2023 US Spring TV preview: 15 shows you can't miss

Nicole Byer in Grand Crew, Sarah Snook in Succession and Ike Barinholtz in History of the World Part II
Nicole Byer in Grand Crew, Sarah Snook in Succession and Ike Barinholtz in History of the World Part II (Image credit: NBCUniversal/HBO/Hulu)

Spring TV doesn't always get the fanfare it deserves. Historically, fall marks the start of the new TV season, while winter usually sees the second wave of new shows. But with the traditional broadcast TV structure giving way to the more year-round joy of streaming, new TV shows are starting to pop up like flowers in the spring season.

With that in mind, the US team of What to Watch has picked the 15 shows that we are most excited to watch this spring TV season (anything premiering between March 1 and May 31). From another adventure in a galaxy far, far away to TV adaptations of a classic '80s movie, here's what we can't wait to watch.

Shows are listed in order of their premiere date.

WTW's spring TV picks

The Mandalorian season 3

The Mandalorian season 3

Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian season 3 (Image credit: Disney Plus)

March 1 on Disney Plus  
If we're being honest, Disney's stewardship of Star Wars hasn't been the smoothest of rides. We all know how divisive the sequel trilogy is, Solo was a flop and Rogue One, though the best new movie since the original trilogy, was fraught with difficulties. Things have looked better as of late with Andor, but this spring we're getting a new season of what has been Disney's biggest Star Wars hit to date: The Mandalorian season 3.

Mando (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) are back for more space adventures with a new mission: a return to Mandalore to not only have Mando forgiven his transgressions, but possibly restore the Mandalroians' home to its former glory. — Michael Balderston

Grand Crew season 2

Nicole Byer as Nicky, Aaron Jennings as Anthony, Justin Cunningham as Wyatt, Ashley Blaine Featherson as Talia and Maya Lynne Robinson as Kristen appearing confused at a bar in Grand Crew

Nicole Byer, Aaron Jennings, Justin Cunningham, Ashley Blaine Featherson and Maya Lynne Robinson in Grand Crew (Image credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC)

March 3 on NBC

Grand Crew coming back for a second season is an amazing thing. In its first season, the show proved to be a hidden gem that showed the comedic side of being Black, in your 30s and still very much confused about this thing called life. The friend group at the heart of the series, which features funny woman Nicole Byer, has a way of helping each other navigate their love lives and careers that not only resonates with viewers, but keeps fans entertained. — Terrell Smith 

9-1-1 season 6 returns

Peter Krause in 9-1-1 season 6

Peter Krause in 9-1-1 (Image credit: Jack Zeman/ FOX)

March 6 on Fox

After six seasons we know that when it comes to midseason premieres, 9-1-1 knows how to turn up the heat. After a thrilling first half of the season that saw Athena (Angela Bassett) and Bobby (Peter Krause) take a journey into Athena's past while Hen (Aisha Hinds) found out just how much she can handle, the second half of the season promises some big action and high stakes. 

In a sea of first responder procedurals, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk love taking fans to the edge of their seats. These characters have all been through a lot over the years and the second half of season 6 is a good time to shake things up.  — Sarabeth Pollock 

History of the World Part II

Ike Barinholtz in History of the World Part II

Ike Barinholtz in History of the World Part II (Image credit: Greg Gayne/Hulu)

March 6 on Hulu

Forty-two years ago Mel Brooks promised us a History of the World Part II and now he is delivering, with the help of some of the best comedy writers and performers of today. Nick Kroll, Ike Barinholtz, Wanda Sykes, Quinta Brunson, Josh Gad, Kumail Nanjian, D'Arcy Carden, Sarah Silverman, Taika Waititi, Seth Rogen, Jillian Bell and Hannah Einbinder are just some of the cast that are going to parody historical events, which by the look of things include the invention of the telephone, Harriet Tubman, Sigmund Freud and more. It's a four-part series airing on consecutive nights, so go ahead and clear your schedule. — Michael Balderston

Gotham Knights

Scene from Gotham Knights where Nightwing and another character are having a standoff

Gotham Knights (Image credit: The CW)

March 14 on The CW

When it comes to DC shows and movies, Batman and the characters attached to him have always been popular. So we anticipate Gotham Knights will also strike a chord with many people this spring. 

What makes Gotham Knights different from the usual Batman-driven shows is that in this new CW drama, Bruce Wayne aka Batman is dead, and it's up to a new crop of heroes to fill in the void as chaos unfolds in the city of Gotham. 

For those wondering how this show plays into James Gunn's DC universe, simply put, it doesn’t. Gotham Knights is a standalone project. — Terrell Smith 

Ted Lasso season 3

Nick Mohammed, Anthony Head and Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso

Nick Mohammed, Anthony Head and Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

March 15 on Apple TV Plus

It's finally time to head back to AFC Richmond. About a year-and-a-half from the conclusion of season 2, Ted Lasso returns this spring, and as the teaser trailer showed us, we're all ready to believe in this underdog story once again. Ted Lasso season 3 could be the final episodes of the comedy series (though that has not been confirmed), but at the very least we know that Ted (Jason Sudeikis) and his former protege Nate (Nick Mohammed) are set up for a collision course. 

Renew, sign up or do whatever you need to to get Apple TV Plus back again so you don't miss an episode of Ted Lasso. — Michael Balderston


Chloë Bailey and Dominique Fishback looking into a mirror in Swarm

Chloë Bailey and Dominique Fishback in Swarm (Image credit: Warrick Page/Prime Video)

March 17 on Prime Video

Swarm is an all-around exciting project for a few different reasons. For starters, the dark dramedy marks co-creator Donald Glover's return to the small screen after wrapping his Emmy-winning series Atlanta (to be clear, he helped create the new series but is not set to star in it). Then there's the fact that Swarm draws its inspiration from the legion of Beyoncé fans affectionately known as the Beyhive. Oh and we can't forget to mention, that the new Prime Video series stars Snowfall's Damson Idris and Beyoncé’s very own protege, Chloë Bailey.  — Terrell Smith 

Lucky Hank

Bob Odenkirk in Lucky Hank

Bob Odenkirk in Lucky Hank (Image credit: SERGEI BACHLAKOV/AMC)

March 19 on AMC

After the incredible ending to Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk could read a terms and conditions agreement and it would probably make for some entertaining TV. We won't have to put that theory to the test though as his latest series, Lucky Hank, is a dark comedy based on a book from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Russo. 

While Better Call Saul could also be described as a dark comedy, everything we've seen of Lucky Hank seems to indicate that the comedy is going to play a heavier factor than in Saul. Anyone who knows how funny Odenkirk can be should be celebrating that. — Michael Balderston

Waco: American Apocalypse

Key art for Waco: American Apocalypse

Waco: American Apocalypse (Image credit: Netflix)

March 22 on Netflix

This three-part documentary continues to feed into our current fascination with true crime stories. Waco: American Apocalypse takes would-be viewers back to 1993, when a 51-day standoff between the US government and the Branch Davidian religious sect led by David Koresh resulted in 86 people losing their lives. According to Netflix, the new docuseries features "never-before-seen material as well as realistic CGI visualizations." 

For those not as familiar with what happened, we recommend you prepare yourself to gasp in disbelief and pure shock. — Terrell Smith 

Succession season 4

Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook and Kieran Culkin in Succession

Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook and Kieran Culkin in Succession (Image credit: Claudette Barius/HBO)

March 26 on HBO

A divided house cannot stand... or can it? Logan Roy (Brian Cox), patriarch of the Roy family and head of Waystar Royco, learned that his three kids — Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) — were planning to use their veto to block the sale of the company and take control themselves. Logan was tipped off by Shiv's husband, Tom (Matthew MacFayden), who was hoping to curry favor with the patriarch even though Logan was ready to sacrifice Tom to the wolves earlier in the season. 

In Succession season 4, the dust will settle and the family will be put to the ultimate test: what matters more, family or power?  — Sarabeth Pollock 

Yellowjackets season 2

Lauren Ambrose in Yellowjackets season 2

Lauren Ambrose in Yellowjackets season 2 (Image credit: Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME)

March 26 on Showtime

Yellowjackets season 2 promises to deliver more answers to our burning questions about what really happened after a group of young women found themselves stranded in the middle of the harsh Ontario wilderness following a plane crash. We've seen pieces of the puzzle about how the group spiraled out of control in their quest to stay alive, both in the aftermath of the plane crash as young girls and later on in life as adults still trying to cope with what happened all those years ago. Now in season 2 we'll learn more about that harrowing experience and how it changed their lives forever.  — Sarabeth Pollock 

RapCaviar Presents

Megan Thee Stallion performing at an Amazon Music live event

Megan Thee Stallion  (Image credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Amazon Music)

March 30 on Hulu

RapCaviar Presents is a show literally based on a Spotify playlist. The seven-episode docuseries sees some of today's top-charting hip-hop artists discuss big moments in their careers and tackle some of the most provocative issues impacting the genre. In the series' first season, musicians like Tyler the Creator, Jack Harlow, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Saweetie and Roddy Ricch are set to appear. 

At this time we aren't sure when the episodes were recorded, so we can't say whether or not Megan Thee Stallion in particular addresses the Tory Lanez trial. — Terrell Smith 

Schmigadoon! season 2

Titus Burgess in Schmigadoon

Titus Burgess in Schmigadoon (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

April 7 on Apple TV Plus

Spring often puts a pep in people's step, and Schmigadoon season 2 is on its way to provide some background music too. The Apple TV Plus series returns ready to pay humorous homage to musicals once again. Following the 1950s-era style of season 1, the new season ratchets things up with musical numbers that harken back to Chicago and other '60s and '70s era musicals. What songs are in store for Melissa (Cecily Strong) and Josh (Keegan-Michael Key) this time around? — Michael Balderston

Fatal Attraction

Joshua Jackson, Lizzy Caplan in Fatal Attraction

Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan in Fatal Attraction (Image credit: Michael Moriatis/Paramount+)

April 30 on Paramount Plus

The classic movie starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close is getting a modern update with Fatal Attraction the series. Joshua Jackson plays Dan Gallagher and Amanda Peet plays his wife, Beth. When Alex (Lizzy Caplan) comes into Dan's life, everything is turned upside down. The new series explores themes of strong women, coercion and the nature of marriage and infidelity, examining them under the gaze of ever-changing modern lenses.  — Sarabeth Pollock 

Fear the Walking Dead season 8

Lennie James, Kim Dickens in Fear the Walking Dead

Lennie James and Kim Dickens in Fear the Walking Dead (Image credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC)

May 14 on AMC

It's the beginning of the end for Fear the Walking Dead. With season 8 confirmed to be the final season, the May 14 premiere sets up the final journey for the survivors. They've braved everything from nuclear winters to doomsday preppers, but the worst is yet to come as we learn more about the mysterious community known as PADRE and what their true motivations are. 

Since the end of season 7, Morgan (Lennie James), Madison (Kim Dickens) and the other survivors have found themselves living in unfamiliar territory. It's not what they originally expected, so now the big question is whether they accept their new lives at PADRE or work to get back to living on their own terms. — Sarabeth Pollock

US Spring TV schedule

Here is the complete premiere schedule for spring TV in the US:

March 1

March 2

March 3

  • Daisy Jones and the Six (Prime Video)
  • The Exhibit: Finding the Next Great Artist (MTV)
  • Grand Crew season 3 (NBC)
  • Next in Fashion season 2 (Netflix)

March 4

  • Say Yes to  the Dress season 22 (TLC)
  • Secret Sauce With Todd Graves (A&E)

March 5

March 6

  • History of the World Part II (Hulu)
  • Omega: Gift and Curse (ALLBLK)
  • Perry Mason season 2 (HBO)
  • Rain Dogs (HBO)
  • Rock the Block season 4 (HGTV)
  • Spring Baking Championship season 9 (Food Network)
  • Spring Baking Championship: Easter season 3 (Food Network)
  • The Voice season 23 (NBC)

March 7

  • Blood & Money (CNBC)
  • That's My Jam season 2 (NBC)
  • Who Killed Robert Wone? (Peacock)

March 8

March 9

March 10

  • Outlast (Netflix)
  • Real Madrid: Until the End (Apple TV Plus)
  • Sin Eater (FX)
  • Unprisoned (Hulu)

March 12

March 13

  • Street Outlaws: Fastest in America (Discovery)

March 14

  • Gotham Knights (The CW)
  • Return to Amish season 7 (TLC)

March 15

  • Ted Lasso season 3 (Apple TV Plus)

March 16

March 17

  • Agent Elvis (Netflix)
  • Dance 100 (Netflix)
  • Extrapolations (Apple TV Plus)
  • Monster Factory (Apple TV Plus)
  • Power Book II: Ghost season 3 (Starz)
  • Put a Ring on It season 4 (OWN)

March 19

March 21

  • Restaurants at the End of the World (Nat Geo)

March 22

  • Digman! (Comedy Central)
  • Waco: American Apocalypse (Netflix)

March 23

March 24

March 26

March 27

  •  (FUSE)

March 29

  • The Big Door Prize (Apple TV Plus)
  • Emergency New York (Netflix)

March 30

  • RapCaviar Presents (Hulu)
  • Unstable (Netflix)

March 31

  • Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. season 2 (Disney Plus)
  • The Power (Prime Video)

April 2

  • CMT Awards (CBS)
  • Royal Crackers (Adult Swim)

April 3

  • Martha Cooks season 2 (The Roku Channel)
  • Race to Survive Alaska (USA)

April 5

  • Dave season 3 (FXX)
  • Dr. Pimple Popper (TLC)

April 6

April 7

  • The Legacy of J Dilla (FX)
  • Schmigadoon! season 2 (Apple TV Plus)

April 11

  • Am I Being Unreasonable? (Hulu)
  • The Wall (NBC)

April 14

  • Blindspotting season 2 (Starz)
  • Jane (Apple TV Plus)
  • The Last Thing He Told Me (Apple TV Plus)

April 16

  • Waco: The Aftermath (Showtime)

April 17

April 18

  • 7 Little Johnsons (TLC)

April 20

  • Mrs. Davis (Peacock)

April 21

  • Dead Ringers (Prime Video)
  • Dear Mama (FX)

April 22

  • Chasing the Rains (BBC America)

April 23

April 26

  • Iconic America: Our Symbols and Stories with David Rubenstein (PBS)
  • Saint X (Hulu)

April 27

April 28

  • The Afterparty season 2 (Apple TV Plus)

April 30

  • Fatal Attraction (Paramount Plus)
  • Tom Jones (PBS)
  • Stone Cold Takes on America (A&E)
  • WWE's Most Wanted Treasures season 2 (A&E)

May 1

  • A Small Light (Nat Geo)

May 4

May 5

  • Mama June: Family Crisis (WE TV)
  • Taste the Nation With Padma Lakshmi season 3 (Hulu)

May 7

  • 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards (MTV)

May 12

  • City on Fire (Apple TV Plus)
  • The Great season 3 (Hulu)

May 14

  • Fear the Walking Dead season 8 (AMC)

May 22

  • Prehistoric Planet season 2 (Apple TV Plus)

May 25

May 26

  • Run the World season 2 (Starz)

May 30

  • Doubling Down with the Derricos (TLC)
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