How to watch Thor

Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the original "Thor" movie.
Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the original "Thor" movie. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

If you’re hoping to figure out how to watch Thor, you’ve come to the right place. In one of the leading Marvel Cinematic Universe films, viewers are introduced to the Norse god of thunder played by Chris Hemsworth. Over the course of the MCU’s first three phases, we get to know this character quite well. He becomes a goofy, lovable individual whose sarcasm and quest for righteousness overcome a generally narcissistic approach to his world.

The first of three currently-released films in its lineage, Thor is a crucial film in that it introduced a key character to a wider mainstream audience. Director Kenneth Branagh does a masterful job of balancing Thor’s mighty power with self-awareness and basic elements of human life to tell a compelling story of a man trying to prove he’s worthy to his father.

Beyond Chris Hemsworth’s wonderful execution of his role, the real show-stealer in this one is the Tom Hiddleston as the God of Mischief, Loki. A pivotal figure who transcends MCU films, Loki remains the gift that keeps on giving in this mythical universe. He’s set to star in a Disney+ original series slated to premiere in 2021, so you’ll want to revisit his first appearance in this one.

How to watch Thor on Disney+:

Watching 2011’s Thor is easier than ever with a subscription to Disney+. Since its inception, Disney+ has been a go-to source of entertainment for people across demographics and interests. It’s a service that provides access to tons of amazing content at a reasonable price that you’ll be sure to appreciate.

For only $5.99 per month, subscribers gain access to all that Disney+ has to offer including Thor and nearly every other MCU property and more. If you want to check out other Disney-owned IPs including National Geographic, Pixar and Star Wars, you can do so easily with a subscription to Disney+.

To take care of all of your streaming needs, you may look to the Disney+ Bundle. For two-thirds the price of these individual subscriptions, you’ll gain access to three of the best streaming services on the market. For $12.99 per month, subscribers gain access to Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu — Three streaming services you’ll be sure to cherish.

How to watch Thor everywhere else:

Other routes to watching Thor include digital rentals and purchases. At most outlets, you can rent the film in HD for a 48-hour window for $3.99. If you’d like to rent the film, you can do so on Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, YouTube, the Google Play store or the iTunes Store. The film is also available for purchase for $22.99 in high definition so you can watch it as many times as you want.

Should you watch Thor on Disney+ or somewhere else?

Quite frankly, the better option here is to purchase a subscription to Disney+ if you’re hoping to watch Thor. Renting the film on one of these services will cost you nearly the same amount as it would to subscribe to Disney+ for a month. If you want to catch Thor or any other films in the series, doing so with Disney+ is an obvious way to go.

Renting it great, but you only get the film for 48 hours. If you decide to subscribe to Disney+, you can watch the film as many times as you want as well as the rest of the films in the series. Beyond that, there’s a ton of content to check out on the platform that will make the low, monthly price worth your hard-earned dollar bills.

The four phases of the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is made up of four phases, with the "Infinity Saga" making up Phase 3. Black Widow is scheduled to be the first movie of Phase 4, but its release was delayed due to the global pandemic shutting down theaters.

MCU Phase 1

MCU Phase 2

MCU Phase 3

MCU Phase 4

  • Black Widow (July 9, 2021)
  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (September 3, 2021)
  • Eternals (Nov. 5, 2021)
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home (Christmas 2021)
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (March 25, 2022)
  • Thor: Love and Thunder (May 6, 2022)
  • Black Panther 2 (July 8, 2022)
  • The Marvels (Nov. 11, 2022)
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