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All the new Hallmark Christmas movies you can watch in December 2020

Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas
Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas. (Image credit: Hallmark Channel)

While die hard Christmas aficionados have been watching Christmas movies since Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas started back in October (everything in 2020 is bad, we support you), some folks prefer to keep their holiday fare for after Thanksgiving. For those of you who waited, here's a schedule of all the heart-felt holiday fare that will be coming your way via the Hallmark Channel for the rest of the year. 

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December 5th

Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing:  Since Michelle (Holly Robinson Peete) has plenty of wedding planning her plate, she leans on Hannah (Rukiya Bernard) to wrap up the launch of the new Evergreen museum. All the while, she begins to question her own future — and if Elliot is really Mr.Right (Antonio Cayonne).

A Little Christmas Charm: Holly (Ashley Greene) asks an investigative reporter (Brendan Penny) to help her track down the owner of a lost charm bracelet before Christmas Eve.

December 6th

Christmas She Wrote: Kayleigh (Danica McKellar) is heartbroken to learn that her romance column is canceled right before the holidays. While home with her family, the person who canceled her column (Dylan Neal) shows up at her door to tie up loose ends.

Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas: Five people are randomly (or maybe, not so randomly) invited to celebrate Christmas at the local inn. Shortly after her arrival, Sarah (Lacey Chabert) learns that the guest list may help her — and everyone else, for that matter — learn more about their past.

December 12th

Cross Country Christmas: Lina (Rachael Leigh Cook) and Max (Greyson Holt) face the unexpected when a storm hits, potentially ruining their holiday plans. The two of them are forced to work together to figure out a way home — without taking it out on each other.

A Glenbrooke Christmas: Jessica (Autumn Reeser) knows this may be her last normal Christmas, so she escapes to a small town for peace and quiet. Things heat up as soon as she meets the town's fireman (Antonio Cupo).

December 13th

Christmas Comes Twice: By the looks of it, Emily (Tamera Mowry-Housley) has it all: She's a well-respected newscaster, and loved by many. But in her eyes, she lost the thing that matters most — her first true love (Michael Xavier). A ride on the carousel at the town's Christmas carnival brings her back in time, giving her a second chance at the love and life she deserves.

Unlocking Christmas: Kate (Taylor Cole) and Kevin (Steve Lund) go on a wild goose chase to figure out who left the mysterious key and holiday riddle on their doorstep — and what it really means.

December 19th 

A Christmas Carousel: Lila (Rachel Boston) partners up with the Prince of Marcadia (Neal Bledsoe) to repair the Royal Family's carousel by Christmas.

Swept Up by Christmas: An antique seller and cleaner can't agree on how prepare an over-the-top estate for the holiday season. They start at square one, uncovering the home's hidden treasures ... and secrets.

December 20th

Love, Lights, and Hanukkah!: In the height of the holiday craziness, Christina gets back a DNA test and learns that she's actually Jewish. This leads her down a path of self-discovery, even finding romance along the way.

Project Christmas Wish: Lucy plays Santa all season long, granting wishes and helping families prepare for the holiday. But one little girl's wish leads her to discover a dream of her own.

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