'Love Island' UK fans stunned that Teddy might be dumped from the villa

Love Island 2021: Teddy, AJ, Danny, Lucinda, Chloe and Toby at the firepit
(Image credit: Lifted Entertainment / ITV)

Love Island 2021 ended with a bombshell last night. The public had been told to vote for their favourite islanders, with the contestants who received the fewest voters at risk of being dumped.

The villa residents were enjoying their 1970s themed party before they were all summoned to the fire pit out of the blue. There, they learned about the public vote, and heard the news that two of them would be leaving the villa that evening. 

The atmosphere suddenly became very tense, and one by one the islanders received a text revealing who could be the next two people leaving the show. The girls were announced first, with Lucinda Strafford, AJ Bunker and Chloe Burrows all potentially following in Sharon Gaffka's as the next person dumped from the villa.

The boys came next. Toby Aromolaran and Danny Bibby were both in the bottom three, but viewers were stunned to see Teddy Soares up there alongside them. On the very same day he'd enjoyed a second date with Faye Winter, his short time in the villa could be at an end already!

In true Love Island fashion, the real curveball came just before the cliffhanger ending. Although AJ, Danny, Teddy, Chloe, Lucinda, and Toby had failed to win enough votes from the public, this result wouldn't actually decide who stays and who goes. That agonising decision was handed over to the remaining islanders, who would then have to choose one boy and one girl to send home themselves.

This was too much to handle for some viewers, as they were particularly shocked to see Teddy in the bottom three boys. He and Faye really seem to be getting on well in the villa, especially given Faye has admitted to the other girls that she doesn't find it easy to open up to guys.

Viewers simply couldn't believe that he could well be the next lad leaving the villa, and they took to Twitter to show exactly how shocked they were to see Teddy up there.

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Who will the islanders send home this evening? Will Teddy be leaving the villa, and will it be Chloe, AJ or Lucinda joining him on the first flight out of Mallorca? We'll have to wait till tonight to find out...

Love Island 2021 airs Sunday-Friday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox (opens in new tab). 

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