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Amazon Prime video finally gets user profiles

Prime Video Profiles

Source: Amazon (Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon today announced new feature that's been sorely missing from Prime Video — user profiles.

Starting now (or whenever the update trickles down to you) you'll be able to create and manage multiple profiles within your account. Content will be personalized to each profile. That means adults can keep the adult stuff (or, yes, the adult stuff) on their side of the fence, and kids can play with their own content on the other. Each profile will get its own recommendations, season progress and watchlist.

Each Prime Video account can have as many as six user profiles — one for the main, then five additional profiles. And they can be any mixture of kid and adult profiles you want.

From there, you'll be able to manage profiles on Android and iOS versions of the Prime Video app. Same goes for the web interface, on Amazon Fire tablets (10th generation and up), and on certain "living room" devices. And, of course, there's the Prime Video app on Amazon Fire TV.

No word on exactly which "living room" devices are supported. (PlayStation 4 was the only one specifically mentioned.) And it's not entirely clear if these new profiles work in any way with the "Household" feature of Amazon Prime, which allows you to share your Prime benefits with other family members — including Prime Video. I've used those to let my wife and kids watch Amazon Prime Video without them having access to my full Amazon account, which is scary for the obvious reasons.

We'll update if and when that gets figured out. But for now, enjoy your Prime Video profiles.