pushed Kaz Kamwi and Faye Winter to pursue new lads, everyone was waiting to see what would happen in the two villas.

Over in Casa Amor, new couples were emerging. Tyler Cruickshank was getting to know Clarisse Juliette, Toby Aromolaran was cozying up to Mary Bedford, and Liam Reardon was trying to figure out whether he should stay faithful to Millie Court or pursue something with new girl, Lillie Haynes

Towards the end of the episode, both villas received texts explaining that the boys would be returning from Casa Amor, and the next recoupling would take place that evening. Every islander had to choose whether they wanted to stay in their previous partner or recouple with one of the new islanders.

The islanders in the normal villa were summoned to the fire pit once more where they were joined by Laura Whitmore. She got all the new lads to stand in a line, and began asking the original girls whether they'd like to recouple or not. First up was Chloe Burrows, who opted to recouple with new lad, Dale Mehmet. Chloe had been in a friendship couple with Hugo Hammond up till then, but when Laura Whitmore got him in, everyone in the villa was thrilled to see he'd also recoupled with Amy Day.

Next up was Abigail Rawlings. She explained that she was staying single for Toby, who she'd coupled up with just a couple of days before Casa Amor opened its doors. When Laura got Toby to walk in, there were shocked faces all around when he entered with Mary!

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After Toby explained why he'd recoupled, the episode cut to black without even showing a preview of what's going to happen, and fans were not happy!

They took to Twitter to joke about how annoyed they were that the episode ended so abruptly. Plenty of people saw it coming as the recoupling only started about fifteen minutes before the show ended, and took to social media to express how they can't wait to find out whether the likes of Teddy Soares and Liam have stayed loyal or not.

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With most of the recoupling still to come tonight, what will happen at the fire pit? Will any of the new girls be heading into the villa? Or will the other lads stay faithful?

Love Island 2021 airs Sunday-Friday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.